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Tour or resort

Hello cheeky  honestly, glad to see all of you here, who are ready to pay attention to my question. Not a secret that spring has already come and I started to think about upcoming vacation! I have two "plots" for the holiday... Tour around Italy, which takes around a week and gives the opportunity to see all most remarkable cities of this country.  OR, the other option, which sounds amazing too - resort hot spot in Dubai... what would you choose? I have found both options following the link -  You can have a look on it to if you want. Will be happy to hear your thoughts...

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Tour or resort

Welcome back my dear friends.. good evening of course that was a nice day today and for sure, I would like to spend at leas some little time here with all of you and have a nice not you agree with my point of view?!! I hope you are... anyway, what I was meant to say is that tour around the Italy is just one my biggest dreams..! Frankly speaking i would not miss the same opportunity I am utterly convinced, that the tour around one of the most wonderful European countries will be better for hundred times than the trip to Dubai...but the final decisio is up to you .

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Tour or resort

My greetings, guys! What a nice time to be here, is not it..?! Well actually, I really have a lot of fun every time I am here and definitely not able to get out of it...for sure, I am a tourist to the bone, but on the other hand, taking into account the intensive job I have, I really feel the need to be away from the city or town where I live right now and breathe the clear warm air of the sea or ocean and just put my back on the warm sad... so, it is pretty obviously after my description what I would not it..?! I bet that you will understand me guys! Dubai is surely the best place...

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Tour or resort

well, you just have to be kidding me, right?! Both options are just crazy amazing, that is the outstanding managed to create two incredible trips and now you are in trouble - you have to decide what is better for now...well, I give one logical suggestion - take in the account the climate and current weather in United Arab have to know that during the summer time the weather there is just super awfully hot, it is just not something to go, please, not forget about this little, thus significant the same time Italy always has the nice weather which is pretty comfortable. 

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Hello everybody and everyone

Hello everybody and everyone here friends)))I am glad to be here with all of you today))How are you doing???I think that our tastes are different and what can you choose tour or resort so its your own opinion))Especially to my mind it is better for me to spend time somewhere on the sandy beach or something like this!!I think that it is the most suitable idea for me...I rather prefer to relax in the one place during the week or more than week!!So I am not a fan of tours and quick visiting a lot of countries is not for me...For my trips I rather prefer to visit this website

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well i think that it is

well i think that it is really very hard to tell you about it because you know  first of all these both tours are really very different and that is why it is a little bit hard to assume what variant would be better for you and i think that you understand what i am talking about. but in general i can tell you that you shall choose  dubai, i thik that this variant would be the most interesting for you but  of course  you shall look at both of them and choose one. i think that Dubai is better because  it is really needed to see it once in your life, it is perfect for tourists but of course it is rather  expensive but i think that if you are thinking about the trip then you can afford it.

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Tour or resort

Ohh, Gosh, that is the most MOST difficult problem I kidding, I am green with envy..! but, hey, no hard feelings, I do not have same possibility and you are the lucky guy here...but I am happy for you. if to ask me, I will choose the week in Dubai, that is for sure...I do not know, but lately I have such kind of the mood, when you feel so stressed out, when you are experiencing the constant tiredness and have no chance to tell that you are willing to have the long tour around the country...even if me are talking about Italy..! so my preference is pretty obvious and the reason of it is clear too...

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Tour or resort

I think it's better to choose a tour, because so you can see much more and visit many more places than if it was a resort. A significant part of the cost of any tour is a flight. For the tour operator, the cost of the place in the charter is unchanged - it takes a trip for three days or two weeks. Therefore, the longer a tourist spends in the resort, the cheaper it costs for him every day of his stay. Thus, a three-day holiday in the resort at the cost of one day will always be more expensive than a week's holiday. Sometimes the total price of three and seven days is comparable.

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Maurizio San
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Tour or resort

Hello, my dear companions. I'm happy for those who already have a vacation or start thinking about it)) I have the opposite ... I'm just getting into the workflow, and the holiday is not coming soon. Although I made a decision for myself that the vacation would be mine every half a year at least, whenever possible every three months. Then it works easier and the head is clearer and the body tans))) Ha ha, just kidding. laughI prefer to choose vacation spots for the season, that is, if the holiday is in summer, then vacation will take place in warm countries, and in winter in snow-covered) I like it more. And Dubai and Italy are a great solution, on the tour just more you can see, but relax less)))

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Tour or resort

Guys hello. I'm glad to see you all on this wonderful site. How many interesting things have I already found for myself, although I am a novice. Of course, two versions sound very tempting. I looked at the site recommended by you, very intuitive travel. Personally, if I had the opportunity, I would go and have a rest in Dubai, but this is most likely because I do not have time to rest properly, but you yourself go and decide) ... and make a choice in favor of Dubai) ))laugh ha ha ha, I'm joking ... or not)))))laugh

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I am for resorts. Sea resorts

I am for resorts. Sea resorts are paradise  for lovers of natural sunburn, and, despite the fact that doctors believe that there is absolutely no harmless tanning, careful sunbathing in ecologically clean areas is extremely beneficial for the body. Experts are sure that in the shade of the palm trees of the exotic resort zone, you can not only well but also safely tan.Another advantage of vacation on the sea coast is a full psychological rest. Experts believe that it is the sea that has a special therapeutic effect on the human psyche, "up to the ears" loaded with persistent problems of nervous everyday life. A two-week stay on the coast is able to restore strength and energize for a fairly long period of time.

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