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i agree that this is a good

i agree that this is a good theme, but to tell the truth i did not think about it when my daughter went to school. now she is twelve and she likes her school. my daughter does to public school and i think that this sort of school is a good variant for everybody. now education is one of the important things in our life and i think that every school, privat or public, is perfect. as for privat schools there is more order, you can be sure of the safety of children.  there is a guard, strictly follow the order, the behavior of the students. The gym is equipped with simulators, many elective classes, a large selection of circles and sections, additional items, quality food, etc. The child is constantly under the supervision of teachers.

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almost all parents, whose

almost all parents, whose children study in private schools, say that the child becomes more relaxed and relaxed. He knows that he can always prove his case: the door to the director's office is open for him, the student will be accepted, they will talk to him, they will solve all problems, and often - in his favor. In the state school it is impossible to go with a claim to the director's office, which sometimes does not even know the name of the student. And, unfortunately, in the school, the child will almost always be wrong only because he is a student, and his offender is a teacher. In private schools, an average of 10-12 students are enrolled in classes, whereas classes in many ordinary schools are overcrowded.And, nevertheless, not everything in private schools is as good as many people think. Advertising promises a fairytale education in fairy-tale conditions, but in reality you do not get even half.

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 that is the real help and

 that is the real help and friendship here I least I take it like this for sure...

By the way, my baby it soo little for the school...I hope tat I will manage to sign up my kid for the kindergarden..and only after a few years, probably, I will think about the school...but speaking from my personal experience, I have been to the public school and nothing wrong has happened..! Like, what I am leading to id that I was a real diligent student, and having good marks was not te big trouble for me at all..!

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