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Sir Elton John breaks silence about his marriage to a woman?

Hi there! What are you doing right now? How are you today? I am fine but a little bit shocked! Did you know that Sir Elton John breaks silence about his marriage to a woman?????? I read about this on this beautiful website I admire Sir Elton John like kind and smart person and like a legend and an artist, but I have never known that he was in marriage with woman! Sound ridiculous because he is one of the million!!!!! But anyway, did you know abut him ? What is your favourite song of this beautiful and gorgeous artist Sir Elton John? Share your thoughts and opinions with me, I will be glad to hear you all!

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Elton John

hello my dear! How are you? I am wonderful. I like Elton John, he is an icon for most of us. He always wasn't afraid of showing his emotions and his life position. he express his identity by songs, clothes and style. I have never heard that he has got a WIFE! It is really exciting news from you. I thought he is dating with some.guy, i don't remember his name, and that they live together for a long time already. I like all his songs, they are about beautiful love in iur lives. What is your favourite singer except Sir Elton?

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Sir Elton John breaks silence about his marriage to a woman?

Well, many gays were or are married to women. The rason of that are different. Some men do not want other people to get to know that they are gays, some married and then understood that they a gays, and there are many reasons of that. sir Elton John does't want to speak about that and its his privat life. He is not obliged to report us. Its his right.

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Sir Elton John breaks silence about his marriage to a woman

Greetings to all my friends and like-minded people. Excellent mood and feel great. About the news about Elton John, I suspected that this is possible, not particularly surprised, it does not spoil his personality and especially his talent. Thanks for the news, I will definitely use the link and read in more detail. I admire this talented person, and I am also fascinated by his work. I like all of his compositions, and when I work at a computer, it happens that I listen to Elton John, this music calms and does not distract me.cheeky

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Sir Elton John breaks silence about his marriage to a woman?

Good night, how are you? Sometimes I can not sleep at night, I wake up and think of myself to do, now I'm on this site))) Relatively recently discovered this news portal, from which you took the news, so I did not know this news. Of course Sir Elton John is a great man, undoubtedly the changes that we have now learned can not affect the attitude towards this talented person. I can not call myself a big fan of his work, but I listen to a few hits periodically. coolwinkPerhaps among you there are absolute fans of Elton John ?!

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I know that in early 1984,

I know that in early 1984, Elton John offered his hand and heart to his sound engineer, strangely enough, a woman - Renate Blauel. The 31-year-old German responded with her consent, and in just a few days, on February 14, a wedding was held in Sydney. After a while in the UK, another ceremony took place, to which the couple invited only close relatives.Idyll lasted only four years, during which the evil tongues were saying that Elton John married only for a divorce. The musician never commented on this.He reported that he was "comfortable being gay." It was also about the AIDS epidemic that killed the lives of gay celebrities like Freddie Mercury and Rock Hudson. The musician expressed extreme surprise that he managed not to become infected with HIV, engaged in unprotected sex.

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As for me i knew about his

As for me i knew about his marrige with woman. it was many years ago .once Sir Elton desperately tried to build a relationship with a woman, sound engineer Renata Blauel, and even married her. The couple became engaged in 1984 in Australia.His memories of the novel with Renata musician shared on the page in Instagram. Now the singer is in Australia, where he came with his shows."Many years ago I chose Australia for my wedding with a beautiful woman, to whom I felt great love and admiration, I most wanted to be a good husband, but I denied who I really was, and it brought my wife sadness and made me feel a lot of guilt and regret, "- wrote Elton John.

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That is why the state adopts

That is why the state adopts various kinds of restrictive laws, the purpose of which is to prevent people from harming themselves. Adult people do not need such laws, they themselves understand what is good and what is bad. But the infantile must be controlled and limited for their own good. After all, why do we control and restrict children so as not to allow them to harm themselves, right? We can not give them full freedom of action, we can not allow them to choose what they will eat, what to do, where to go and with whom to communicate. They have too little knowledge about life and fragile psyche to independently make such decisions, although they certainly need to be accustomed to this. 

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Now let's talk about how to

Now let's talk about how to recognize flattery and how to respond to it competently. Here you need to pay your attention first of all to how you generally treat any praise in your address. It does not matter what you are praised for, and who praises you - if you are very fond of praise, then from flattery you are not protected. You will be flattered, and you will melt, thereby allowing people to control themselves.

And to recognize flattery is not so difficult - if you are praised and extolled, then it always says something. 

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Hi everyone. How are you

Hi everyone. How are you today? We have got some artistic mood in here. What can I say about him, he is a legend. Though back then you couldnt be gay so he had many reasons to hide it. Luckily we live in a slightly better world today. It is not ilegal in most countries to be gay and nobody is gonna kill you for it (except for a few screwed in a head idiots) but still a lot of people are against us for i do not what reason.

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