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sense of life

Hello. You certainly excuse me, man, but now you are talking just like the characters in the movie The Secret. The meaning of life is certainly not in life itself. I believe that every person is able to leave after themselves some usefulness for the development of the next generation. The point is also to learn how to live in peace, to get rid of violence and people who are in charge of it. Get rid of social and material inequalities and live long without disease. I believe that this is possible and I strive for such a life. Therefore, self-development is so important for every person.

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sense of life

Why am I Here? What is the meaning of life? What should I do with my life? These are questions that everyone asks themselves at one time or another, but the answers are often fleeting or misguided. Here is a brief introduction to the meaning of Life. Find out how inquisitive and trusting you are. Many people find religious belief systems more than adequate to fill their lives with meaning. Being a "True Believer", however, will only result in giving up your identity for the identity of the collective. Conflicts and mid-life crises inevitably arise when the adopted concept of self conflicts with the true self. If you are inquisitive and trusting of your own intelligence, the first step is to find your true self. Self revelation is not for the squeamish. Take the time to let go of societal and personal preconceptions, letting your identity emerge without construct.

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 i am really suprised that

 i am really suprised that still nobody answered... :unsure: I think everyone thinks about sense of his life at least once in his life, but most of people think about it from time to time...
As for me, being an introvert, i often think about my life and what gives me sense in it. I can truly say that i happened to learn a lot of difficulties in my life and they made me to value what i can. So, i can say now what are the reasons for me that give me this wonderful feeling - when you want to live. For me, my sense of life is family and my beloved husband, i can not even imagine my life without him, he is my support, my help, my pride and another thing that is very important for me is having a kid. I think only kids give up real sense of life, their smiles and their achievements 

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you will be probably highly

you will be probably highly surprised to hear that I am asking the same question all the time and it makes me go just crazy every time when I realise that I can not give it the normal and more or less full answer... But despite this struggle, I have the idea too.. 

We are inclined ti give up on things, we can not understand and used to say "no"... But the truth is - the universe does not know the word "no" to any question, over time, it will be given a clear, precise and unequivocal answer. The needed time for the response depends on the willingness of the questioner and the actual needs of the answer. And the reality is the same for the universe, but totally different for each of us.

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Appreciate the great things

Appreciate the great things and wonderful people who have found their way into your life. "Sometimes we just do not understand how many things other people do for us - until they stop doing it. Do not bring them to this.

Be grateful for what you have, be grateful to those who love you and care about you. Otherwise, you will understand how much these people meant to you, only when they are no longer there. Appreciate those who treat you well, and people will reach out to you. Appreciate life, and soon you will realize that you are living truly.

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i think that sense of life is

i think that sense of life is for every person in something different. nd i can not give this answer in general, because it definitely depends on the person.
but i can tell you what is the most important for, i can call it my sense of life, but i thin that it may change in some time. i want to live my life in such a way that i will never regret in anything i have done or i have not done.

i do not want to think about tomorrow. just live today, at this very moment and of course enjoy my life.

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But this must be abandoned.

But this must be abandoned. You need to be able to change values, revise them, rethink them. I understand that there are things that are very difficult to replace or not at all possible - close people, some own shortcomings that one has to put up with, the place of life to which a person is accustomed, the things that he is used to doing.

But it's not necessary to change everything. Sometimes it is enough to make just one change in your life, in order to radically change it, making yourself less dependent on something or someone. 

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That, in fact, and all that

That, in fact, and all that you need to get rid of laziness. The logic is very simple - we defeat one instinct with the help of other instincts, or rather, we replace the work of one instinct, the work of other instincts. After all, it is instincts that control our behavior, and our brains are engaged in their maintenance. And in this case, our brain must choose such instincts that it will serve primarily and to a greater extent, and these instincts will eclipse all other instincts, in particular, the instinct of laziness. When you ignite the great idea, for which you can not only expend your energy, wear out your body, but give life too, then laziness will recede, it will simply be suppressed by your determination and obsession.

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Therefore, if you are not

Therefore, if you are not comfortable with a certain person, this is an excuse to ask: why do you need it to communicate with it? And put an even more important question to yourself: why do you need it to communicate with you, pay attention to you and do something for you? These questions will become for you the beginning of the recognition of provocation.
There is a truth and such when with the provoker to you it becomes very well, freely and easily. This happens when you are provoked through positive thoughts and feelings. 

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In general, the nervousness

In general, the nervousness of a person is just related to his inability to influence the situation, or rather with a lack of understanding of how this can be done. The past is gone, the scene that was played remains in history, but the new one may be what we want to do, but the last is remembered, as you know. However, those who are stuck in the past, with all their senses, who have seized the film and constantly shows the same moment, do not understand the senselessness of such a perception of the past, they will watch the same scene with the hope of finally seeing the other end.


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