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need advice

so many nice comments and advices. glad to read them. and proud of you guys. you are going to get the best treasure in you entire life. now you are blessed by god! Apreciate it!
you will never know the best way to be a great father. every family has its own recepie of how to behave with their own child. just try to be honest with the child. you should became an adult friend, a mentor maybe. you should give your child a chance to grow up in way he or she wants to. so not be too strikt and love your child with all your heart. Luck!

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need advice

Hello guys and guests of this site. I'm happy for you Johnny, soon you will become a father, and you will have trouble, the best efforts in the world))) I have an adult son. But I remember how he was just a little baby yesterday. How quickly time flies (((Therefore, spend this time with good.) Be with the child in difficult moments, support him always, let him know that he is not alone and he is needed and loved. Then he will be more confident in himself, and then in life is more successful. Try to explain everything to him verbally, without using physical strength, he will thank you for this later. And good luck, Johnny!

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