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you know i think that calm

you know i think that calm repose is perfect. Just lying on the couch, bed, doing nothing. Sometimes it is very necessary for the body. Such relaxation will be useful when both moral, and physical, and mental forces are running out. However, a lot of time spent quite passively can grow into laziness . do not get carried away!  Also if you have a lot of work, then the best rest is a change of activity. Alternate mental work with physical exertion. This rule also applies globally. If you are an office worker, then try to attend gyms, go to the country, actively move. Ifyou have physical work, then during periods of rest, include intellectual pursuits. In this case, you fully develop as a person.

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The most popular among many

The most popular among many people is an independent vacation by the sea. People buy tickets and get to their destination, where they rent houses from local residents or live on the beach in a tent. This holiday has some inconveniences, but they are usually compensated by relatively low monetary costs and so loved by many feeling of complete freedom. This type of rest is recommended only to fully healthy people, mostly young. After all, if you suddenly need urgent medical help, it often happens that there are three kilometers to the nearest pharmacy, and there are no hospitals in the district at all. In addition, this type of recreation involves rather extreme conditions of habitation.

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