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Spontaneous travel

Good afternoon everyone is not indifferent))) How are you? I want to write about one case and I would like to know what you think about it. I traveled a lot in my time and always tried to plan my trips, and all the necessary fees were brought to me automatically. But one day a friend of mine suggested that I go with him on a business trip to Africa, I was shocked, because he offered me to do it without preparation, he was already assembled, more precisely, all he needed was in his case, and I without any things. But I agreed, I love intrigues. Upon arrival, I realized that the phone was at home))) But I spent those 5 days perfectly, relaxed completely. Did you have such cases of an unplanned trip, and did you forget the necessary things at home ?!

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Spontaneous travel

All good night and good rest, together with me on this site))) I often travel and basically all of my trips are planned and prepared in advance. But there were others I did not know about earlier. They were just spontaneous. And that's what concerns me, then I do not like spontaneous trips. I feel I'm not prepared and I can not control the situation. Especially important is the fact that I travel all the time with my son! And this should be taken into account.

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A lot of people suffer from 

A lot of people suffer from  fatigue, bad sleep, nervous overstrain, stress. Even evening rest in front of the TV, full night's sleep, meetings with relatives and friends in the weekend do not save - all this at one time ceases to charge with energy, does not give the feeling of vivacity and happiness. In such cases, many decide: "We need to completely change the situation, somewhere to go." Psychologists agree with such intentions, claiming that full-scale unloading can only give travel. And regular. That is, if you want to feel comfortable, then plan for yourself a few short trips a year, giving up the usual long vacation.

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