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Nice place to meet new people

Good evening, or whatever time of the day you have there, my wonderful readers! I have a news to brag in front of you right now...cheeky I am going on the vacation, but my partner did not manage to fly with me so I will be alone. But I am not worried because of it! I am going to have a nice time in Nice!  So what is interesting or me - do you know some places there for me to hang out..?! The outstanding cool spots where I can meet really nice people (of course gay-friendly places are of my preference). I how that you will leave names of those ones, or at least, you will leave the link to those...will be even better! 

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Nice place to meet new people

Ohh that is amazing for sure... Happy for you...but, what, do not you feel at least to some extent disappointed that your boyfriend does not have the opportunity to spend the free time with you ?! that is not very understandable for me, but i will try to close my eyes on things, I do not get, okay?! wink if to speak about the chance to have the vacation in Nice, I feel even green with envy ....honestly, you have made an incredible choice, I bet that you can try to have the brief look at this portal -   because it is full of best hotels ad resorts which are gay-oriented.   

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Nice place to meet new people

ohh, wow, just look at are a pretty risky person, do not you?! haha, I was just surprised because of your readiness to have not less fabulous vacation alone, than with your, it is "with or wihtout.." joke! AnywaI, i am not here to make jokes at you, I fully support you and your position...for your information, here is the whole specialised website  for homosexually oriented travelers..! Have a look..I have bene using this one for so many is devoted to all gay-friendly or gay-oriented hotels and night clubs, thus you will definitely NOT be bored...wink

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Nice place to meet new people

Hey there... you know, I have read all the comments below your post and at this point, I would really like to tell you that I have not even been thinking about judging you at all...I really understand your mood and attitude, and it seems to me that because of the offended feelings, you started to feel kind of betrayed, therefore you see no other way than to go alone and have the best terms of looking for the gay-oriented places, I can give you the advice - check out this particular website - it was specially created for the gay couples who are hunting for a great place to have the rest..

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Nice place to meet new people

Ohh, really, you are going to Nice..?! That is incredible for sure...I am glad that you are not distracted by your indifferent boyfriend...and, by the way, how did it happen that he could not manage to go with you?! I thought that if you two were planning the mutual vacation you will be able also to understand that he had to take the job leave...and here what you have got instead..! But, okay, enough of it, just let's have a look a the website in my opinion, there is just no other cool traveling portal as I am showing you here and definitely you will find the place you are looking for 

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 hello to everybody. gere i

 hello to everybody. here i am the new one. my name is jeffrey. i like different music, go to shopping, make new friends, drink coffee in the morning and a lot of ineresting stuff. how are you today? i am very exited to visit your chat. there are a lot of really really and very very interesting topics to discuss. so much new for me. about life, relatonships, children, music, hobbies, movies. i want to discover more and more! i want to find my new very best friends, discuss all the topics as much as possible! will be glad to hear more information  about you! 

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hello everybody! what a nice autumn! wow, Nice! it is so wonderful. of course, i am sorry that you will travel alone, but i hope you will have fun. Nice is a wonderful place to visit. there are so many interesting sights. there is beautiful sea-side. i have read about beach, whih called "Bay of the Angels". there is so wonderful, blue water. And what is view!surprise near it there is beautiful hotel. but the most interesting thing that you can do there is take car in rent and go by car through all Nice. Because it has got beautiful landscapes and views. you can eat in small cafes, drink coffee and of course meet new friends. i think there are many clubs, which you can visit. there are nice people. unfortunately, i don't know exactly clubs, which you can visit, but i think people there can give you an advice about it. Please, tell us after your vacation, how it was. it is very interesting to hear your experience of travelling.

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Maurizio San
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Nice place to meet new people

Hello friends and users of this site. I have an instinctive mood and I hope nobody can ruin it. every time I come here and find useful information for myself, here and this time you write about the rest in Nice, with a great desire to go there and so I'm glad to all your advice about the time spent in this wonderful and magical place. As you already guessed I was not there yet, but I wish to go. I think you will have a rest without your partner, although perhaps you will still think about him all the time being there. Since I'm a bird of free flight, I do not have such questions for anything, as I want and I do)

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Nice place to meet new people

Hello everybody. I see you are having a great time here, I will join you in your discussion of the best place to relax. After reading the above comments, I can say that almost all the guys are aware of the site for recreation of gay-directed guys. I just found out about this site the other day and looking at it I can confidently state that there are excellent places I have not been in, especially since they are specially for gays. In the case of planning a vacation, I will use this site necessarily

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you know, this theme will be

you know, this theme will be interesting for me because i am in a similar situation.smiley in two weeks i will fly to Thailand and i also want to find some gay-friendly places. and i have already found some information. if you want i share it with you just ask me, because i found the information only about Thailand. i think that it is the best place for sexual minorities. of course there are many such places in the world but in my opinion the best are in exotic country. i think that my vacation will be wonderful. i hope that i will meet many new people like me. and they will be from different countries. it will be perfect. yes

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I have some advices for you.

I have some advices for you. first of all you should always go to private meetings with people you know. Especially on birthdays. People may not be so close to you, but the fact that you come, it means a lot to them. And that's a great way to meet their friends. People are very friendly and open on birthdays.Also you can go to bars: Yes, they can be frightening. But you can just start talking to someone at the bar. If you want to meet new people in bars, choose those where music does not play too loudly. Turn on your trust and talk with people.Also dating in fitness is amazing, but if your hobby is rare, for example, fishing, find forums on the topic of your interest through search engines, start sharing your opinion on this topic, and then send a private message to some people telling them that you want to meet with them.

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