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Hello everyone! Are there Little Monsters? I must say that I am a big fan of Lady Gaga since her first songs Just Dance and Poker Face. One of my dreams is to visit Lady Gaga's concert. I really admire her as a person, she is intelligent and beautifull woman who protects rights of LGBTQ community and I hope that everything will be fine with her. If you did not know Lady Gaga cancelled her european tour Joanne because of her illness. This news make me really sad( You can read more here So no matter gay, straight or bi, lesbi or transgender life I'm on the right track baby I was born this way heartheart

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Ohhhhh this news make me feel

Ohhhhh this news make me feel upset! I am so sorry for her! I really hope she will recover as soon as possible!!!!!!!!! big love to her and her family,

also to her fans they must stay strong because you never know at hat time sickness will find you or your couple, or your family, or your brother, or your sister, or your friend.

So everybody must know and remember how to be kond to another person and how to admire each other, You just need to know how state strong in such cases(((((crying

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Lady Gaga

good day to all of you. How are you? I think LadyGaga is beautiful woman. She can be good example for allof us. She doesn't afraid to show herself as she is. But, if speak about her beauty, i think in the times of "pokerface" she was more beautiful. I don't know, if she had got some plastic surgery or not. But know she looks like she has got problem with health. I have heard, that she decline her world tour because her leg-ache. She feels sorry, that she should do it. What do you think about my opinion? Do you agree?

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I always welcomed the originality and uniqueness in the work. That's why the singer Lady Gaga I quite like. The music in her songs is dance and rhythmic, but she sings songs clearly and professionally. You can immediately see the work on each fragment and episode. I can say about her that she is brave enough, because not every girl will want to experiment with her appearance. She is a young girl and is not afraid to be scary, ugly and even shocking. Yes, such a creative approach can not be overlooked. Very effective and interesting to the audience, whom she apparently loves and always wants to surprise. She did not just sing a song and went, but she wants to show her audience something amazing. I gladly watch all her clips and always admire even when I exclaim: "Horror!"

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yaaasss GAGA

As for me I like her works, but I am not her fan. I think she's to extraordinary person. But I really respect her and her works, she's very persistant person, I like such people. He has a goal and she does everything to reach her aim. But as for me I like Madonna more then Lady Gaga. I think Madonna is more feminine and and not so extraodrinal. But both of them deserve attention.

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Maurizio San
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Yaaasss Gaga

Hello my dear friends. I feel fine, but of course the news that someone feels bad or sick, and especially from your favorite people, makes me sad. Let's hope that everything at Lady Gaga will be fine and she will recover. A wonderful and talented woman, Lady Gaga, also took a great interest in her biography and listened to her singing, and the video clips are what, my dear mother)))) Though they are crazy, they are still wonderful. Once I happened to sing the song Pocker face in karaoke, I almost broke my tongue)))

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Hello guys and a great rest for you. I have already come to the end of the weekend, and they were very tense and many things I was going to do planned. On the approach of Christmas and New Year, it is necessary to properly prepare. Buy gifts and hide them, it's not easy to do it))) And how do you prepare for the upcoming holidays ?! And as for the topic, at the beginning of her career, I listened to the songs of Lady Gaga, but then for some reason I stopped, I wish her health and a speedy recovery in any case.

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As for me i know that

As for me i know that originally it was assumed that the re-release of the debut album The Fame will be realized in the form of a conventional double disc, the second part of which will include tracks not included in the main release. However, Lady Gaga decided to release new material in the EP format, thus "transferring the bridge" from the first to the next full-length album .The release of the mini album The Fame Monster took place on November 23, 2009. In the charts of many countries it did not appear (circulations were summed up with The Fame editions), exceptions were the USA, Canada and Japan.

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Did you know that the last

Did you know that the last photo session of singer Lady Gaga caused a wave of indignation& In particular, the fans accused the singer of copying the image of Kim Kardashian. Lady Gaga regularly experiments with make-up, hairstyles and style. For the advertising campaign mark Chen Peng Lady Gaga starred in a laconic image. Light and perfectly even hair, she gathered in the tail.Makeup for the singer made minimalist: with the help of makeup Gaga emphasized the cheekbones, lips highlighted with a matte pink lipstick, and broad eyebrows drawn in pencil.Fans of Gaga noted that in the last pictures she is suspiciously similar to Kim Kardashian. In social networks, the singer began to compare with the reality TV star, and some came to the conclusion that Gaga is copying Kim. Gaga herself did not enter into a dialogue with her fans.

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The singer has repeatedly

The singer has repeatedly stated that fashion and music are inseparable. Lady Gaga is known for her shocking outfits, among which is the costume of a giant poppy flower, a dress made of meat, fireworks bursting with a corset. No less shock and surprise to the public cause hairstyles of the artist, who also differ in variety and extravagance.

The singer owns five Grammy awards, eleven MTV Video Music Awards and four MTV Europe Music Awards.For a long time Lady Gaga met with actor Taylor Kinney. The couple was supposed to get married, however, the singer decided to part ways. Her new manager, Lady Gaga, became her manager Christian Karino.

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There are a lot of such

There are a lot of such examples. People do not realize, neither the responsibility that lies on them, nor the consequences that they can face, leading a reckless way of life. This is the negative side of infantilism, when everything good that is in infantils, and the good in them, of course, is also there, depreciates all those bad, which makes the problem of infantility a problem.

Therefore, such people often have to babysit, just like with small children. And they need to be controlled so that they do not do anything stupid. 

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