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To start from the beginning

Change the approach: your new life should not move in the same direction that failed last time. Life consists of trial and error...Maybe certain people or situations weigh you down and were one of the factors that led to failure. Review your relationship and think whether you have problematic friends or acquaintances that prevent you from becoming the person you want. Locate sources of negativity that prevent you realized it, and without remorse get rid of them.Get rid of dependencies in the form of the Internet, television and other things.
First, you will immediately appear a lot of free time to fill with something useful

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To start from the beginning

Hi everyone. And you're a risky guy. It's a very healthy idea to do it all and start life anew. It's a great idea to go to another city, and start all over with a new sheet. But you must understand, then you will change only the situation, and this is not the main thing. You can not escape from yourself. There is even such an expression: Change yourself and your attitude to the world and the world change! But you can try, if you stay the same, then it's unlikely that your life will change.

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