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Travel writer

While you are traveling you can also make some money. What about becoming a ttravel writer ? A travel writer explores new destinations and shares observations with others using the written word. One of the most important requirements for this type of work is a desire to travel and experience new environments and cultures. Physical stamina, an observant mind and a talent for descriptive language are just a few of the qualities necessary for becoming a travel writer. And do you know any others? What should a person do to be a travel writer?

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Travel writer

Do not be so sure that travel writers get much money for their job.Be aware of the low pay of a travel writer. You may have fantasies of being sent around the world on assignments with a big commission, all your expenses paid, and endless days people watching in a European cafe. In fact, very few publications pay a travel writer’s expenses, especially if the travel writer is a freelancer and not a staff member for the publication.Many travel writers work for themselves as freelancers and work contract by contract, story by story. This means you may not have a steady income from travel writing and it can be difficult to make a high income when you are commissioned to write for a publication.Currently, rates for a 500-word article can range from $10 to $1,000. Often, seasoned writers with years of experience writing for big print publications will earn the higher end of the spectrum for one article. Many travel writers do not earn more than $25 - $300 an article. If you are able to land a big feature or a cover story, you will be paid more. However, it can be difficult to land the more lucrative stories and you will often have to write many articles on a regular basis to support yourself financially in this career.

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Travel writer

You know, I have never heard about such an interesting idea.. how amazing it is probably can be when you are able to have the passion in the face of the traveling and the work which brings you real money?! that has to be the dream life indeed....certainly,  one of the most important requirements for this type of work is a desire to travel and experience new environments and cultures, not to mention the physical ability to run around the world constantly...anyway, I know that it is not for me..but if I were a decade younger, I would definitely give it a try..or a least, it seems to me a  good idea, but there are specific advantages and disadvantages like everywhere else...

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Travel writer

it is clearly the thrilling idea, but.,,, i am sure for hundred percent that it is important to have the enough amount of money for such kind of trips, do not you think that same?!! well, obviously, for arranging a journey to write you can get the help of investors... therefore, you have to pay thorough attention to all of it.. at the same time, you also have to get the image of the right possibility to make the good choice,,, instead of having various useless dreams, I better tell you to have the real feasible plan of how to gain more and more money, thus you will have the real ability to travel around the whole globe, writing the book or whatever you would like to...

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Travel writer

The appealing idea... and of course, it seems like the better one, in the other case, if I did not have the type of the occupation I have right now, I would accept the proposal of becoming the travel writer right away without the slightest hint of the occupation..!!! BUT we are all here are into some blurred dreams and therefore, we have left the vital aspect, which is truly the prominent one... the talent to write, without which one we will be unable to express all the positive feelings about the travelling and all impressions you get throughout the journey....And, what I know for hundred percent is that I do not have the talent of writing books, unfortunately. 

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Travel writer

Hello everyone, my friends. I'll open a secret to you, I sometimes thought about starting to write about my travels, and there were, believe me, many of them. But more often than not, there is not enough time, as it usually happens, so that everything can be well thought out and my script would not have turned out to be written something like. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and for me it's better not how, than something like))) But in general the idea is not bad)))

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It is impossible to live

It is impossible to live without stress, because it is dangerous to turn off the protection of your body from all sorts of threats, both real and imaginary, that can cause serious harm to it. But to reduce their number and intensity, of course, it is necessary, since they not only make our life less comfortable, but also at a certain stage of their development cause serious harm to our physical and psychological health. In this article, based on my professional and life experience, I will tell you, dear readers, how to cope with stress in everyday life and how to become a stress-resistant person in general.

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The fact is that for weight

The fact is that for weight loss - you will need to give up the pleasure that you get from eating. But this is very difficult to do, if there is not something for which it's worth abandoning pleasure. And this something can only be another pleasure, more, say, important, more valuable to you than the pleasure of eating. 

You do not lose weight for the sake of losing weight, you definitely want to lose weight for something or someone, for example, for self-esteem, for a loved one, for health, success, career and so on. Here you must decide what is more important for you than eating. Think about why you will refuse it. 

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Therefore, a woman must

Therefore, a woman must decide who she needs - a man in the house or a romantic outside the window. Sometimes women want both, and of course, in the face of different men. But what this leads to, you can learn from the everyday experience of such women who are chasing two or more rabbits [men], as a result they can not catch any of them. So there are many masculine qualities that are incompatible with each other, and a woman needs to know about them, in order to understand what consequences she is expected to get from acquaintance with this or that man, and what of her expectations will be justified and which of them will not.


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