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I think that in order for

I think that in order for your child to feel well during the flight, you need to meet all his needs. He should be full, he should not be scared, bored or uncomfortable. Think in advance of a list of things that you will take on board.Clothing should be light, comfortable, without rubbing stitches. Shoes should be easily removed and dressed. The airplane can be hot or cool - think about this moment in clothes. Take a replacement set of clothes for the child and a T-shirt for yourself.
Many airlines offer a children's menu on their flights - it should be ordered when buying tickets. But we recommend you still bring fruits, candies and cookies.

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I also have some information

I also have some information for you. Despite that all the airline's assurances that the air in the cabin is updated about 15 times per hour, it can detect: combustion products of fuel, including carbon monoxide; ozone, causing irritation of the respiratory tract and exacerbating asthmatic manifestations; and even pesticides that are used to kill insects especially if the aircraft flies to southern countries. And, of course, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms circulating inside an insulated cabin. From the latter it is possible and necessary to take preventive measures: from simple oxolin ointment to the nose to import preparations of a wide spectrum of action.

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Traveling with children by

Traveling with children by plane is a pleasure ... I'm kidding of course, who have children that will understand me) I love my son very much, he is everything to me in this life, well, of course my parents and my dog.

 But the flight to 18 hours will be difficult to overcome with a young child and stay in high spirits))) as I mentioned, I often move around the world in connection with competitions, and drive my son with me, and the flight to Australia was something, my little son capricious and did not allow me to rest and neighbors, I did my best to entertain him about and distract, it is good that he slept most of the flight time.

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I see that someone here is

I see that someone here is really worried about having the long-haul flight with a baby...! Gosh, that is probably really amazingly (if you can say so) difficult... in my point of view, it will be of a great distraction for all passengers, because if your kid is really energetic, so then he will just talk loud, laugh loud...

and this i so annoying, to speak honestly! yeah, as a stranger, as a normal regular passenger who is relly tired and wants to have rest before the long and responsible business meeting - that is just crazy...really not happy to have a kid on the flight. 

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So the best answer is the

So the best answer is the lack of any response. If you are not able to control yourself so well that you do not succumb to provocations, you need to work on yourself, yourself or with the help of a specialist.
In some situations, it is not possible to ignore the provocation. Even if you have strong nerves and a steady psyche, you still have to answer it. The fact is that others may think you a weakling, if you do not give a decent response provocateur. For example, in prison, you can not help reacting to some provocations, this is fraught with negative consequences. 

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Therefore, I think that it is

Therefore, I think that it is necessary to work on yourself in such a way as to eventually become a very useful person for society and be in demand. This will greatly simplify and improve our life. Therefore, one must approach one's development from the standpoint of one's own interests and the interests of the society in which we live.

Let's now talk about our shortcomings - they all have it. We need our shortcomings, if possible, eliminate them, and if necessary, skillfully hide them. You see, a man with a bunch of flaws does not seem unique. While the image of an ideal person, whom you can admire, to which you can and should be equal, which you can love and appreciate, lives in the mind of each of us.

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What is the matter, what are

What is the matter, what are your problems in life, what are you dissatisfied with, what prevents you from loving yourself? You are depressed, you have no hope for the future, you do not believe in a better life, you do not believe that you deserve more, so you try to snatch everything that comes out of life, at least a small piece of joy and happiness? Do you enjoy all these weeds in the form of cheap and harmful pleasure available to you? Are you crazy or something? Listen to what I tell you - you can become better, better, brighter, more interesting, and the future will be much better than the present, and you yourself will become the winner, who will be able to get really cool pleasure from his victories, his achievements, his success .

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No special, fabulous princes

No special, fabulous princes - you do not need! If you needed them, nature would create them for you. But she does not, she creates such men who are more suitable for living in this world and it is with them that you need to get acquainted, and not to wait and not to search for heroes from films and books. In other words - do not be guided by fictitious images - be interested in real relations between a man and a woman, learn more about real men. Communicate with women of the age who have such an experience of personal life that meets your desires in order to adopt it from them. 

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This is a quite useful post

This is a quite useful post here. Travelling with kids is hard, i agree there. They are bored so they try their best to bore you as well. I know a lil trick here. You should try to take an early morning plane or whatever other kind of transport. The night before the tip keep your kids up all night. Have them play, have fun as much as they can. But be strong! No matter how sleepy they are, no matter how well they plea to go to bed - dont let them. Once you hit the plane they will be so exhausted that they will sleep through the whole trip. Nice, isnt it? And you know what, boys, it works!

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Survival a 18 hour flight with the children

I haven't traveled with my child yet because it is too small to my mind. Your recommendations made me frightened and gave me a lot of precious information at the same time. I didn't think about this question before, and for this reason, it was a shock for me to find out so many details about traveling by plane. I think that this question won't bother me at least a couple of years, but now I know that such trips should be planned very carefully. I think that if a family is well-prepared, the flight can be not only without great stress, but it can be even pleasant. Children won't be afraid, if they know what to expect, and they won't naughty if to have a few things to have fun.

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