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Manchester Pride

Hello to all of you, dear people. are you ready for the new adventure...?! okay, so the next question is  - are you ready for the pride?! the big, massive and colorful celebration, which is going to be  just super cool indeed...?! here, have the look at this article - (for your information, I have been reading this traveling portal for a long time already!). Are you ready to pack your suitcase to Manchester in August – the Pride is going to be held there and here are some details about it?! the holiday is gonna be just legendary, you have to believe me.,., the remarkable thing, the fact is that the Manchester Pride will give you a chance to remember your graduation from school, college, university or whatever you have finished a long time ago..! Can you believe it! will you go there?!

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Manchester Pride

good early morning to you, my friend. have you hard that I have replied some of your posts lately ad that was the great pleasure for me to see how serious you are about creating and posting new articles... this is interesting for me, but despite the fact that I have read the same about the Manchester Pride, I am still satisfied to see that you decide to bring this information to the masses...Speaking about the pride itself - I will barely believe that my boss will let me go on the vacation (even the shortest one) in August... it is not possible, but I will hope.. maybe somehow the luck will be on my side?! I know that the celebrations will be impressive.

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Manchester Pride

Greetings to you guys. I can honestly answer this question, that I am not a big fan of any noisy events that take place on the street with a lot of crowded people. Even if it's festivals or activities dedicated to LGBT people. Well, I do not like being in the crowd carrying me there myself I do not know where ... neither relax nor go to the toilet, noise and din. I try to avoid such activities. But I can rejoice for those who love and attend such Pride. Maybe I do not like it, because I did not try ... I do not know)frown

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I think that it is very

I think that it is very interesting theme fo us and evryone wants to go there and to see this famous pride. i have never been at such places but i want. also i have some information about this.The action traditionally takes place in the summer, most often in June, in memory of the Stonewall riots, during which thousands of gays and lesbians resisted police reprisals, and this speech became one of the symbols of the struggle of sexual minorities for civil rights. in my opinion it is a right decision to make such prides because due to them every gay can make a statement about themselves and no matter what other people think. i hope that jne day i will be at this pride.

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I have an interesting fact

I have an interesting fact about this event.British Army personnel first participated in the gay parade, held on Saturday in Manchester, according to the website of BBC News.About ten military men joined the columns of homosexuals marching through the streets of the city, while colleagues deployed a volunteer recruitment center.Representatives of the British Air Force are participating in the event for the second time. They even prepared for the gay parade a moving platform on which the mock-up of the cockpit was placed. The Air Force was represented by 20 participants.

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Hi boys, how are you doing

Hi boys, how are you doing today? Has anyone actually gone there? Do you have news and stories to share? I would love to hear. As for the portal, yes, sometimes they post interesting stuff there, but articles are rather short if i am honest. I mean not much information they give there. I have to agree with someone's comment as for big crowds. To have me being at a parade or a concert... you gotta chase me for a while to catch me in the right mood. I am lazy in that matter and not a big fun of huge crowds and loud noises lol

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Manchester Pride

Hi guys, I hope everybody is doing well. I was so disappointed, because I couldn't go there last year. I hope I will be able to visit the next colorful and beautiful pride. Please, people, if you were there, tell us something interesting! to those ones who couldn't be present then. Maybe share some photos with everybody here. Personally I will appreciate it really much. And also tell it if you know something about the next pride. Thank you in advance!

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