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Medications on the board

Hi guys. How are you doing? Preparation for travel differs from each other, depending on where I'm going, and how long. If I'm going to another country and for a long time, then I buy medicines beforehand, I check everything before I leave, but it happens that there are not enough medicines for some, then I buy medicines from local pharmacies. Well, if not a long trip, then the suitcase will be small))) And, once I went to a working contract for 8 months in another country, then I took with me some food from my country that does not spoil quickly, sweets, crackers. .. different, remind about the house, it's super.

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Medications on the board

Good all day to all. I travel around the world from early childhood and collecting the necessary things and all that can be useful on the road and in the place where I go I have been brought to automaticity. I have a list in my head of all that I need to take with me. When my little son appeared, the list increased, but in this list only the most necessary is without excess rubbish, as is the case with women. I like traveling on the lung) But also I like to buy clothes, shoes ... in the new cities that I come to.

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Medications on the board

When you travel, you always should keep in your mind that your health is your responsibility. Whether you have often difficulties with health or no, you need to make up the 'must -to-have list' of medication for your traveling. Keep in mind that sometimes you will not be able to buy some medications in other country without doctor's precription, so be aware of that. Firs of all, pack some medication which helps to reduce stomachache, headache, you will never know what can happen on board. But if you have them, you will not suffer from that pain. I am sure that you can ask also a flight attendants to give you some simple medications but still it is better to have them with you. Moreover, you always can make sure that everything  you bring is allowed by flying company, just call them to thier helpline or attend their website. And don't worry, be healthy:).

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Medications on the board

Hello. Excellent topic for discussion. If I travel for a long time, then I take many medications with me, most of them go to the luggage and some of the medicines in hand luggage with me. And often with me painkillers fly, and if I have a runny nose or flu at the time of the flight, I take more and drugs to reduce the manifestations of these diseases. I still have drugs against motion sickness, anything can happen and most likely that's all.

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I know that the passenger is

I know that the passenger is allowed to take as many drugs as he needs for the entire duration of the trip. also medicines and dietary products can be transported on board in containers with a capacity of more than 100 ml and in excess of the standard of hand luggage. to be specified in the rules of the specific airline, it is desirable to pack them in a transparent bag on the fastener. You must know that most drops for the nose, ear can safely be carried in the plane. to get acquainted with the composition for the presence of prohibited substances, to take a limited amount of medicines - only for reception on board, the rest - to the luggage. For carrying liquids in larger containers, you may need a medical certificate or a prescription confirming that you need the drops in the plane just before landing . for example, if you go through a course of treatment and drip at a certain time.

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Very often going on a journey

Very often going on a journey to other countries, many are worried about what medicines can be transported across the border and what is needed for this! In each country the rules of transportation are different. And before you take any medication with you, you need to ask if you can do it. This can be found in travel agencies, if you buy a ticket. Lovers of independent travel can read it on the information sites of the country you are going to go to or contact the official representation of the state.It is very important to plan your trip properly to create your first-aid kit. After all, anything can happen on the road. God forbid of course! But it is better to insure yourself and your loved ones. In some countries it is generally very difficult to buy medicines, and sometimes it is even impossible. We faced this in Berlin. Without a prescription written by a doctor in a pharmacy, they will not sell anything. Even with a common cold.

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 I liked your username, you

 I liked your username, you have the sense of humor, I appreciate it in people..! So, packing for the vacation or in general, for any type of trip, is an important thing.. as a matter of fact, I guess that it is vital to remember when you are going and what is the goal of the journey.

Whether is the business trip or the holiday, or maybe you have to pack huge suitcases for the change of place of living?! it happened to me, that was such a headache, my friend, can not even describe it properly..! So take care of things in advance, it is vital, will save the time and make the packing easier. 

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 i do not take anything with

 i do not take anything with me like that, i just see no point  in it. of course if the person is ill with some  really  rare disease and he knows  that everything may  happen with him then of course i think that he has to take   some medications with him but if the person is  healthy and he  knows that he does not suffer from anything then there  is not point in it. i think that  on the board there are some  general medicines which you may use and    then you will not have any difficulties. i think  that it is really  a point of it. i have never had any problems with it and that is why I think that i am lucky and of course i do not worry a much about such cases.

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 After all, the essence of

 After all, the essence of psychological assistance is quite obvious - the creation of psychological, emotional comfort in a particular family or a particular person. But it is our psychologists who are distinguished by their amazing aggressiveness - you yourself write about it.

Anyone who does not agree to sleep properly, to feed, as expected, to give birth, as expected, are enemies of progress and are not worthy of being parents. What could be more strange than an aggressive psychologist?

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Are our beliefs always

Are our beliefs always conscious, considered and useful for us? Of course no. Most of the beliefs people adhere to are based on their blind faith in anything. We believe in some things not because they are reasonable, adequate to reality and useful to us, but because we are just used to them and we like them. 

Here's a simple example. We want, for example, to believe in life after death, which is arranged in a certain way life in paradise, and we believe in this life. Because we want to believe in it, we like it, it's so convenient for us. 

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