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Good time of the day, dear readers! Nice to have a chance to ask you some piece of advice. Well, my main hesitation is about the future of my child. In fact, I have a question: what school is better for a kid? Public or private school? Maybe someone has already gone through this stage and managed to make a good decision?! I just really doubt about it all oly because I am afraid to become not a goof father fro my child...frown I honestly hope that you my dear friend, will understand and support me... Huh?!  In my point of view this is a good theme to consider...! Really rely on your  advices, guys! 

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Heey my greetings to you too Marcus... what a pleasure to be here you know...! that is the real help and friendship here I least I take it like this for sure... By the way, my baby it soo little for the school...I hope tat I will manage to sign up my kid for the kindergarden..and only after a few years, probably, I will think about the school...but speaking from my personal experience, I have been to the public school and nothing wrong has happened..! Like, what I am leading to id that I was a real diligent student, and having good marks was not te big trouble for me at all..!

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My greetings...! Happy to see you all here, guys and of course, there is nothing wrong to ask different questions here and look for the advice... I would like to help you my dear friend, but the thing is that I do not have any possibilities to share any kind of personal experience and all because of the lack of the experience...yeah you might get it right that I do nor have kids at all, thus have never had the same question regarding schools in my head..cheeky. but I remember that I was attending the private school and of course back to that time I was ot able to deside what is beter for me.

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Good vibes to all people here wink well, I see that you, Marcus, is really very into this theme, is it so?! did I get it right that you still do not have children, but really willing to have them and build just an incredible plan for the upbringing process...?! that is nice, I am not joking at your desire, no way! I just adore it...anyway, if to speak about the school, well, I have been attending the public school and managed to become a normal guy, pretty intelligent and nothing wrong has happened to me at this point, I am not going toexplainn you m position any is clear! 

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i do not know but i think

i do not know but i think that  you shall not think about it now and i think that  you understand it, it is too early and  you cause some not needed problems for yourself. of course  you shall understand that it is an important question but you know at the same time you shall realise that  you need to choose the best school for your child, i think that  you want  your child to have the best education and that is why it is the thing that really matters, but at the same time i think that  you shall not make your child suffer  because of it, of course all parents want their children to be well-educated and intelligent but do not do it at the expense of other things, i think that you know what i am talking about.  thank you for your attention,

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Good time of the day, my greetings to all of you here, guys.. to be honest, I see no need to be called out, but, as for the sake of supporting ou - why not?! Okay, so if to speak about the possibility of being not that happy by letting the kind into the public school - you are right, t goes without saying that you will have the problem there... more to say, the regular public school is not able to give as much positive information as it is possible, is stands far away from the private school, where you will be safe and will not have the slightest hesitation on what your child is doing there..!

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I think to correctly choose a

I think to correctly choose a school for a baby and after several years not to think about changing the place of training, it is necessary to take into account his interests and inclinations. A school with a mathematical bias is suitable for a child who is well versed in numbers. Those active children should choose a school with an emphasis on sport school. Children without logopedic problems, with a well-developed speech, will feel better in educational institutions with an emphasis on learning foreign languages. So parents should take a closer look at their child.coolcool

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hello my dear! educational topic is always hard for parents and future parents. you have fears that your child will be bullied by other pupils. private or public school? hm, it is complicated question. i think in public school educational system is not so perfect as in private. because all good teeachers go to the private, where they will get more money for their work. in private school rules are more strict, so teachers and pupils will try to do their best. (but of course there are exceptions). in private school you will spend much more money than in public (for different repairs, new desks, black-boards). of course, it is very good, when your child study in the school with new desks, books, and fresh repair. i haven't got child yet and i don't think about it yet. but this thoughts are already in my mind. i share my thoughts with you. maybe they will help you, maybe not. i hope you will choose right way and your child will be happy ;)

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Every good parent tries to give his child all the best. This also applies to education. Many parents believe that the more money is invested in the education of a child, the more educated he will become and can easily enter any university. Therefore, you need to choose the best educational institution. For example, a prestigious and necessarily expensive lyceum, a private school or, in extreme cases, a gymnasium. What is better to choose for a child? It depends on what kind of education the child wants to receive and, importantly, what your financial capabilities are. Of all educational institutions, only the public school is free.

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Maurizio San
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All salute) Wow, I have not yet got a child, but here it is necessary to give it to the school for training)))) But I can only write my assumption about the future of my unborn child. I have nothing against public education, but still I would most likely prefer a private school, for good reason I worked all this time, I'll give the child a chance to get a good education and the knowledge necessary for him in life. In public schools do not give so much time to each child and a set of subjects for studying such that a large half is not useful in life))) indecisionThat's my opinion.

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Hello. As for the school, with this question, it seems to me that everything is a bit complicated for us. With my way of life, with constant movements around the world, it's hard to imagine how my child will study at a public school. Therefore, my child studies in private schools and plus private teachers work with him. This is absolutely not cheap training, but so far I can afford to spend such money on education I will do it. I am completely satisfied with the result.smiley

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