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Rather intimate situation

hello guys! hygiene of back pass: after each act of defecation it is necessary to wash away the remains a calla from skin around back pass. it is obligatory to wash away follows without soap, and obligatory a cold water (but at the end – to include warm). such contrast shower, first, promotes inflow of blood to anus skin that improves blood supply and healing of wounds. secondly, warm water won't allow to cool too strongly a crotch at the end that is quite dangerous in the winter. physical activity stimulates blood circulation, and reduces feeling of an itch. the anal area in this case becomes less angry as muscles of buttocks actively work during movements. run is especially useful. but if there is no such opportunity, it is possible just to do squats, push-ups. hope you will get better soon.

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Rather intimate situation

Hello friends. That's because of the fact that such situations can happen, I do not welcome wild sex and sex in unusual places as they say in a quick way. And when you say that it does not matter what you have for a bacterium or what to attack ... it is important, my dear and not a clever friend. Now, for sure, you will already be thinking before you have sex with strangers. At least it was protected. Now only go to the doctor and do not be shy, they also know the situation better, and heard and seen, believe me. Otherwise, everything can end badly. Do not delay this case.

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I think these questions worry

I think these questions worry everyone who has children. Very often in relationships with children we feel their affection and love, but we do not see respect for ourselves.

We all subconsciously understand the difference between love and respect, although it is difficult to explain it in words.

I would like to start with the fact that children are our mirrors, whether we want to admit it or not, but it is so. And if our children treat us disrespectfully, disparagingly and stop caring about us, it's only because we once treated them exactly the same way.

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You know never use cornstarch

You know never use cornstarch on the affected area, as it may worsen the skin infection. Manage stress. This will help overcome anal itching. Try these home treatment measures for the following causes of anal itching: Poor hygiene.

Clean the area gently with water-moistened cotton balls, a warm washcloth, or premoistened towelettes, such as Tucks or "baby wipes." A mild ointment, such as A+D Ointment or Desitin, can be applied lightly to help soothe the skin and protect it against further irritation. Scented or colored toilet paper or scented soaps, lotions, or creams. Buy white, unscented toilet paper.

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A truly grown-up person does

A truly grown-up person does not want to condemn a loved one or a loved one to suffering and create conditions that will be limited by something. For example, a small family budget, lack of housing and so on.
The most suitable age for a serious relationship, when the most frequently created pairs are 23-28 years old. But out of 10 pairs, one or two relationships continue. If you take into account the psychology of development of men and women, then this is the best age for marriage, because. Both are young, but they have already decided on their views on life.

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The height of the Mauna Kea

The height of the Mauna Kea volcano above sea level is 4 205 meters, but most of it is hidden under water. The total height of this peak, located in the Hawaiian Islands, is 10 203 meters, that is, 1,355 more than Everest. The Karman line is a conditional line located at an altitude of 100 km above sea level. Despite the fact that the Earth's atmosphere ends much higher, the International Aviation Association recognized this mark as the boundary between the atmosphere and the cosmos. It is believed that the driest place on our planet is the Chilean Atacama Desert, where precipitation was not several thousand years old. But there is a place on Earth where they did not fall out for 2 million years, and these are dry McMurdo valleys located in Antarctica. In addition, it is here that the strongest winds blow on the planet.

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Therefore, it is important to

Therefore, it is important to see those chains of reasoning that allow us to verify the truth of certain facts, at least on the level of theory, with the help of logical reflections. And if possible, we can transfer this theory to a more or less similar experience from our own life, so that with the help of this transfer we can determine the probability of the truth of this or that fact, and at the same time, of all the knowledge that we receive.

Often, for effective learning, we need the help of others who help us to acquire this or that knowledge, linking it with the experience we have witnessed and are. 

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So, if you say simply, then

So, if you say simply, then you need victories to increase self-confidence, and not in some insignificant things for life, but in serious, important matters that are directly related to your basic needs, and only then to all of your desires. But to come to these victories, sometimes it is not easy, if there is no clear plan of action, taking into account the current capabilities of man. It's not so easy to succeed in a business in which you need to be able to show your strongest qualities and bypass other people who also want to be the first, want to be the best, want to be winners. Therefore, we need an individual program to achieve success, and in those cases in which each individual person is easier to succeed in the first stage. Self-confidence must grow gradually, by overcoming a person's various difficulties and obstacles that he is able to overcome.

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Some people, for their own

Some people, for their own benefit, even the most insignificant, are ready for anything, they do not stop at nothing when they try to satisfy their desires, and therefore they can betray anyone, even the people closest to them, for themselves and their interests. Egoists, it is, I must say, very unpleasant people, and usually, normal people are not comfortable with them. We can meet egoists, and therefore potential traitors, everywhere, but to begin with, it will be more correct to pay attention to ourselves. Remember how often you personally neglected the interests of others, for your own benefit? Here it is necessary for you something to receive, here it would be desirable to you something, and you do everything that the desire to carry out, at all without reflecting on how it can affect people surrounding you.

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In this sense, laziness helps

In this sense, laziness helps a person to move to a better level of the world perception, but this does not mean that it leads him to idleness, from which a person begins to decay and degrade, rather, it calls him to more perfect actions, to more energy-efficient work. Roughly speaking - you do not want to go far for water - think of a water pipe, do not want to dig a hole manually - think up an excavator. Laziness - protects our body and helps us find easy ways to solve certain problems. But if we do not listen to it, but go on about it, then it will lead us to a state of nothingness, in which we do not want to solve any problems at all. 

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