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What kind of sport does your child go to !?

Dear friends, I greet you on this site. I do not cease to admire it. I found so much useful information here. And now I have such a question for you, my friends. If someone has a child, does he go for sports, and what kind? I do not yet have a child, but I would like him to attend gymnastics or ballet. Do you think ballet is good for both men and women? I believe that ballet is the most harmonious kind of activity for the human body. And how do you think, people?!smiley

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What kind of sport does your child go to !?

Greetings to all. How is your mood today? I'm fine) My son tried himself in fights without rules, I insisted, but did not go, for him this kind of sport is too aggressive and cruel, he's more refined. Now he is engaged in cycling, sprint. He also likes programming, the computer is his sphere. Therefore, I do not insist now on my own, if he is comfortable at what he has chosen for himself, I, too, feel comfortable. Although I made plans for him, but life is changeable. Take into account the wishes of your children!

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For a girl, sports are very

For a girl, sports are very useful. Regular exercises will help her to strengthen muscles and develop a good posture, which is important, especially for the beautiful half of humanity. She certainly will become healthier and more enduring.
First of all, ask your daughter what she would like to do. If the baby does not like anything concrete, parents can choose the sports section, but necessarily with regard to her preferences. You in fact for certain notice at the child propensities to this or that kind of sports. If not, you can experiment and give the crumb to several different sections - let it choose where it will like it more.

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Certainly, a great sport for

Certainly, a great sport for people of any age is dansing. Children are brought with 3 years. Thanks to dances, a person becomes graceful, "easy", plastic. For girls, dancing is one of the best activities in life. Beauty, posture, endurance are qualities that will remain with your child for life.

Dancing is a quite affordable type of activity that does not require special investment, unless, of course, it is not related to competitions or championships. The ability to dance is useful in many life situations.

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Swimming. Age: from 3-4 years

Swimming. Age: from 3-4 years. Pros: contribute to strengthening the musculoskeletal system, improving blood circulation; improve the work of the nervous system; have a hardening effect; inexpensive equipment; are very useful for myopia, diabetes, scoliosis, obesity.
Cons: almost none, except for a possible reaction to the quality of water in the swimming pool. Who will suit: any child who likes to mess around with water (and such a majority); as well as those who, for psychological reasons or contraindications related to health, can not engage in other sports. Contraindications: some eye diseases; tendency to frequent otitis; skin diseases.

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 An emotional person is like

 An emotional person is like a ship without a captain, who will swim wherever the wind blows. But thinking is the management of oneself and circumstances, it requires a person's will and effort.

A lazy person will not think, one will think who has become accustomed to straining, has got used to doing something with the help of strong-willed efforts. That's why it's so difficult to take control of emotions - many people do not like to strain, it's easier for them to swim with the flow, and not overcome the resistance of the external and internal environment.

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And the greatness of any

And the greatness of any person begins - with the right communication with the right people, after which he can directly soar in the sky. Think whether there are many people in your life, after talking to them - do you feel great?

Do they exist, these people? If there are no such people in your life - look for them, including on the Internet - there are people who can help you feel not just a person, but a superman. Do not regret communicating with such people - neither time nor money. Charge them with positive energy and become stronger.

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Or it is possible to state so

Or it is possible to state so absurd information on a topic that many people will be very indignant and they will want to refute it, citing as evidence of its fallacy the information necessary to provocateur. So, in particular, you can find out from which sources they derive information and what knowledge they have in a certain area. In some activities such information about the source of information is of great value.

Social engineers often use this method of provocation to extract information from their victims. For example, they can call the owner of a bank card, introduce themselves as a bank employee and clarify the information they need on the card. 

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Therefore, everything bad is

Therefore, everything bad is initially rejected, according to the principle: this can not be, because this can not be ever. Well, how can a good man be bad? It's impossible. Thus, the critical discourse goes away as soon as we begin to build our arguments on the basis of unacceptable statements for us, as soon as we start filtering the information that is inconvenient for us. And without that it's simply impossible to reason with reason.

People often fall into the trap of taboo, because they do not like to change their mind about someone or anything. 

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Hi guys, how is the day going

Hi guys, how is the day going? Hope you are doing as geat as i am. I am also happy we have got this forum. It seems to be very nice and i like people who attend it. It is also a nice opportunity to share expirience and advice with each other. As for sports. I have not got a child yet. But i plan to have him or her attend all kinds of activities and not only sports. I believe that a child has to try everthing possible to find out what it is they are the best at and what they like the most. I mean a parent taking a kid to any sport is kind of choosing for a kid. And i find it rude. Imagine if someone would choose your job or your friday-night activities for you and you would just have to do whatever was chosen. Umh.. sounds a bit sad. There are of course activities i find better than others, but a child is a separate little person and has to choose on his/her own. We can only guide in that process

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I greet everybody

I greet everybody who is here! I'm finesmiley Hope you are OK, too. My daughter tried herself in gymnastics, personally I don't like this kind of sport, but she wished to try it, and as a result, she don't like it, too. Now she found herself in fitness, I recommended it, because I keen on fitness. I was really glad she liked it, but I didn't insist on her choice, she is free to choose what she wants. We should listen to our children's wishes.

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