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Traveling long distances in a car with young kids

If you need to travel a long distance in a car, young children will definitely get bored along the way. While they will hopefully enjoy the destination once you finally arrive, fighting, screaming, singing and shouting can distract the driver and drain you of energy. If you want to be cool while a trip we should know that packing is very important thing. Pack some essentials. If you're going to a hotel or campsite, suitcases are a must. If you're just going sightseeing, a large backpack or messenger bag should be large enough to hold some essentials. If you arrive at your destination and you're missing one of these items, you could find yourself in a spot of trouble. These items include:
Baby milk.
First aid kit.
A bag to vomit in.
Small cushions to sleep on.
Spare batteries for toys.
What else can you advice guys?

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Traveling long distances in a car with young kids

You can also let your children pack. Now that they know where you're going and how long it will take to get there, they probably want to bring their favourite toys and games along with them. Don't tell them to leave everything at home, let them bring at least two toys so they can have fun along the way. If you're OK with it, let them have a backpack full of their own things. Keep the backpack small enough to fit in the car and help them choose toys that'll fit in the backpack. If they want to bring a 6 feet (1.8 m) action figure, try to convince them to bring a book instead.

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If you plan to travel with

If you plan to travel with small kids but not a baby, several gadgets can help you prevent a total misbehavior and distract them for some period of time. It will me fine if you download their favorite cartoons or bring a tablet with interesting games. Travelling at night - the best way with the least number of problems. Kids are sleeping till the morning, so no one will be bothering you :)

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 you know i have already told

 you know i have already told you that i do not like travelling for long time and it is really exhausting and of course tiring. but i understand that sometimes you have to do it and  you just do not have the other choice. but in my opinion   if you are travelling for long then you just have to buy better  tickets, i am talking about  business class and then   everything would be perfect and  convenient for you as   you will not have to take anything with you, i am talking about  food or  drinks,  or about first  aid  kit. what for do you have to take it if they  have to provide ou with all the things needed  during the flight. i think that you shall think about it and then everything will be  definitely alright.

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Traveling long distances in a car with young kids

Good evening, everyone, guys... Happy to be here with all of you and of course, it is nice that you are taking care of such stuff, this is really essential.. as a matter of fact, I feel that there is a sting need of being away from the long--distance traveling with infants or babies younger than four or five... Well, maybe I am convinced in it only because I do not have kids, and do not imagine how is this, but in fact, seems to me that it is challenging..! Driving the care, with high vigilance and entertaining the child - huge responsibility and requires attentiveness, instead of having normal rest...

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Traveling long distances in a car with young kids

That is definitely not the problem and of course, it depends on the age of the child..! For instance, if we are talking about an infant - that is just impossible. and if the case is in the four-five years old kid - I bet that he will sleep the vast majority of the distance.. see my point?! Ohh, speaking about your special list of things to take care of - totally agree with it and guess that you have to think in advance about all possible cases, like vomiting of the baby, because I was the witness of such not pleasant moments during the trip, so, I highly recommend all parents to take care of all and everything!  

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Traveling long distances in a car with young kids

The main theme here is to pack essential, I totally agree with you, dear author of the current topic. Also, it is pretty important to be able to entertain kids during the trip...because if they get bored fast at home, what you can think about the long car trip?! surprise that i definitely going to be difficult for them to survive and for you to go through too (I love children of course, but anyway there is the point where they can be irritating agree?!)... oh, and of course, the vital thing is food and water..! do not also forget to bring some sweets and chocolates - it will be useful for kids..

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Traveling long distances in a car with young kids

Woow, that seems a good article which was obviously written by a highly experienced in this field man, am I right?!wink well, as a free man, I mean, without children, I am not very familiar with all positive or negative sides of this question...but, my close friend has a baby already, and his son is four years old. Well, the car trip was perry well with them.. of course, I was sitting there, entertaining the boy and he felt pretty comfortable..besides, he kind of really like car trips from the childhood, comparing to other kids, who are crying all the time instead of having some good rest and else...!!

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I would like to say that that

I would like to say that that I like long trips without any words.. I like spend time in the car, of course when I am not a driver.I like to travel during the long time and discovering new places for me. I like to look at the window and see the wonderful views of places I visit. It is fantastic I can say and especially I like to travel at night. It is really unforgettable even with children. Of course it is a little bit difficult but it depends on your baby at all and of course on you. I agree that we need food,drinks,nappies/diapers,baby milk,first aid kit,a bag to vomit in,small cushions to sleep on.yesyes

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Traveling long distances in a car with young kids

Hello, my best regards to all of for the matter of the best possible trip planning - I will definitely tell you that you have to take the thorough care about packaging of the luggage, taking into account all needed for the, the special food and water or juice, toys,of course, and pills for any possible case here..! If you're just going sightseeing, a backpack should be large enough to hold some essentials for parents too, because you are going for the whole day..wink ohh, almost forgot about the entertaining during the trip...! you and your kid will be really bored because of the silent driving. 

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Hello. How are you? I am fine

Hello. How are you? I am fine!))) A successful journey by car will remain with you for life. The car will allow you to see not only the big tourist cities, but also small cozy villages, to join the unexplored places and natural sights. The car gives freedom of movement and significantly saves the budget if you are more than 2 people. Travel by public transport in developed countries is not cheap, and moving on it is much slower. Most autotravelers choose a route based on the expected travel budget and availability of free time. Ideally, you need to make an approximate plan for your trip, better plan more, but keep in mind that this is just a plan and do not get upset if something goes wrong.

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