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What is your attitude to betrays?

What is your attitude to betrays? How do you feel about this? Are you able to forgive your couple if he betrayed you? I'll answer to myself. Because it's just shock. Some time ago my ex bf betrayed me. You are confident that you are loved, confident that he "never and ever does it" because in love he admits, he gives gifts, looks into the eyes, well, there is a cooling, then understand g comes. And the questions come "How can this be temporary? Maybe it will be and it will be like before?" Before everything was good .. Well, it happens. "This is a shock state, naturally shocking, when not sleeping, not eating, not breathing. and the thought beats "How am I without it? I'll die, I'll manage, I'll go crazy, I'll endure it and everything will be as before" .. but if you want, then this also goes away ..This is my feelings...

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Hello Peter. How are you

Hello Peter. How are you today? I am really sorry that something like this was in your life. I really hope that now everything is okay. So to my mind, betrays is a violation of loyalty or betrayal. Call it what you want, but it does not change the essence. Treason is not normal. If you like, then do not change.

Treason, this is, in fact, the betrayal of a loved one! And to treat this (as in such articles write) superficially, it is impossible not in any case. And can you say, after "this" about some kind of love, justify yourself, swear in further fidelity ...What do you think?

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hi everyone. Betrays, i can't stand through it. In my life there are betrays. I always forgive person, who betrayed me. I don't know why. Betray takes my strangth,i feel myself empty. But i forgive all of them. I think i am kind person, but also a little stupid. How can i forgive it? I understood, that i forgave once, twice and people will do it all the time. I think, you shouldn't accept betray. And were there such situations in your life? Did you forgive?

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What is your attitude to betrays?

Betrayal is always the strongest blow, which for a long time dislodges and forces to reconsider priorities. However, the betrayal of a loved one who has already become an important part of life is devoted to many secrets and knows the pain points, akin to a small death. To survive it you need to have great power, and also feel the support of relatives or friends, who will help if there is not enough internal resources. Probably, this is one of the most painful blows that life can bring. But betrayal is not death and not even a fatal illness, it's just another test.So  no need to despair

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Maurizio San
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What is your attitude to betrays?

My friends, I greet everyone and wish you a good mood. Betrayal is not good .. I believe that betrayal can not be forgiven ... from my experience, I made such a conclusion, if you forgive once, then it's repeated again, such people like to sit on our neck if they see that you are spineless and forgive what I can not forgive ... I once suffered from such betrayal, after that I suffered for a long time and thought ... I soon decided for myself that if this happens again, then I'll forgive that person ... and ... let go .. Let it be hard, but my honor and pride will remain unaffected

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What is your attitude to betrays?

Hello everyone, friends. I have a special opinion about treason. This topic is undoubtedly sad for me, and at the same time, the memories of treason will lead me into an angry state! I have already mentioned the circumstances of my youth, and once again I will remind them. Once in my life a beloved person appeared who swore love and devotion, but all ended sadly. I found out that he repeatedly cheated on me with a lot of guys all the time. And I did not suspect anything because of my employment. In short, this can not be forgiven, and therefore I was left alone with a tiny son. Now I'm happy about it, but then I did not know what to do.

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What is your attitude to betrays?

I want t tell you, that I have a really bad attitude towards betrayals. I personally think that betrayal is the worst thing which could happen between tw people. I think so because one betrays the other can't trust him any more, nd in most cases they broke apart. I don't think that I could ever forgive the betrayal.

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In fact, adultery is an

In fact, adultery is an inevitable development of relations between almost every family, it is a crisis that promotes relations to another point or to another level, as it is not sad to hear it. And the first thing I advise you to do is listen to yourself, take care of yourself very carefully, but give vent to feelings and just experience it, experience it with a full range of feelings. What for? Then, then to be able to release it, and not to chew another year (and even for many years) and not to turn it into diseases, tumors, depressions, etc. The list can be great, believe me ... You can still lose this incomplete situation again and again in a new relationship.

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Everyone should remember that

Everyone should remember that their idea of ​​the husband is not the husband at all. If you began to perceive your husband as an unchanging part of your home interior, you know: it is quite possible there are places where he enjoys playing other roles, and at home he lays after violent love games, perceiving you as a necessary thing in his household.When you get married, you do not get your husband for life.The life of every person, including your legal spouse, belongs first of all to himself. Everyone has the right to make a mistake. And to realize this error, too. It depends on you what exactly will be considered a mistake by your husband - a marriage relationship with you or a love affair on the side.
If you find that your husband is cheating on you, try first of all to keep your judgment. Determine for yourself honestly and directly what you want in this situation.

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What is your attitude to betrays?

As for me, I've never cheated to my present partner of my ex partners. And if to be honest, I am not going to do it, eitherwise why would I live with one man? I think that if a person betrays you, than he doesn't love you and you shouldn't be together any more, because there always would be the reminding of cheating. I've never been cheated and I hope, that my husband would never cheat me, but if it would take place, than I would broke up with him without even thinking.

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No.. no.. no.. I would never

No.. no.. no.. I would never forgive a person who has betrayed me. Yeah, yesterday you were sure that this guy loved you, but today you see him with another men. It hurts, but such situations happen and we can do nothing with this. Even if you have met such a guy, it's better to leave him alone than try to biuld something with him. I think betray is in their blood. These men don't want to be with one partner, they want to try many partners so it's better to let them go than let them ruin our lives...

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