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to tell the truth i like both

to tell the truth i like both. if you go in tour you can visit more interesting places. and if you go to resort you can lie on the beach and forget about your problems. i think that it depends on person. if he is active and always wants to know and see something new the best thing is a tour, i think. for lazy people and for those who want to rest from their works and houses the best variant is resort. but i want to say that in resorts you can also do many different interesting things, not only laing on a beach. so think good what person you are and go to your trip. i think that all variants are perfect and you will not sorry about your decision.

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Hi, OP! If I were you I would

Hi, OP! If I were you I would go to Dubai. Frankly speaking, I also dream to visit this place. I don't know why but I like the Middle East very much. I was in Turkey with my ex-boyfriend several years ago and I liked being there very much. I guess Dubai is even cooler place. I have several friends who were there. They told me that there are pretty much things to do there. They used to ride camels and drive S.U.V. in dunes while visiting UEA. They told me that it was unforgettible experience!!!

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 good evening of course that

 good evening of course that was a nice day today and for sure, I would like to spend at leas some little time here with all of you and have a nice not you agree with my point of view?!! I hope you are...

anyway, what I was meant to say is that tour around the Italy is just one my biggest dreams..! Frankly speaking i would not miss the same opportunity I am utterly convinced, that the tour around one of the most wonderful European countries will be better for hundred times than the trip to Dubai...but the final decisio is up to you .

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 I'm just getting into the

 I'm just getting into the workflow, and the holiday is not coming soon. Although I made a decision for myself that the vacation would be mine every half a year at least, whenever possible every three months. Then it works easier and the head is clearer and the body tans. Ha ha, just kidding. 

I prefer to choose vacation spots for the season, that is, if the holiday is in summer, then vacation will take place in warm countries, and in winter in snow-covered) I like it more. And Dubai and Italy are a great solution, on the tour just more you can see, but relax less

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The expression "something is

The expression "something is hovering in the air" approaches the air of the sea as best as possible. It is literally stuffed with useful trace elements, and therefore lung diseases will be cured "in one go." For those who are not bothered by similar problems (and we sincerely hope that this is you), we advise you to inhale the breeze for the purpose of deep relaxation. Alas, a sea breeze, you can not put it in your pocket and you will not take it with you in a suitcase. The situation can be saved by buying an ionizer or diffuser with aquatic notes. Have a pronounced curative effect, do not wait, but pleasant memories of vacation are guaranteed.

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It should also be noted that

It should also be noted that such people in most issues are not independent, so they constantly have to monitor, direct, coerce or motivate to do something useful, including for themselves, and not all day to engage in any nonsense.

They need a "strong hand". And they, or they are looking for it, or it finds them. Imagine a man, the father of two children, who plays video games in his spare time, instead of helping his wife and children to deal with other domestic issues. You can call such a person an adult? He does not understand what responsibility it is

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As for how to respond to

As for how to respond to flattery, then there are two most appropriate options. You can remain absolutely calm, pretending that you have not made any impression of flattery on you, or you can play along with the flatterer so that he goes further and opens his cards. I believe that any cunning is best answered with cunning. To discredit a flatterer is not necessary, there is not much point in this, and it's stupid to show aggression towards him, and why it is silly to show a person that you see his attempts to manipulate you will make him close from you and it will be harder for you to know about his intentions. 

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You see, friends, we live in

You see, friends, we live in a world in which there are many interesting things that maybe we do not really need something, which we do not really need, but what we would like to have. And here it is this desire to something to constantly drag on - it creates a certain discomfort in the soul of a person. Remember, I wrote at the very beginning that a person should feel a certain dissatisfaction, just to be alive, to want something, to strive for something, for something to stir, in general, to be active? That's the whole point. Without dissatisfaction, there will be no desire, and without desire there will be no action, and without actions a person is not a person.

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Each type of temperament,

Each type of temperament, studied by psychology, has its merits and demerits, I can definitely say that if we are born by nature to a greater extent all the same, whatever our upbringing, nature adapts us to survival in any case. In principle, you can read about the types of temperament in any textbook on psychology, but I approach this issue somewhat more, not only because of my own experience, but also emphasizing the practical indicators of a particular type of temperament, and not on the estimated part of them .I decided to start acquainting with the types of characters with melancholy, because it is the melancholics that have a weak nervous system that is not their exclusively natural feature, which I firmly believe.

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21st of february is hardly

21st of february is hardly spring but... will admit different parts of the world have different timing. Let it be. As for me it depends. Sometimes i feel like go on a walk tour, go everywherе i can, do as many things as possible and concour the world. But most of the time i end up going to resorts. They have all i need. There is gym, there is a clean pool, there is food served where and when i like, there are cocktails and so on. All is done for you and all you have got left to do is lean back and enjoy yourself. Though i think Dubai would be a little bit too hot to just stay still.

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