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Rather intimate situation

hello guys! hygiene of back pass: after each act of defecation it is necessary to wash away the remains a calla from skin around back pass. it is obligatory to wash away follows without soap, and obligatory a cold water (but at the end – to include warm). such contrast shower, first, promotes inflow of blood to anus skin that improves blood supply and healing of wounds. secondly, warm water won't allow to cool too strongly a crotch at the end that is quite dangerous in the winter. physical activity stimulates blood circulation, and reduces feeling of an itch. the anal area in this case becomes less angry as muscles of buttocks actively work during movements. run is especially useful. but if there is no such opportunity, it is possible just to do squats, push-ups. hope you will get better soon.

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Rather intimate situation

Hello friends. That's because of the fact that such situations can happen, I do not welcome wild sex and sex in unusual places as they say in a quick way. And when you say that it does not matter what you have for a bacterium or what to attack ... it is important, my dear and not a clever friend. Now, for sure, you will already be thinking before you have sex with strangers. At least it was protected. Now only go to the doctor and do not be shy, they also know the situation better, and heard and seen, believe me. Otherwise, everything can end badly. Do not delay this case.

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