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I dream about China. i think

I dream about China. i think that it is very interesting country. China is the oldest country with the richest history that we can imagine. Almost any city, from the largest megacities with tens of millions of inhabitants and to exotic villages with rice fields on multi-colored slopes, has at least one ancient temple, a section of the Great Wall of China or a monument. culture of China is wonderful. i think that i have always dreamt about this country. i have many books and magazines about China. and you know my hasband said me that very soon my dream will come true. and what i want to say.... it is very great to have a person who lets your dreams come true. thank you, my darling.


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As for me i dream about

As for me i dream about American West. The American West offers many stunning natural attractions: a magical view of high sequoias, deserts and canyons like on Mars, the beauty of which often goes unnoticed, because an hour and a half drive east is separated from Las Vegas.

It was in this small national park that the scene from the series "Star Trek"  was shot, in which Captain Kirk dies, because it seems as if a red creamy fudge exploded on his territory. This is an amazing, ideal place for walking, amazing with its unforgettable view in silence.

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 You know the trip of my

 You know the trip of my dreams is that  I want the villa to have a lot of stars, a beach with a white fluffy sand. And I'm so straight from the room could go out and get on the hammock. And before my eyes so that the waves gently warmed.

And that on a small table next to all yummy (hard and liquid) was fresh. And that next to my beloved in a good mood to chenate the romantic I whispered. And a little further away, so that the cabriolet with the guide and the driver was waiting.

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It is very interesting. The

It is very interesting. The trip of my dream ... it's interesting. Let me think ... Perhaps the trip of my dream could be a normal family vacation, without my training and competition. Most likely, I would go along with my son to my native Athens to my parents and we would all have fun together and had a hearty time.

This will be the trip of my dream. I do not remember the last time I saw my parents live, it seems about 9 years ago, horror. I would like to meet more often with my family

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To see the world is the dream

To see the world is the dream of every person. How much everything new and beautiful is concealed in our planet. How many countries in the world - so many uncharted distances, roads and discoveries. Someone is attracted by untouched nature, and someone wants to visit a noisy metropolis with skyscrapers and millions of people, someone wants to discover the secrets of centuries-old castles and palaces, and someone dreams of a warm sun on the sea coast.Each culture is unique and contains customs and traditions, which we will be able to learn more about other people. And all this attracts and fascinates, attracts us. The developed transport system allows you to overcome huge distances in a matter of hours. The whole world is open to man, and travel has ceased to be a difficult affair for all of us.

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As they say in one proverb:

As they say in one proverb: "It was smooth on paper, but forgot about ravines, and on them - to walk." Well, what a serious matter does without rough edges, without sudden, unexpected difficulties? 

And it is very unpleasant when your partners because of their infantile nature surrender before the first difficulties, leaving you alone to deal with them. But there's nothing to be done, we must always take this into account, cooperating with infantile people.

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It is much better to ignore

It is much better to ignore the flatterer or play with him - demonstratively giving in to his flattery and, if necessary, flattering in response. Let a person show what he is trying to achieve from you, then you will be able to choose the right model of behavior with him.

If you see obvious, rude flattery - flatter in response. Mirror man - let him receive in return what he sent you. There is no point in reproaching a flattery if he acts too obviously. He is like a worthless thief, trying to find the key to your soul, although you can see everything perfectly.

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So, when I could not find

So, when I could not find absolutely happy people who would be completely satisfied with my life, I decided to pay attention to myself. And how are things with me - I'm satisfied with my life, I'm happy with everything in it, am I happy? After some reflection, I realized that I was also somewhat dissatisfied with my life, that I, too, could not say that I was happy, despite the fact that much in my life suited me and satisfied me. And then I decided to seek an answer to my question, not in the external, but in my inner world - I decided to look inside myself to understand why dissatisfaction with life in general exists.


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I met people who, without a

I met people who, without a trace of regret, could kill any person, at least from their words, including women, children, the elderly, they did not have brakes that would make them feel doubt about the correctness of their actions, but they are the same people in terms of physiology. But they were brought up in a different way, they do not have a conflict with their inner essences, or rather they do not have a weak side, and most of us have it and it makes us vulnerable to such predators. And it's not that we should be ready to kill any person, including those who are weaker than us and who do not pose any threat to us. 

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Thanks for the tip here

Thanks for the tip here Jeffry. I will add that to my favourites. Hopefuly when i make some time for a rest that site will provide me with some help. As for destinations i would love to visit India. And i am not talking about nice hotels and resorts India, i am talking about old fashioned India with the slums and such. I would love to try out that type of life and run away from modern world. I know it is very different from how it is in books and internet guides but still... I made a whole folder a few years ago with maps and points on it. Like i marked the streets to go through, the cafes to eat at, the places to see and walls to touch. I took this planning very serious and did my best to plan the route. I want to skip travelling agencies and other types of helpers. I want this trip to be wild.

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