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What do you think about violence on TV?

Once i read about very interesting experiment that was made in one of laboratories. You know, that caring parents do not allow their children to watch television. The same make rat-parents. Scientists placed a conventional TV. Rats were through the wall in the next room, but, nevertheless, they sharply reduced the rate of reproduction. If no TV and the female brings in an average of 12 pups, when the power is set to appear only two, and they usually die. If you spend a lot of time watching TV, you can not help showing his attitude to life in front of family and above all - their children. Remember that children imitate everything that adults do. It is highly likely that your children pereymut your lifestyle, and will also get involved in watching television. We have decided for themselves that we have no time and most importantly - do not need to watch television. This is our personal opinion.

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What do you think about violence on TV?

The growth in the number of television channels leads to the emergence of a large number of programs and films designed specifically for children, but even they sometimes turn out to be over-saturated with aggressive characters and scenes of violence. There is an opinion justifying this situation by the fact that aggression is an integral part of our world and culture and television only prepares the child for life in society. The computer and the TV select children from their childhood. Instead of active games, experiencing real emotions and feelings and communicating with peers and parents, knowing oneself through the surrounding living world, children spend hours and days and nights sitting at the TV and computer, depriving themselves of that development opportunity that is given to a person only in childhood.

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Violence on TV

Hello guys. Nice to be here. Hope you have great time here. In modern world there are so many violence, wars. We have to get far sometime from it. We should think positive, because it can help us to survive in this world. TV, news show us this violence. They want to scare us, to make us to submit politics, who are owners of these channels. To my mind, we must be positive in such terrible situation.

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What do you think about violence on TV?

Hello and I wish you a great day, guys. In fact, I have long been trying not to watch news and aggressive programs. And so it is clear what to roll our world and how everything in this world is arranged. I do not recognize anything supernova. And if something happens, I have friends who always talk about news. I also taught my son not to go into TV programs and news. It is better to learn and try to abstract from violence. Violence has always been, it is and will be, from the fact that you know the situation will not improve, and the mood will deteriorate.

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