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i agree that this is a good

i agree that this is a good theme, but to tell the truth i did not think about it when my daughter went to school. now she is twelve and she likes her school. my daughter does to public school and i think that this sort of school is a good variant for everybody. now education is one of the important things in our life and i think that every school, privat or public, is perfect. as for privat schools there is more order, you can be sure of the safety of children.  there is a guard, strictly follow the order, the behavior of the students. The gym is equipped with simulators, many elective classes, a large selection of circles and sections, additional items, quality food, etc. The child is constantly under the supervision of teachers.

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almost all parents, whose

almost all parents, whose children study in private schools, say that the child becomes more relaxed and relaxed. He knows that he can always prove his case: the door to the director's office is open for him, the student will be accepted, they will talk to him, they will solve all problems, and often - in his favor. In the state school it is impossible to go with a claim to the director's office, which sometimes does not even know the name of the student. And, unfortunately, in the school, the child will almost always be wrong only because he is a student, and his offender is a teacher. In private schools, an average of 10-12 students are enrolled in classes, whereas classes in many ordinary schools are overcrowded.And, nevertheless, not everything in private schools is as good as many people think. Advertising promises a fairytale education in fairy-tale conditions, but in reality you do not get even half.

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 that is the real help and

 that is the real help and friendship here I least I take it like this for sure...

By the way, my baby it soo little for the school...I hope tat I will manage to sign up my kid for the kindergarden..and only after a few years, probably, I will think about the school...but speaking from my personal experience, I have been to the public school and nothing wrong has happened..! Like, what I am leading to id that I was a real diligent student, and having good marks was not te big trouble for me at all..!

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 This also applies to

 This also applies to education. Many parents believe that the more money is invested in the education of a child, the more educated he will become and can easily enter any university. Therefore, you need to choose the best educational institution.

For example, a prestigious and necessarily expensive lyceum, a private school or, in extreme cases, a gymnasium. What is better to choose for a child? It depends on what kind of education the child wants to receive and, importantly, what your financial capabilities are. Of all educational institutions, only the public school is free.

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If you constantly perceive

If you constantly perceive yourself as a martyr, you suffer, then you lose your power and self-esteem in the upbringing of the child. Do not take yourself as a victim. Learn to rejoice and enjoy your own victories.
If you need to be firm in any situation, then show hardness without involving emotion. If you restrict the child to anything, show kindness. Be very consistent in order for the child to understand what is required of him.
When you lose your temper and lose control over your emotions, you lose your parenting experience. Anger and anger are poorly displayed on the child.

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A condition that is

A condition that is significant for a child of any age, but especially for a junior high school student, is that there should be very clear, reasonable and understandable rules of conduct and discipline in the school. If pupils are rushing along the corridors as rabid, pushing, hurting than horrible and no one is following it, then such a "democracy" can be dangerous for the baby both physically and psychologically.The child should feel protected, should be sure that if something happens, it will immediately notice and take action. And if in high school children can complain to parents or somehow protect themselves, in the younger they are often afraid of a lot, they begin to feel helpless.

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Lightness determines the

Lightness determines the quality of their life, not its beauty. But in giving itself to the child, parents will receive a great pleasure from life, which can not be compared with anything. But this is if they are adults. And if they are children themselves, then, of course, they lose - they lose their carefree, easy, children's life, in which everything can be done until they get bored. Infantile way of life - this is not a personal life - it's a child's personal life. The same can be said about work. Infantile people can not get pleasure from it, because it's hard to work. And an adult person seeks to realize himself through work, through a favorite thing. He builds a career, business, is engaged in art or scientific activities to take place in this life. And this brings him great pleasure, much more than the one that infantile gets from primitive things.

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Of course, an intelligent

Of course, an intelligent reader will say that it is difficult for a person to distinguish between "his" and "not his", for sometimes it is simply impossible to understand the nature of his desires, because every desire has a certain external make-up, unless it is about instincts that are independent of the environment call us to certain actions that we need to perform for self-preservation and self-realization. But instincts can also react to external stimuli, they can be manipulated. All this, but we need to strive to feel and, if possible, understand what benefits we can get if we motivate ourselves in a certain way, regardless of the extent to which this motivation will be related to external or internal factors. 

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What is the point of being

What is the point of being jealous of someone who has already deceived and deceives you, you need to determine how to live further - with this man or without him. I believe that a woman, if she loves and respects herself, does not need to doubt herself and her abilities. 

If she knows for sure that a man betrayed her, and if she does not want to live with a traitor, suppressing her pride, she needs to look for a replacement. Have respect for yourself, dear women, appreciate yourself, and then not you, but you will be jealous.

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Many psychologists advise

Many psychologists advise forgiving their enemies, debtors, abusers, thereby saving a person from the burden on the soul, and it really works, a person really becomes easier. But this does not happen because he did something great, forgiving everyone, no, he just stopped looking for an opportunity to take revenge or return his money.
A person experiences anxiety not because he was offended, deceived or humiliated, but because he does not see an opportunity to get even for this, and also because his mind is nailed to the moment when he was ill. 

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