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Should you go to the University?

yes i think that it is really needed for every person to have the education if he wants to achieve something in life and to be really successful. i think that there are people who can gain everything without the university but there are really very few of the and that is why it is better care about your education and do not waste your time on something that is not very interesting for you. i was studying in the university and i am really happy that i did it , because i got very much from it. everything that i have is thanks to the university.

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Should you go to the University?

As it seems to me, to receive higher education costs. All the same, at least something it gives in terms of broadening the horizon. Today, higher education is just a tick, helping to overcome one of the many filters when you work (without higher education they are taken to work reluctantly or not at all). Higher education does not give anything in terms of employment, no advantages, nothing guarantees. Often, its presence is required even where it is not needed at all (when working as a janitor, for example, when there are a lot of people who want to do it and somehow they need to be filtered). On the other hand, to spend 5 years simply to become a little more erudite, even if you study on a budget and do not pay for tuition?

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hello guys! I am student now and in the same time i work. Yes, it is not easy to mix university and work, but i have to do it for living good. But i know people, who study in university all their lives. They prefer not doing anything and just going to the classes. I think it is waste of the time. Time is priceless and we should do all to get success. I like to study now and to work at the same time. I feel myself adult and that i can do all by myself. But i know person who get success without university and he ia also great man. So it os your choice to study or not to study.

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Should you go to the University?

All greetings. I will answer your question in this way, I did not finish my studies, I just went to university, but I was immediately pulled out of there. My coach considered me a promising sportsman, and told me not to miss my chance to become a champion, and he was right, I became it. Although the university is not finished, and most likely will not finish. But I want my son to get a full education, since he did not go to a big sport and his knowledge is suitable for a successful life and the creation of his own business.

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