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Marvel’s new anti-hero novel series is going to be gender-fluid and pansexual

Hello, guys! Have you heard this news author of Marvel’s new three-book historical fiction series has revealed she is going to add a brand new queer storyline with Loki as a central figure.Author Mackenzi Lee announced the news on Twitter noting that there were lots of LGBT fans of Marvel and they frequently asked her as a writer to make the plot more-rainbow-colored and it is a pleasure for her to do it. The first book of the series will focus on Avenger Thor’s adopted brother Loki, whom the writer described as “a canonically pansexual and gender-fluid character”. It has been known that Loki had relationships with both men and women, but his sexuality was not proclaimed out loud. If you want to read more information about it, you can find it on the web site the refference to which is at the beginning of the topic.

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Hello there. What a pleasure

Hello there. What a pleasure to be the first one to reply to your post. Thank you for the link. Did you actualy know, that Loki is not Thor's brother? He is Odin's blood brother, hence he is Thor's uncle. For the fans of rainbow colors... In the Norse Mythology Loki actually did have sex with both male and female. Moreover, Loki was the god who could apply different forms, meaning he could turn himself into any imaginable life form, not only animals we know, but also into giants and elves. So if you are interested in such stories you better read original stories about him, not Marvel. To begin with i could recomend the book, i have finished not that long ago. Here you go, boys - Neil Gaiman ''Norse Mythology''. Once you read it i would be happy to read your comments on it

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In the "old Testament" about

In the "old Testament" about the strict and uncompromising condemnation of homosexuality is said, also, in two narratives, similar among themselves in essence. First comes the story of the population of the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, set out in the first book of the Bible, called "Genesis," "the people of Sodom were evil And very sinful before the Lord... and the Lord shed sulfur and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah... and overthrew the city of this and the whole neighborhood of this, and all the inhabitants of the cities of

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