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My best regards to all of you here, guys, you can not even imagine what the pleasure I have had recently and to be honest, I was even more about the necessity of having a great time and the risk ,the adrenaline! As in any other sport, the greatest number of playing paintball - these are ordinary people. Yeah, you do not have to be fully prepared, you do not have to train those skills for a long time before - the paintball does not demand a lot!. you literally see paintball as a leisure, entertainment, active implementation of your outdoor activities. After all, paintball has undeniable advantages: and these are the novelty of positive emotions guaranteed. 

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Good night all. Pintball is a childhood game. When I was still young, my father took me with him to various bars when my mother worked, and I had no one to leave. And my father often met with friends at the bar and chatted with them until nightfall. He played billiards and sometimes pintball. I also asked to play, and he let me, so I did not bother him. When my son grew up, I also showed him this game, it is obvious that this was inherited))))

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