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Malta Pride Festival

Good evening to everyone? My question for you today is......Have you ever been on a Gay Pride Parade? I have not, unfortunatelly( But I saw a pretty good article about Malta Pride Festival there To my mind it can be really fun to visit some event like this. Also I want to tell you that this website is really good. There are plenty of cool and new information. Also I have read a lot of useful articles about gayparenting. But my firs question is stiil there. I can repeat it once more.. so have you ever been on a Gay Pride Parade or Festival and if your answer is ''yes'', where have you been and how it was? Thank you devil

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Maurizio San
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Malta Pride Festival

Hello friends. Unfortunately I was not at any gay parade. Just saw the news or read about them. Thank you again, that reminded me of such a wonderful site, where there is always fresh news and the most important news on the topic. I recently discovered this news site, thanks to this site. Of course, such gay parades around the world give an opportunity to make new friends, to express themselves, to enjoy fellowship with like-minded people, and eventually get involved)) Perhaps in the future I will be able to visit one of these parades. I would be very glad about that.

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Malta Pride Festival

 Hi guys! I want to note that today I had a great day and managed to fulfill all my plans. I want to reveal to you the secret of how I manage to fulfill my plans ... I plan myself a week or a month ahead, depending on the plan. Excellent job, nothing is forgotten with my not very good memory.))) And are you planning your business ?! And now I'm going to talk about news briefly, I'm not a fan of this kind of events, that is, I do not attend personally, but I can rejoice over those who visit)

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Unfortunately I have never

Unfortunately I have never been to Gay Parades, but i study a lot of information about it. it is so interesting for me. i believe that one day i will go there. the problem is that nobody knows that i am a gay. i can not go to gay parade because i am afraid that somebody will know who i am. i am not ready yet. to tell the truth i do not know exactly am i gay or not. i had relationships with many girls but i do not feel that i like them. but when i think or look at boy i realize that i like this. i do not know what to do. i am scared. jne day i will brave and come up to boy i like and tell him what i want and we will see what will be later. now it is just a dream of a boy who is not sure whom he likes boys or girls.

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I have some information about

I have some information about Malta and gays. In Malta, amendments to the Law on Marriage have been prepared, which will be legalized by same-sex unions. This is reported by The Independent.The amendments also provide for the removal of the terms "husband", "wife", "mother" and "father" from the law and replace them with gender neutral ones. In addition, adoption of children by gay couples is permitted."Malta wants to take the leading place in matters of civil liberties of the LGBT community in order to serve as a model for the rest of the world," said Josef Muscat, the Prime Minister of Malta.

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