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A right to marry

My greetings, dear readers...! And today I came up with the outstanding news... I am not sure, whether you have read it already, but I just could not be silent and decided to create the post about it. The first of March is the outstanding date in the history of Finland. From that day the law, according to which same-sex marriages are legally recognized, is taken into action. Thus there is one more country having marriage equality officially..! How incredible is this, guys?! I still can not believe it and just feel so happy... What are your feelings and thoughts about it?! Please, share.... 

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A right to marry

Good evening, Marcus.. .of course, it goes without saying, you have the right to post the latest news here on the website, and in my point of view, it is better to share than not to. Becuase, in my case, despite the habit to read posts on the website - every other day, I still have missed this one! and that was actually from the essentials... okay, so, what is in your opinion is more important? I agree that it is definitely the huge step forward and this is a "plus one" country to the general list of all countries, where the marriage equality is a common thing.  

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A right to marry

Good afternoon everyone...what n extremely interesting theme...! thank you for posting it here of course.. .I like reading fresh news, but you know, sometimes when you have a huge amount of work you ca just simply forget to take the minute or two and read freshly posted news from the LGBT community...Big event indeed! The first of March is the outstanding date for now on.. And now the law of the Finland, according to which same-sex marriages are legally recognized, is taken into action and we have the expansion of rights for homosexually oriented people..what a pleasure guys..just happy.

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A right to marry

Yeeeah, happy for the Finland country..! that is incredible news, guys, I am so happy... because, from my personal point of view, that means that finally we have some real progress, and definitely will have more and more in te future...the tendency is pretty interesting..nowadays I started to notice that the society is paying more and more attention to the theme of LGBT community and rights of gay couples, so I see a big progress in "our" field, do not you think so..?! Anyway, was glad to receive such interesting news and have the opportunity to discuss them a little bit...

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well yes i have read about it

well yes i have read about it on the other website and i think that it is really very good and i  can tell you that i am only happy for them. you know i was not really interested in it because i am not from Finland and it is not about me, but you know of course it is very good that you have written here about it and now we know all about that, i think that it would be also great for me to read the whole article because you know sometimes i seem to be really very far from everything that goes around me. i do not know a lot what is happening in our community around the world but i think that all of us shall know it. and it is very good that  our people have gained their rights in the other country as well.

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A right to marry

Godo time of the day, dear people ... speaking about the possibility to go and see all of the pleasure of being interested in the news of the LGBT world I will tell you one thing for sure - you have to check them out right here, and nowhere else - enlightened yeah, is not it amazing?! I am proud and happy and overwhelmed by the excitement...The first of March is the outstanding date in the history of Finland and this is the exact day when the marriage equality is taken in the legal action...ohh, but how many other countries are waiting for the same reform..?! There is just enormous amount of such...

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A right to marry

Hello to all the guys. Thanks to such guys as Marcus, for introducing us other users and visitors of this site to the course of news and events happening in the world concerning LGBT people. I honestly did not hear such news, I do not have much time in my life for any business except training, I freely give my son training, I thank him again for the information. Maybe I'll read news from the news site you wrote about from time to time. In any case, I am glad that more and more countries are legalizing same-sex marriages.yessmiley

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it is an interesting

it is an interesting information for me. I am not a finn but i am so happy for fays from Finland. it will be great if every country will has such right. we live in a modern world and it ia hard to realize that some people do not understand us and think that we are perverts. it is unfair. i am a gay and i do not have people i can talk about this. nobody knows that i do not like girls. of course i have a girl but i do not like her. it s hard. in my country people hate the likes of me. moreover my family does not like gays. it is good that they do not know that i am gay. they will kill me. i am so afraid of it. so i hope that very soon it becomes normal to be a gay in my country. and i will live a normal life with my lovely man.

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I think that gays and

I think that gays and lesbians should have the same fundamental rights as heterosexuals (unlike common misconceptions, they do not require any special rights for themselves), including the right to legalize their relationship. The popular position "we recognize you and do not touch, do what you want behind closed doors" - in fact a hypocritical half-measure on the observance of human rights. However, marriage does not only have an ethical but also a legal side. The absence of a marriage certificate can create the same difficulties for same-sex couples as heterosexual couples, but they do not have the opportunity to solve them by legitimizing their relationship. The main problem remains that partners who are not married are not considered family members from the point of view of the law and subjects of family legal relations.

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I think it's really great

I think it's really great that more and more countries in the world give LGBT couples an opportunity to create real families and don't hide their relationships from others. For me, it's a very positive sign. It means that our human society becomes better and better. I think LGBT couples existed in all times, and it's great that finally people start to confess their existance and give people with untraditional orientation an opportunity to be happy with their beloved! I'm really happy about this, and hope that I would find my beloved too and we would also marry one day...

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Signs of the seriousness of

Signs of the seriousness of the relationship for each their own - someone determines this by the duration of the relationship, someone judges the seriousness of having or not having sex in them, someone is considering getting to know relatives or living together as a sure sign of a serious relationship.

 But one can hardly argue with the fact that a serious relationship is a relationship based on mutual understanding, common values ​​and interests, a sense of stability and reliability.

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