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To rejoice with small things

you have asked an absolutely amazing question! wondering the same thing!
i am very pragmatic about things in my life. i don't believe in god or things like that( did not want to insult religious people in anyway). my life is home - work - gym - home. rarely, even very rarely i can visit my friends. and i have lots of friends who live like that too. i mean - what is wrong with us people? when did we begin to be so frustrated about live? i remember my grandmother telling me about her tought childhood durind the Second World War. those were hard times! not now! but you know what? they were happy. they were happy because their husbands, wifes, sons and daughters were alive. because they had things to eat and place to live. so maybe we should follow them and just be happy with the things we have. that is all

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To rejoice with small things

i think that you do not have to pay attention to small bad things that are happening in you life. and even if you do it then you have to transform everything bad in your life into the good. you have to improve your mindfulness. forget about the past, about the future and concentrate on what is going now. you have to think positively and then you will not notice anything bad in your life even if it wont be small. everything that is done, is done to the best. you have to remember it.

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To rejoice with small things

The ability to enjoy the little things and get pleasure from life depends largely on the availability of such hormones as dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and endorphins. The pattern is, the more the body produces these hormones, the greater one's happiness. But the level of hormones depends on the attitude to life, way of thinking and seeing the world. The habit to celebrate every little able to increase these hormones literally in two. You must cultivate the habit of finding in each situation, something good and positive, even if this situation is very unpleasant. Positive thinking will help you to enjoy the little things and support your body in great shape. If you can cultivate these traits, we feel you will be a hundred percent, you will be successful, and full of vital energy. :silly: :silly:

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To rejoice with small things

Real life is hard work. It is full of ups and downs, and sometimes the downs are really down. Even when life is up we are good at filling it with worries and anxieties about the fact that it might not stay that way for long, and that a down might be just around the corner. But people are such creatures that they can handle every single situation. Weird but true. We should not think about bad things happening in our lives. Enough of them around. We should stop and think about the things that make us really happy and you will be surprised that those things are so simple!

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To rejoice with small things

Hello everyone, my dear friends. Enjoying and enjoying simple things in life is one of my rules. Because they make us happier, as I believe. I like to do small surprises and enjoy myself from the little unexpected trifles that fate itself brings to me. I can enjoy every detail, I do not understand how some people do not notice them and understand this as a matter of course. After all, then people can only notice the bad, and they think that nothing good has happened to them, because they can not enjoy all sorts of trifles.

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it happens that we do not

it happens that we do not notice the simple and pleasant things of life, how to learn to enjoy small things and have fun? The human body is very complex mechanism. If somewhere there is a failure, then a case the whole system suffers. The work of thyroid, greatly affects the health and well-being. This is a kind of our sentiment indicator, well-being and sexual desire. We are very much dependent on it, and if it is not in order to learn to enjoy small things we do not like will not work. But if you look on the other hand, it completely depends on us, if we are not able to enjoy small things, melancholy soul, constantly experiencing conflicts and look at things pessimistically, in this case, our gland jeopardy.

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Very interesting. Do not be

Very interesting. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. To make mistakes - it's okay! If a person does not make mistakes, he will never gain experience. Many continue to work in the places from which it is high time it would leave.

Remain in a relationship that does not bring happiness and satisfaction to either party. Once again, try to do the same action and constantly stumble upon a negative result. The reason for all the fear! Fear of making a mistake. Fear of being alone. The fear to lose something. Although this "something" is only an illusion and self-deception. We have to try and not afraid to do it.

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 Most people in the world don

 Most people in the world don't notice small things that can give them much pleasure and happiness in life. Life is made up of little things, so enjoying them for all their worth is bound to make for a more pleasant life.
For example, in the morning, I got used to have a cup of coffee, and i sip it slowly to enjoy it fully. I often read some pages of the book i started to read recently. I might watch the sun come up, and marvel at the world in pastel hues.
For breakfast, I always put berries on my cereal and I just love eating fresh berries. I enjoy each one, closing my eyes. In the shower, I also close my eyes, enjoying cool water run over me and i imagine that I live on a tropical island and stay under the rainfall.

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And in order to cope with it,

And in order to cope with it, you need to perform actions without thinking about results. And in most cases they are striking! So, what are you afraid of, in fact it was just a figment of your imagination.

Even if you make a mistake - this is the perfect excuse not to repeat it again. After all, you can live all your life with the knowledge that you did not dare to much just because of fear to make a mistake ... And I think that our fear can create problems that prevent us from enjoying this world completely. We should try not to think about bad things, and pay attention to all positive.

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Some people start to seek

Some people start to seek wisdom only after they face negative shocks in their lives. Strong shocks often force people to rethink their lives and find new values ​​in it. But what is important is not what will cause in a person the desire to become wise, it is much more important that, having taken the path of a sage, a person will make the first and most important step in the direction of wisdom. He realizes the highest value in this life that he wants to possess. In wisdom, one must fall in love to start actively striving for it. After all, this path is endless, it can go forever. But to him who chooses it for himself, life will go to meet and will help in every possible way. For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and shall increase, and whosoever hath not, that which he hath shall be taken from him.

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