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Transgender actress

Hi everyone! How was your day? What is new in your life? Some time ago I watched Oskar race and I found a lot of new movie that I can watch maybe next weekend, but anyway. I am so proud that I can share with you this news! I really happy because this actress is really beautiful and gorgeous!!!!!! So you can see it there Also what do you think about Matt Bomer? He is handsome, is not he??? And I hope on a 100percent that he is a good husband and happy father. So do you think about this?)))

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Transgender actress

Hi guys, I had a great day today and a wonderful mood. Oh gods, Matt Bomer, what a man ... he's just gorgeous. Such a handsome ... I watched several episodes with his participation of the series White collar ... what talent and beauty in one guise ... Happy for him, that he found himself and his soul mate ... I also think that he is an excellent father and husband. It's a pity that I missed the Oscar award ceremony and still do not get to see the replay of the ceremony. I think that after watching, I will have some good films that I will need to see.

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Transgender actress

Hi guys. How are you doing? What are you doing at this time? I personally feel fine today and I'll play shots with my son in the evening, sometimes I want to have fun and relax))) Now I've looked at your news, to be honest I have not heard anything about this actor, but he's still a handsome man, I'm happy for him and his family. Incredible events happen in the world, thank you for the link to the news site)winkI recently found out from that news site some shocking news, you can not write all of them ... But I like that there you can always find fresh news about the LGBT society. I am satisfied with this site completely.

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I have some information about

I have some information about him too. Matthew returned to the television screens in the form of a minor character, CIA agent Bryce Larkin, in the adventure comedy series "Chuck" by Josh Schwarz. But the real success was waiting for Bomer in 2009. He came along with work on the main role in Jeff Easten's detective television series about a special FBI department called "white-collar workers". Hero Matthew became a thief, a fraudster and a swindler Neil Caffrey, who, in exchange for easing the terms of punishment, began to work on the department of "white-collar workers." As a result, the show was so popular with viewers that in 2010 was nominated for the "People's Choice" award in the category "Favorite TV addiction", as well as "Favorite drama on cable television".

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I kike this man so much! he

I kike this man so much! he is beautiful.  And some time ago i have read  an interesting information about him. noe i want to tell you about the article i have read about him. Star of "Super Mike" and "White Collar" Matt Bomber became the "face from the cover" of the October issue of Modern Luxury and in an interview with the publication he remembered how he once worked as a janitor to fulfill his dream and become an actor. To work as a cleaner Matt had already in high school: "Probably, it's the only way to understand if you really want to achieve your dream. If you can spend all day at school, all evening - cleaning offices, and you still have the strength to learn monologues. "

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Yeah... Mat Bomer does seem

Yeah... Mat Bomer does seem to be a very hadnsome guy. Unfortunately, I haven't yeat seen any films with him, but I do want to watch The Last Tycoon. My favourite actor is Kianu Rives. Though he doesn't apper in the latest blockbusters, I do consider him to be one of the best actors in the world. I think it's really unfair that most of directors doesn't invite him to shoot in their films!!! 

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Directed by Ryan Murphy from

Directed by Ryan Murphy from the very beginning considered Beaumer an ideal candidate for the role of AIDS patient Felix. However, he had to convince the author of the play and the script of the film, Larry Cramer, who considered Matt too handsome for this character. Sam Bomer remembers that the play "Ordinary Heart" was first read at the age of 14, and it made an indelible impression on him. "I was very ignorant," says Matt. - Then I perceived my sexual side differently. I had a romantic relationship with the girls. The play shocked my world. This is an amazing call to action. I was ready to be shot even in the episode of this project. "Only after meeting with the actor Kramer agreed with the director. So Bomer got the part.

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Infantiles also do not have a

Infantiles also do not have a proper understanding of life and there is no control over their emotions, because of which they are often thrown from side to side. Therefore, such people need to organize, control, motivate / stimulate, guide, restrict, and so on. Only in this case, they can be useful, including for themselves. But this is not always easy to do. For example, for a family with children, such a self-dependent person who constantly needs to be pushed, constantly monitored and limited, compared to another child. On him, and time, and strength, and often nerves have to spend. Such a person is not one of the pillars of the family, but its burden.

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Thus, on the one hand, those

Thus, on the one hand, those who are not sufficiently self-confident and who lack human attention, love, respect and recognition are flattered on the one hand, and on the other hand, people who have it all have flattery, and they do not so much even need flattery, just how much they are used to it and consider it the only correct way of communicating with other people with them.

So the range of flattery opportunities, like the method of manipulating people, is quite large - with its help one can influence different people with varying degrees of success.

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I think the fact she is trans

I think the fact she is trans should not have been mentioned. People like her and us should not be marked. This is exactly the reason why there are so many people still who hate us and attack on the streets. When the differences between us are pointed out that bring attention upon an individual. Maybe we could shorten bad cases that involve unusual people being hurt if we stopped paying attention to who is gay or trans or bio or whatever.

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Hi everybody!

Hi everybody! Personally my day was awesome. Now a lot of new is happening in my life...For example, I am moving to my boyfriend, so congratulate me! When I watched Oskar at that time, so many movies were liked by me and I decided to watch almost all of them. And of course I heard about this actress. She is definitely a luxurious beauty! I was very glad for her success. What about Matt Bomer... You know, I think he is one of the most handsome men I've ever seensmileywink

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