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need advice

so many nice comments and advices. glad to read them. and proud of you guys. you are going to get the best treasure in you entire life. now you are blessed by god! Apreciate it!
you will never know the best way to be a great father. every family has its own recepie of how to behave with their own child. just try to be honest with the child. you should became an adult friend, a mentor maybe. you should give your child a chance to grow up in way he or she wants to. so not be too strikt and love your child with all your heart. Luck!

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need advice

Hello guys and guests of this site. I'm happy for you Johnny, soon you will become a father, and you will have trouble, the best efforts in the world))) I have an adult son. But I remember how he was just a little baby yesterday. How quickly time flies (((Therefore, spend this time with good.) Be with the child in difficult moments, support him always, let him know that he is not alone and he is needed and loved. Then he will be more confident in himself, and then in life is more successful. Try to explain everything to him verbally, without using physical strength, he will thank you for this later. And good luck, Johnny!

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There are quite a lot of

There are quite a lot of books where you can read some interesting facts about babies. You can start reading them right now. I know there are also quite a lot of courses where experienced mummies and daddies tell how they bring up their children, but the best thing will be to ask a female friend with a small baby (if you have such one) to let you spend a day in her house. It will be nice if she lets you help her and take care of her child or children. Only after meeting children in a real life you will understand how to take care of them.wink

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You know I am happy for you

You know I am happy for you to decide to adopt a child. I don't have children now and I think I'm not ready to become a father. And I agree with guys. You can't find enough information in books to raise a child. It is very difficult. You can't prepare for it beforehand. You will be able to become the best parent with the lapse of time. But if you have difficulty in any situation you may always use Internet for help. Don't be afraid. I wish you good luck ;)
May I ask you a question? Tell me please, what age do you want your baby to be: a newborn baby or maybe a bit older?

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You know one more important

You know one more important thing you should mention bringing up a child is his or her education. It does not mean that you should choose a university for a child who even does not attend the school. It is unnecessary.

I mean that you should understand how to teach your child to count, to read, to write, to differ shapes and colours. Nobody will do it instead of you, the intellectual development of your child is in your hands. Don't worry, you are not the first and not even 100001st father who deals with it, that is why there are many books and articles devoted to this theme

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you have chosen adoption as

you have chosen adoption as an option. That's great, my congratulations! It means that it will be one less orphan in the world and one more happy full family. Adoption centers usually offer such kind of service as courses for potential adopters.

You and your partner should attend these courses if you are new to this and if you want to know the details. Anyway, courses for potential parents are rather popular now and even if that ones which are provided by an adoption center are not good, you are always free to find something else .

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 you definitely have to be

 you definitely have to be prepared to the child because it is very serious step in your life.first of all you should show yourself as strict person but not too much. you have to be friends with your child.

then he will tell you everything about his life and you could give him advice so that he can avoid making some mistakes. be responsible and always ready to help. never let you child give up or worry about something. teach him everything and then you will be the best father.

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Some people can boast that

Some people can boast that they have regained their trust with simple promises, asking for forgiveness and confessing their guilt, without any redemption. But I do not see such cases because in them, first of all, everything is too chaotic, when people quarrel, they reconcile, then one betrays, then another, when they quarreled in the morning, and in the evening they already made up.

This, in my opinion, is a frivolous approach to life and we do not need to talk about it. And secondly, there is nothing to teach and learn here. 

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First of all, I want to draw

First of all, I want to draw your attention to the upbringing of a person from his very birth. What is typical for most parents who have small children? This education through prohibitions, it is impossible, it is impossible and so on. The child develops restrictive thinking, which then persecutes him throughout his life.Further these restrictions are imposed by all subsequent social institutions - kindergarten, school, institute and others, up to the place of work and own family. Accordingly, such a person afterwards, will be the same to hammer his children, and those of their own and so on ad infinitum. All this will continue until someone cuts off this endless chain of morals in which there is no point.

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