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why women fall in love with gays?

Hello everyone. Week ago I read an article about love between gay man and straight woman. How do you tink, why women fall in love with gays? Is it possible? That what I read: ''Sometimes the relationship between gay and a woman becomes really serious. Actress, journalist and TV presenter Mariella Frostrap argues that the person's sexuality and preferences can change during life. In her column in The Guardian, she writes that if it's perfectly normal for a boy to listen to pop music at 15 and walk in short pink shorts, and at 20 already be a tough macho and captain of a rugby team, why can not change happen to an adult? All that is needed, she believes, is to make a choice, feeling that it is correct, and it does not matter whether it corresponds to some illusory norms.'' So what do you think?

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Why women fall in love with guys

hello Jeffrey. You start very interesting topic. I always think why in this wolrd all is as it is. We don't know, if all is made in the heaven,or because of our wishes. It is hard to give answer to your question. To my opinion, men are reliable than girls. Even if we take friendship, women can't have real friendship. They always can betray you(of course i am talking not about all women). So that's why, women on the subconscious understand that they will feel free with us. Maybe it sounds selfish,.but it is my opinion. What can you say?

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why women fall in love with gays?

Many believe that, falling in love with gay, the girl does not think about his sexual orientation: he is gallant, attentive to detail and friendly. He sincerely listens to the interlocutor, so it seems to him that he is interested and flirts. Images of gays increasingly appear in fiction and on screens. And already today, having been influenced by various factors, many girls admit that they love homosexuals. The fact is that modern society is still very far from not only recognizing the equality of men and women, but also acting in accordance with this equality. It turns out that the traditional ladies' (heterosexual) novel tells how a man in one way or another subjugates a woman. In gay novels, both lover are equal in social terms, it is about such equality that a woman secretly dreams.

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why women fall in love with gays?

Good evening everyone. I probably agree with this TV presenter and I can assume that this is possible. Why not, maybe if you are not a categorical gay, if so you can say, everything can change, that is, if you allow the situation to develop as if this very fate gives you a chance to find a loved one, regardless of gender. After all, how not to twist, sex is sex, but we are looking for a soul person in man, who will be with you always and always will not leave you in a difficult moment and will not forget. And if this person turns out to be a woman, you felt it, do you really leave your destiny and maybe you will not find happiness again never again because you decided to be gay to the end.broken heart

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why women fall in love with gays?

Hello everybody. Interesting things happen in life, in our time anything can happen, and such novelty is a confirmation of that .. I already wrote what I think about women, they do not suit me more morally than physically. But apparently there are those who are comfortable enough in the society of women. Nothing super surprising I do not see. My parents are also heterosexual couple and such a majority, but the fact that gay decided to change the direction of their orientation is also not news for me, in my life there were people familiar with similar situations.

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