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Good afternoon to all guests and followers here today! And this time I have the topic regarding the gay surrogacy program, egg donor matching process in what is interesting for me - is it possible to meet a woman, who's egg is going to be used for the medical procedure, in real life?! I'd really be glad to have the chance to have a talk and see what person she is... do you think that it is feasible to do?! surprise I really do not know such kind of details, thus I am looking forward to hear some thoughts from you... taking into account that you have probably been through this already...!

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Good evening guys! am really excited to see you all here this day...what is your personal opinion on the gay surrogacy process...?! I am a happy father and all of it only thanks to the gay surrogacy clinic which has the name - Panax center and of course it has the special website -   So, guys, personally I was not much into all these details but, anyway, I guess that we all have the right to be interested in the appearance and what is more essential - in the behaviour of the future (or else - possible) surrogate mother...! Really think it is not possible still...

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Tour or resort

Hey, welcome here on the website.. .i am glad as always to see all of you here today and of course, in the addition to the main things here, i would really like to say from the very beginning that I do not have children, thus, you can understand why I am not able to share my personal life experience on this pit...but, despite the fact that I am childless, lately I started to learn more and more about the gay surrogacy program and definitely it has changed my mind! I know that i is not possible, but who knows, maybe htere can be some kind of exceptions as in every other clinic...jsut ask.

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Good time of the day, you all guys! Happy to greet everyone and have the possibility to talk about different things... but, today you have put on the general discussion some very specific theme and I am not able to tell you that I will share some personal experience regarding the gay surrogacy program..because I simply did not used it at i gonna be in some future...well, my dear and kind friends, what I am going to tell you next is that in my point of view, it will be better for you to have a look at the official website of the gay surrogacy clinic, which has the name "Panax center" -      

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well i think that  you shall

well i think that  you shall understand that in our world everything is possible and i think that if you want then you would be able to  meet such a woman in  a real life and i think that you understand what i am talking about, but if talking about it deeper then i think that it would be easier for you  to work with the agency and they would find  for you perfect surrogate and i think that you understand what i am talking about. but of course i think that the person who looks then he would  always  find what he wants, but still you would know  what the person it is and you would not be sure in anything, but if the agency works  with it then i think that they are responsible for it and i think that you understand what i am talking about.

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No no no, you definitely have been mistaken.. it is not possible at all, I am telling you, just forget about it... just joking around, man..! you know, that is so weird for me that you are looking for the option to have a talk with an intended surrogate, seriously, what will it give you, man?! have you at least considered that she will be going through various medical examinations and that she will be asked a lot of relative question, thus you will see that she is okay and suitable for the role..! plus, I understand your interest, but  i guess you have to ask for more details here   the off portal of the clinic. 

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Maurizio San
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Greetings to everyone, my dear. The topic is quite interesting and not studied by me. I am far from such programs, only I could hear the edge of my ear. But still, someday, maybe even very soon I'm going to get a child and this kind of information will come in handy. I think that it's not easy to be a surrogate mother, it's one thing to just give the sperm to the sperm bank, and another to endure the baby, within 9 months, and the more so because it's half the cells from your own body, and then just give it away. I can not imagine how they become surrogate mothers, what pushes them to such actions, and whether they already have their children? But it's good for childless couples that such a program exists. I would like to get acquainted with the surrogate mother of my future child.

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Greetings to all of you guys. Quite an interesting topic for discussion, and due to the fact that my child was born from a surrogate mother, I can write my point of view on this issue. It happened 16 years ago, and then I did not pay much attention to who is the surrogate mother for my child, or, more precisely, I was not interested in the whole process at all. But after a while, I wanted to still find out who this woman is and what her character is. Since heredity has not been canceled. Much in my son is not from me)

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You know, I am not so aquinted with such information, but I personally think that it could be possible if both sides agree for this. But you know, I can't understand why do you need it. You get all the necessary information about the egg donor, about her health and I don't think that it is a very good idea. Just immagine, you meet with the egg donor, you have a wonderful talk, you understood that she's a good person, you like her. In nine monthes you have a chield and what would you do next? Would you allow this woman to see the chield, because you like her and if to think it over, she's the mother of your child. And even if you wouldn't show her the baby, she may want to see the baby and it wouldn't be very difficult to find you, because she saw and she knows about you. So, that's why I think that it would be better not to meet the egg donor.

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Thank you very much for this

Thank you very much for this question. i think that it will bw very informative for every member of this forum. and i also have something to say about this. How to choose a donor egg is an individual question for future parents. Depending on their own wishes, they can apply to one of their close relatives or acquaintances, search through announcements and forums, or choose one of the anonymous donors in  a specialized donor's tub of reproductive cells. The questionnaires have all the necessary data: nationality, height, physique, hair and eye color, information about education, professions and other. Women who decide to become a donor of eggs are carefully examined to check whether they have genetic and infectious diseases, metabolic disorders.

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You know it is a very great

You know it is a very great news that you desided to have a child. and the theme is very interesting. As for me i have some information for you about donation. A woman should undergo a full medical and genetic examination: doctors will exclude genetic risks, check the body for infections, and study the hormonal profile. Before giving his egg, a potential donor will necessarily donate blood and urine, make fluorography, ultrasound and an ECG, consult a therapist and psychiatrist. And only after the results of the survey are found to be satisfactory, the egg of the donor will fall into the "bank".

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