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hi there) i also want to take

hi there) i also want to take part in this conversation and tell my personal opinion. Developing yourself is really a hard job , but you need to do it all the time up to the moment of death. I started my way from reading books. Sounds really simple, but it works. Books give the meal for your brain and develop your ability to dream and analyse. The second step was the seminars and meeting with famous coach-trainers and just interesting people. I still look for the other methods of self development

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so for starters - what is the self-development for you personally?! do you see that this is the really inevitable thing in the life for you..? or what is this? well, if to ask me, I will surely say that it means a lot to me and actually takes the huge role of the whole life,.. and to tell the truth, I will also tell you that the intelligent person is literally always in the process of looking for something additional and of course, it is more about the possibility of having the better way to the goal rather than the ability to have the more or less precise possibility here... be more educated, be interested and curious - and you will explore the new world...

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Hello friends. Wow you asked a question. I mean that the answer to it is obvious and not otherwise than that we must necessarily engage in self-development. How, without it, is degradation and end !? For me, self-development, this is an integral part of everyday life. I teach this to my son. Read useful 15-minute literature, teach something new, new skill, watch a useful film or video, eventually do something useful. You need to keep your brain activated.

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At some point, everyone wants to improve or change things in their lives. A personal development plan can help you reach the goals you have been dreaming about. Whether you want to take on new challenges, enhance your work performance or change unhealthy habits, creating a personal development plan is a great way to ensure success. Decide what you want to change[1]. Get a fresh piece of paper, or start a new journal. Jot down notes on the areas of your life that aren’t working well for you. Some experts believe it is better to focus on one goal at a time to stay focused, however, you may feel like tackling several goals at once. Pinpoint specific areas in your life that have burdened you for months, or years. For example, if you smoke, now might be the time to make that goal to quit!  

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