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Should you go to the University?

yes i think that it is really needed for every person to have the education if he wants to achieve something in life and to be really successful. i think that there are people who can gain everything without the university but there are really very few of the and that is why it is better care about your education and do not waste your time on something that is not very interesting for you. i was studying in the university and i am really happy that i did it , because i got very much from it. everything that i have is thanks to the university.

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Should you go to the University?

As it seems to me, to receive higher education costs. All the same, at least something it gives in terms of broadening the horizon. Today, higher education is just a tick, helping to overcome one of the many filters when you work (without higher education they are taken to work reluctantly or not at all). Higher education does not give anything in terms of employment, no advantages, nothing guarantees. Often, its presence is required even where it is not needed at all (when working as a janitor, for example, when there are a lot of people who want to do it and somehow they need to be filtered). On the other hand, to spend 5 years simply to become a little more erudite, even if you study on a budget and do not pay for tuition?

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hello guys! I am student now and in the same time i work. Yes, it is not easy to mix university and work, but i have to do it for living good. But i know people, who study in university all their lives. They prefer not doing anything and just going to the classes. I think it is waste of the time. Time is priceless and we should do all to get success. I like to study now and to work at the same time. I feel myself adult and that i can do all by myself. But i know person who get success without university and he ia also great man. So it os your choice to study or not to study.

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Should you go to the University?

All greetings. I will answer your question in this way, I did not finish my studies, I just went to university, but I was immediately pulled out of there. My coach considered me a promising sportsman, and told me not to miss my chance to become a champion, and he was right, I became it. Although the university is not finished, and most likely will not finish. But I want my son to get a full education, since he did not go to a big sport and his knowledge is suitable for a successful life and the creation of his own business.

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Studying is really very

Studying is really very important nowadays. You won't be able to get a good job without a degree. However, a diploma doesn't guarantee that you will find a good job after finishing a university. All depends mostly on your skills and abilities. For instance, it's really very very important to be able to communicate with people correctly. I mean you have to know how to treat clients and speak with your boss and collegues. Of course, it's really important to be able to manage your time correctly. Private companies often like to pile their staff wiyth various job duties. Unfortunately, all these things aren't taught at the university. I think getting a diploma and going in for various courses is the best combination that can you help to find a good job.

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you will be more literate,

you will be more literate, erudite. Some people even try to get not one, but several diplomas, because they stimulate the development of the personality, develop a certain level of thinking and improve their life position.

The prestige of a higher educational institution is worth something too. To be graduated from the famous, the famous higher educational institutions – sounds good! And from a purely psychological point of view to look for a job with such a diploma is easier. But on secondary vocational education should not be forgotten, because it was one of the first steps in the "big" and independent life.

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Getting higher education is

Getting higher education is one of the main stages in a person's life. Few such activities, for which people spend five years of life, in many ways denying themselves. And the fact is that building a good career without getting higher education is almost impossible. In addition, education instills not only skills and knowledge, but also promotes personal development. There is even one wise proverb: "A person can be born only in the process of communicating with other personalities." Even if the process of teaching a person is not inspiring, he still has to constantly face various problems and solve them together with his colleagues. Participating in such public events, a person improves his own character, and this is the platform for a successful life in the future. By and large, you can study all your life, you can even say that a person must constantly be in the process of learning. Meanwhile, it is in the process of obtaining higher education that basic values ​​are laid in the person, life goals are formed.

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The first thing I would like

The first thing I would like to draw attention to. You fly on the plane, knowing that the main pilot did not study in the flying school, but flew a thousand hours on the game simulator? You entrust the operation to a person who did not read the anatomy, but condemns, but is 100% sure that you need to cut it around here? You trust to defend yourself in court to a person who did not study at a law academy, but read at home 3 books on jurisprudence?Probably not. But, if you have a cold, then probably the advice of the pharmacist will be enough for you, and to understand the general principle of the work of a simplified taxation system, you will have enough advice from an "advanced" non-professional or a trainee lawyer.

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Mark Zuckerberg never dropped

Mark Zuckerberg never dropped out of school, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and others. All of them gave up systemic (classical) education in favor of self-education and very hard work. And 17-year-old I did not realize it at all. I hung about in illusions about the ease and steepness of entrepreneurship, about the uselessness of education (education, not diploma), I wanted to go against the system and become a millionaire in 20 years. But, as it is not trite, not every person is an entrepreneur. The essence of entrepreneurship is to not only generate cool ideas, but also be able to implement them, and thus be able to take serious risks. Refusal of classical education is one of such risks. A feature of people like Mark Zuckerberg is that their self-education and talent allowed them to quickly get a cool result, which led them out of the classical system of determining the value of cadres.

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Therefore, be adults, learn

Therefore, be adults, learn this lesson here and now, forgive all in advance for their betrayal of you, not necessarily it happened, maybe it will, maybe not, but you should be grateful to life for not depriving you of a choice in this of the situation. This choice is your attitude towards those who betrayed you or maybe betrayed, so be easy, not for others, for yourself. Therefore, having forgiven everyone for their naturalness, in which they can betray you, leave and for themselves the opportunity to respond adequately to this treachery, leave behind it also the opportunity to betray yourself, you are also a person, the same as others.

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