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Wait, dude, you just ran so

Wait, dude, you just ran so hard on Bill)) It's not always easy to say the words of forgiveness. It's because you need to step over yourself. And it's very difficult. Only a strong person can do it. Men in general are very difficult to apologize. But do you know why? We are simply more patient by nature than women, and even after a three-week "silence" will never admit its guilt, while not even being sure of it. But it is difficult to prove it wrong. So the very nature ordered that a large number of men consider themselves completely right in everything. And even more so, when in a relationship two men - it's much more complicated ...

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We had to share our yard and

We had to share our yard and with the time we decided to divide it, and it was really a big problem cause they wanted to take more half of it. Honestly speaking I could give them more, but it was not polite from their side to insist on this, and what concerns me, it is not difficult for me to say sorry if I feel that I have to say it.

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Patrick - there is a point

Patrick - there is a point in that of course.. Though i prefer to have my family with me for that occasion - I am sure they would not ever fail me) As for the help of their neighbours. .As for me - I did not ever use it.. Though when I was in college .. there was a really funny story) we were renting a two floor house with five other people.. each one did have his own room. I remember one guy was coming home really late - at night already. .And he was so drunk that he was not being able to insert the key to the lock.. So he was struggling with that for about ten minutes - and then he did decide to ask the neighbours to help him with that- since they did have a party and did not sleep)

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 Well, people are different .

 Well, people are different ... I once had a chance. Well, not quite with me, my ststra. My sister drives a car. And one day it stalled right on the track. Although she understands the technology, but the machine can not be repaired in any way. Her phone was dead. And our neighbors passed by her around the house. They did not help her, but started laughing, scoffing, and even filmed this action on the camera and then posted on the Internet. They signed a video of something like "When a woman is driving a tupit" or something like that. I do not remember exactly. Although our relations with them were very good. It was not a good situation (


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 It is hard for me to judge -

 It is hard for me to judge - if he was kidding, because I can see the whole situation only thanks to your words, but as for me, I think that he tactfully avoided conversation and wasn't kidding. Maybe he wants to have a big family, and see that now you have a lot of experience and are ready to have another child. I think that you had such conversations and talked before the first child about the desired number of children. So in this case - why are you surprised. If not, anyway, you have to discuss this serious question, because in future it will be the result of serious quarrel. Just think about it, maybe somewhere, deep inside, you realize and have such desire too?

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I have always been dreaming

I have always been dreaming about big and real family. I am sure that a normal family should have at least two babies. So I am not against the second child. That  joke was sudden and I began to think about things I have never thought about.

I know that a child in the family is a great responsibility. I know it for sure. I want my children to be happy and I want my partner to be happy with me too. If I say “no” I will break his heart and I will show that his desires and wishes are not important for me….and this is not true… I can’t say that I am not ready for the second child. Everything happens suddenly and this frightens much. 

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 Everything was fine and boy

 Everything was fine and boy was healthy and nice. She tried to raise him a good boy and give him everything he could live happily. In the result when he grew up he began to drink alcohol and use drugs. This happened when mom’s friend was very ill and couldn’t walk.

So as a normal child he needed to take care of her. Instead this he took all money and left her even without food. She died from hunger in her house…and at the beginning everything seemed alright and he was a normal child…after this story I have such thoughts associated with adoption…I mean about killers and drug addicted people. 

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.when you adopt a child of

.when you adopt a child of course you do a good thing….you help the child to receive a happy family….blalabalabalalalblabla…but if to think more…if to take all reasons for and against? You never know what person you are going to adopt!

You never know who were his real parents and what consequences this can have…maybe his real parents were drug addicted? Or they sat in prison for  killing the person….and you future child can inherit these traits…he will be a murder…or drug addict?  I am afraid to do this really…yes your biological child can inherit something from your dad or grandfather but…at least you know what to expect! 

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 It is not known what kind of

 It is not known what kind of tests can fall on a person's head in the future. And if he is not ready for them because of his infantilism, then for him everything can end very sad. However, this is not an absolute rule. 

Some people never grow up and still live a relatively happy life. So everyone decides how right his life is. Therefore, if your opinion on the problem of infantilism does not coincide with mine, then this does not mean that some of them are wrong. Just you need to decide which one to listen to.

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 That is why it is sometimes

 That is why it is sometimes very important, when striving for one's goal, to achieve small successes, so to speak, intermediate victories that will increase the person's faith in himself and in his goal. Sometimes these small victories are important simply to notice and fix in your mind, and sometimes you need to imagine them to strengthen your faith.

In general, any of our desires should be realized by us, so that no one, including ourselves, could switch us from them to something else, which may be less important and valuable for us. Our desires can really be our desires, independent of other people, and may be a consequence of the impact on us of other people or circumstances. 

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