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I dream about China. i think

I dream about China. i think that it is very interesting country. China is the oldest country with the richest history that we can imagine. Almost any city, from the largest megacities with tens of millions of inhabitants and to exotic villages with rice fields on multi-colored slopes, has at least one ancient temple, a section of the Great Wall of China or a monument. culture of China is wonderful. i think that i have always dreamt about this country. i have many books and magazines about China. and you know my hasband said me that very soon my dream will come true. and what i want to say.... it is very great to have a person who lets your dreams come true. thank you, my darling.


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As for me i dream about

As for me i dream about American West. The American West offers many stunning natural attractions: a magical view of high sequoias, deserts and canyons like on Mars, the beauty of which often goes unnoticed, because an hour and a half drive east is separated from Las Vegas.

It was in this small national park that the scene from the series "Star Trek"  was shot, in which Captain Kirk dies, because it seems as if a red creamy fudge exploded on his territory. This is an amazing, ideal place for walking, amazing with its unforgettable view in silence.

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