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Maurizio San
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Not well-groomed fingernails

Greetings to you my dear like-minded people. How is your mood? I visited the nail care salon today. And so I decided to ask you if you visit such salons. Or how do you care for your fingernails and do you care. Then, for me, the question of well-groomed nails is very relevant. I can even polish my nails, I just can not stand untucked nails from guys. I can even leave a date if my partner has untidy nails, how do you think that's too much ?!))) Do you pay attention to such trifles? But I'm a perfectionist in everything.

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Not well-groomed fingernails

Greetings to you Maurizio, cool name, you're not from Italy by the hour? I have relatives there))) But as for your topic. And here I completely agree with you. Although we are men, I think that we should have well-groomed nails, unless you are a miner and not a fireman))))) I follow my fingernails, primarily because my activity requires it. Short-cropped nails are a mandatory rule in battles without rules. And secondly, I love well-groomed fingernails, I just look at them with pleasure, and I accustom my son.

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