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I think that in order for

I think that in order for your child to feel well during the flight, you need to meet all his needs. He should be full, he should not be scared, bored or uncomfortable. Think in advance of a list of things that you will take on board.Clothing should be light, comfortable, without rubbing stitches. Shoes should be easily removed and dressed. The airplane can be hot or cool - think about this moment in clothes. Take a replacement set of clothes for the child and a T-shirt for yourself.
Many airlines offer a children's menu on their flights - it should be ordered when buying tickets. But we recommend you still bring fruits, candies and cookies.

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I also have some information

I also have some information for you. Despite that all the airline's assurances that the air in the cabin is updated about 15 times per hour, it can detect: combustion products of fuel, including carbon monoxide; ozone, causing irritation of the respiratory tract and exacerbating asthmatic manifestations; and even pesticides that are used to kill insects especially if the aircraft flies to southern countries. And, of course, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms circulating inside an insulated cabin. From the latter it is possible and necessary to take preventive measures: from simple oxolin ointment to the nose to import preparations of a wide spectrum of action.

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