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Why do people want to own an iPhone?

The iPhone is quality. Very, very good. Lovely design. Perfectly tuned for the hardware and working very stable, software. I can buy the iPhone, initially was guided mainly appearance. But now know that this is not the it is a big plus, and what if my something happens - buy a iPhone again. And not because it's "trendy" or "status" will not even explain in a few words, this is a must see experience. B) B) B) B) Major positive attributes of the iPhone may be noted the aesthetic component. This smartphone users perceive as gold bullion, the filling of which is harmoniously combined with beautiful characteristics. Such properties do not include other smartphones.

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Why do people want to own an iPhone?

Thre are different people and i think that everything depends on the person. to my mind some people want to have iPhone because they want to be cool, it's quite expensive handy and i have seen it many times when people like to show off in front of their friends that they have it. another people do it because they want to be as all poeple, in our county i think 80% of people use it. they dont want to be in the centre of attraction. and the last one group are people who just like this phone, because it s really goos and works better then any other phone.

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You know, i've been the user

You know, i've been the user of the Android for a long time and always trolled people who had the iPhone. I thought it was really stupid to pay more only for the status and the apple picture on the reverse of your phone. And that lasted up to this New Year, my boyfriend presented me the one. after this the world chaged for me. There are so many advantages if to compare with android: REALLY SIMPLE SYSTEM OF APPLICATIONS, a lot of free apps in the AppStore( i always thought you need to pay for everything), great camera, perfect size(iPhone 6) for apps like facebook and Insta, no difficult file managers( there are none, but you don't need them). The only minus, but maybe thats's only for me, strange app iBooks - absolutely inconvinient for me( i'm pleased like a dog with two tailslaugh

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Why do people want to own an iPhone?

 normally treat people who choose an iPhone. But it seems to me that this is just a desire to be in a trend. Now there are hundreds of models of smartphones that are not inferior to the iPhone in terms of their technical characteristics. People just want to look "cool", and television and social networks are promoting us with Apple devices. And how is the iPhone better than, say, any other smartphone in 2017? Nothing! Yes, the creators shoved a fingerprint scanner into it, but why? Put Bluetooth in better, the function is much more useful.

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Why iPhone

it is internal question iOS or Android. As for me i prefer iOS system more. I think iPhone is much better, comfortable in using, than Android. i had got iPhone for 7 years. Unfortunately, i had to buy new phone, and because of financial situation i have bought Android. Oh my god, i don't want to offend somebody, but it is so uncomfortable to use it. I don't like interface, i don't like its material. But this is only my opinion. Many men, many minds.

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Why do people want to own an iPhone?

Hello my friends. This topic I think concerns more than some teenager. I can not imagine an adult mature man who wants an iPhone and begs it for a birthday present, for example. Especially, there are people who demand more than prosperity. Ready to spend the last money on an iPhone. Yes, I agree, the phone is excellent, I and my son have an iPhone, but I earned it and did not infringe on myself in anything. I gave my son only recently, he deserved, he showed himself worthily in one situation. But other phones are not worse than an iPhone, why these ponies?

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