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What to do when you feel that someone fancies you

Hi, there! I hope that you're doing all right, my friends! I've decided to write this post as I need your help. It seems that someone from my office fancies me. Every day I get a message where someone writes that I'm a good man and he likes me very much. This person also attaches various photos with hearts and cupids to his emails. From the one hand, I feel very pleased to read such messages, but I'm afraid that this might be just my co-workers who want to trick me. What shoyud I do in such situation???

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However, the key the

However, the key the application to the order, the procedure for issuance of certificate has undergone major changes, which we view as generally positive.

First of all, from the order disappeared mandatory eighteen-month period of observation required for the issue of the transgender person directions to a medical examination, the results of which may be issued a certificate of sex change.

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I think that service novels

I think that service novels have one advantage: you always know in advance who you are dealing with. The social status of all is the same.True, we do not take into account the situation when the subordinate falls in love with the boss, about this grief the conversation is separate.

And to fall in love with a colleague is a song of songs. Here you have common interests, similar views on life, and the same circle of reading, and acquaintances. Even ambitions, and those like identical twins. And if we are not talking about a fleeting intrigue, but about a good marriage - work is the place where you can find the ideal partner in life.

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