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Same-sex marriages in Panama

"Same-sex marriage could be coming to Panama" - and with these words I have my day started..yes Have found this interesting news here on the website - and was amused by it..! as a matter of fact,  local LGBT activists are currently fighting for it in the Supreme Court of Justice. So, basically, it is not done, the process of standing for the reform is still going on, but we all have the hope that it will be dome soon..Homosexuality was decriminalized in Panama in 2008, so it is the high time for the government to go further and give the marriage equality finally!

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  Good time of the day, that

  Good time of the day, that is always a pleasure for me to start the new day with the good portion of news, especially such good ones.! Have heard today the same information - local LGBT community's presenters are currently fighting for the same-sex marriages in Panama in the Supreme Court of Justiceyes damn, I am so excited to realise that this is not over and that here is the plenty of stuff we, all LGBT community of the globe, have to make happen, that the amount of it is just super crazy...that is why in my personal point of view, I totally agree that we have to move forward...only!!!

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Same-sex marriages in Panama

My best regards to all of you, guys ...everyone who is interested in the following of the latest news from the LGBT community's world position - just suggest to have a serious look at the link - so this is the genuine website of the news portal, where is it likely to read similar articles about the reforms and political discussions, issues.. have you known that homosexuality was decriminalized in Panama in 2008?! A long time ago, thus, I am sure that it is the high time for the local community to stand for the marriage equality..! Good job, guys.. feel honestly proud of you all...

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Same-sex marriages in Panama

Good time of the day. happy to see all of you here as always... well, let's have a talk..! I had no idea that this day going to come so quickly...and by using the word "quickly" I mean only the possibility to count that i the contemporary word we are moving pretty slowly and all of it because of the indifferent government, not to mention the indifferent society here... it is a pity that i have not found the article, maybe I should start to attend the news portal more often, what will you say..?! wink sincerely excited ad happy for Panama's habitants..

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Same-sex marriages in Panama

Good early morning, all guests of the portal we are chilling in and having always nice conversation... as for the latest news from Panama - I have heard about it..! Finally they did it, it is just literally unbelievable, guys... for your information, homosexuality was decriminalized in Panama in 2008, how many years ago, and still, the marriage equality we have only ow.. but, nevertheless, we have it already and there is just no other way for all of us to see something else... therefore, I will be talking about the last politicians news from all over the world here on the news portal, guys...

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Same-sex marriages in Panama

All greetings and a good day. I am amazed by the thought that more and more gays legalize same-sex marriage, perhaps in the future no one will be up to who you are, gay or heterosexual or even transsexual ... Although most likely there will always be those who will care. I'm an idle guy, I did not marry and do not want to do it, once I was very disappointed in one person I loved, and after that I did not want to marry a bit. But I'm still glad that this will be possible for the inhabitants of Panama.yes

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It is very good news and i

It is very good news and i want to say that in many countries, marriage is a lot of social bonuses, and its absence - on the contrary. For example, one of the partners may not be allowed to another or his child in the hospital, moreover, a formally "alien" person does not even have the right to receive information about the health of his partner in the event of an emergency. Partners are not protected by the right not to testify against their spouse, not to mention the painful issue of custody of children. For example, according to Russian legislation, only one partner in a homosexual couple can be considered as a parent, so the second social parent does not have the same rights and obligations in the matter of raising a common child by law. Moreover, in the event of the death of the official parent, his partner will lose to the relatives of the deceased in the issue of custody.

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