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The world without disease and violence

i think that it is impossible. ou world would not chnage to the better. you see that we are going to a big grave and with every second our life becomes worse and worse. people have become very violent and rude, there appeared many viruses and diseases, which may kill all the popularity of our planet. of course i would like to live in such world but i think that i wont last very long. people will be bored with it, they would not have problems to solve and to talk about.

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The world without disease and violence

Very difficult to imagine people fully enjoy life, get real pleasure from it have an ideal relationship in the family and not get sick. It is very difficult for me to see sick children who are unable to care for themselves. But I want to be optimistic and hope soon somebody finds a cure for all diseases. And we will have an opportunity live without illness)

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The world without disease and violence

hello dear children!) so today we are going to talk about utopia! ( no offence, just kidding)
there will not be such a world ever in our society, never. forget about it. it is utopia. and that thing doesn not work out very well all the time. if you watched the tv series "charmed" you might see the episode where they made such ideal world - and what did then happen? right! people continued to kill and robb each other. it is just they have named it in another way and made another excuses for what they we doing. so you will never get ideal world. or it can be ideal only for you but not for all the others.

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The world without disease and violence

Can we gat such a world? Can we live in such a world - definitely, yes. Because we know the causes of the majority of chronic diseases. These diseases develop as a result of a long-term deficiency of micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. These deficiencies cause a malfunction of the cells and poor organ function, which, in turn, lead to a disease. These deficiencies are also easy to correct. Not through genetically modified food but by supplementation with natural vitamins and other essential nutrients so each person can take what he or she needs and how much. That is how we can avoid disease easily)

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The world without disease and violence

Viruses play an important role in human life, since they can cause diseases of different severity. Epidemiological characteristics of viral diseases are divided into antropos, i.e. those that only hurts people (for example polio) – which are transmitted from animals to humans (e.g. rabies). The main ways of virus transmission are: Food the way in which the virus enters the body with contaminated food and water (hepatitis a And E, etc.), Parenteral (or via blood) in which the virus enters directly into the blood or the internal environment of a person. Mainly this happens when surgical manipulation of infected instruments or syringes, unprotected sexual contact and transplacental from mother to child. In this way the viruses are transmitted fragile, rapidly degrades in the environment (hepatitis b virus, HIV, rabies virus, etc. :side:

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The world without disease and violence

Greetings to you my dear. It is difficult for me to imagine a person who does not want to live in an ideal world, but the only problem is that we, people are not perfect. After all, as they say, it's not where they clean it, but where they do not pump it. It's Good there, where we are not. And it is true. People pollute the environment and it's hard to imagine how they can return everything, because it's better when ecology is not polluted and when there are no wars and illnesses. And this will always be as long as inequality and money exist. All people are different and it is difficult to predict its behavior through time or in different situations. Therefore, an ideal world is a fairy tale you can only dream about.

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such a world could not live a

such a world could not live a long life. In addition, I also think that certainly a world without war, disease, violence and other bad things can be really beautiful. And I also would want to live in such a world. But I do not think it is possible for a long period.

Because first of all, the war to help our planet to adjust the size of the population here. In addition, if we do not have some kind of disease, we will not have the additional factor that regulates the population on our planet. I think that the issue of overpopulation of the planet may be much worse than all this. Therefore, it is only the world of your dreams.

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it all depends on us.

it all depends on us. According to you, it's really beautiful and unique world, which now remains only in our dreams. In addition, I also believe that we could get rid of violence in our world with very strong desire.

The main problem - a lot of people in our world simply do not understand such things. I also think that we can not get rid of many diseases, which kill many of us every day. But in any case, I believe that we could have a much better life and much longer without war and violence. Therefore, if we want to make our world a better place - we have to work on it.

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 I really just want to dream

 I really just want to dream a little while. I really think that a world without war and disease - simply an ideal world. In addition, I also think that we could live much better and happier in such a world.

I also do not think that the problem of overpopulation of our world can touch us too much in these conditions. Because we could always come up with ways to find new territory for life. I think we just have to have a desire for it all. But people are too harsh in our world. So maybe someone once trying to do something like that, but I find it hard to believe all this.

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 I understand that all this

 I understand that all this may be only in our dreams. In addition, I also think that from time to time, we may not have an impact on our lives completely. I think that each of us has his own dreams of such things.

But we can only try to make our own lives better. First of all, to get rid of violence in our world, we need to make global changes in our society. In addition, I also think that even we can begin to take the first steps in this. We just have to try to bring up our children with good and sensitive. We must show our children that violence - this is the worst thing in our world.

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