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to tell the truth i like both

to tell the truth i like both. if you go in tour you can visit more interesting places. and if you go to resort you can lie on the beach and forget about your problems. i think that it depends on person. if he is active and always wants to know and see something new the best thing is a tour, i think. for lazy people and for those who want to rest from their works and houses the best variant is resort. but i want to say that in resorts you can also do many different interesting things, not only laing on a beach. so think good what person you are and go to your trip. i think that all variants are perfect and you will not sorry about your decision.

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Hi, OP! If I were you I would

Hi, OP! If I were you I would go to Dubai. Frankly speaking, I also dream to visit this place. I don't know why but I like the Middle East very much. I was in Turkey with my ex-boyfriend several years ago and I liked being there very much. I guess Dubai is even cooler place. I have several friends who were there. They told me that there are pretty much things to do there. They used to ride camels and drive S.U.V. in dunes while visiting UEA. They told me that it was unforgettible experience!!!

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 good evening of course that

 good evening of course that was a nice day today and for sure, I would like to spend at leas some little time here with all of you and have a nice not you agree with my point of view?!! I hope you are...

anyway, what I was meant to say is that tour around the Italy is just one my biggest dreams..! Frankly speaking i would not miss the same opportunity I am utterly convinced, that the tour around one of the most wonderful European countries will be better for hundred times than the trip to Dubai...but the final decisio is up to you .

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