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Love after having the baby

Are you into the official marriage already?! maybe you have already a parent of the little baby?! Recently, I started to notice that our relations with my sincerely beloved husband become less intimate and passionate... we do have a kid, but a baby is only one year old, it is not that much of time has gone, and here what I started to feel - the indifference to the romantic mood. We still have no problems in terms of the sexual life, but there is no more intimacy between us, no sparks...! I am afraid of having the usual simple "routine life", it is really awful,,,! My parents had it, and therefore I am afraid fo becoming like them.. what is your opinion about it?! 

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Love after having the baby

but are you sure about feelings you have actually..? maybe it is only seeming to be the indifference?! you know, happens that the change in the life, which is the global one, can lead to various consequences and of course, to be sure in the possibility of having the passion after the baby "has arrived" to the home you are living in... well, I see no problem! you are still looking good (probably) and presumably, the routine did not damage you a lot! I hope so and this belief can give a lot of strength... never forget to bring the seductive mood to the reactions you are into. some new change will also be of the good help is always up to you 

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I have not a baby yet, but to

I have not a baby yet, but to my mind, the relationship in your family changed after the birth of the first child? Many will answer this question unambiguously: "Yes." Indeed, the appearance of the baby can not but affect the way of the family, the psychological atmosphere, the relationship between you and your husband, and other relatives. Life does not pass in vain if someone in this world tells you "daddy"! This opinion is shared by modern psychologists. They note that maternity in many respects has a beneficial effect on a man. We become self-confident, as we have achieved self-realization in life; attitude towards life becomes more positive. So friends, what do you think about this? What is your attitude?))))))))0

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Love after having the baby

Expecting the birth of the firstborn, we are morally preparing for many difficulties: sleepless nights, children's moods and illnesses, chronic fatigue ... But even the most far-sighted of us do not assume that the happiest event in the life of a couple often becomes the starting point of its destruction. The roles are drastically changing: they used to be lovers, but now they are young parents. This transformation takes a long time. " At first it's shocking: you have known each other for many years (or months), and suddenly one fine morning comes the realization that this is not the person you swore to love forever. Parenthood turns people a completely new face to each other. And people in some sense need to get acquainted anew, even if they were together for 10 years. And the pair either adapts to these changes, or it's the beginning of the end

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Love after having a baby

of course there is a love after having a baby. It is just not all couples understand it. They think, that if they have a baby, life will be over for them. This is not true. My friends have got a baby. It is 2 years old. They take their baby everywhere to cafe, to the shop, to the meeting with friends, because from the early ages of baby they educated it to such way of life. They have got passion, they have got hot nights. They are still in love with each other. It depends only on you how you will spend time after having a baby.

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Love after having the baby

Greetings to all the guys. As for me, in situations like you, I'm inclined to think that all couples are faced with this question, regardless of whether they have a child or not. Simply, as I believe, the presence of a child can more clearly show the relationship between partners. Undoubtedly, after a certain period of time, there may be periods of stagnation in relations. At such a time, each of the partners should strive for each other, create interesting situations, surprise and do not move away, or else serious problems can arise and it will be very difficult to regain previous relations.

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Love after having the baby

Guys hello, how are you? I'm doing great and I'd like to do the same in discussing your problem. At my parents, unlike yours, they carried love and warm romantic relations through the years and time and saved them to a deep old age, they can only be envied. And to look at them is a pleasure, they remained in love with each other despite all the difficulties passed and the presence of two children. They have learned the secret of a long relationship.heart And I'm probably not, and most likely will not know))) broken heartlaughOnce I was disappointed and I do not want long-term relationships myself. I hope you survive the routine time and flare up again.

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In my opinion it is a very

In my opinion it is a very common situation and every family has their own variants to solve the problem. i am olso in a marrige but  i do not have a child yet. to tell the truth i am afraid of what can happen with our family after child's birth. I want to say that the first serious test for a young family is the birth of a child. If you have lived in marriage for several years, before you acquire offspring, it will be easier to survive the difficulties, but no one will guarantee the one hundred percent success either. As my small sociological study shows, a fairly large percentage of men tend to believe that the appearance of the baby has improved the relationship with their husbands. This does not mean that there are no problems in their family, rather they look at them from a positive point of view.

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If you are concentrated on a

If you are concentrated on a child  is a bad sign. Everything for children, for their happy childhood. In the plans for the weekend: a children's entertainment center, a park and a shopping center, buy a child developing toys and a bicycle. Plans for the evening: story games with a child, watching cartoons. Plans for the night: listen to the webinar about education.This is hard to believe, but this skew does not benefit the relationship of the parents, but also the children themselves. Children are important, of course. Their needs are important, their development, their joys are important. But parents are also important. And their needs, interests and, frightfully, pleasures, are also important.

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love after having a baby

well, the first thing you should do is to understand how to create passion. Passion is a phenomenon that is created. It is not a spontaneous thing that just happens. In order to understand how to create passion, you must do two things. First, you need to understand why you feel passion. Then you need to understand how passion is created. Make happy moments and happy memories. Learn how to make your partner happy and teach your partner how to make you happy. Any true passion thrives off of happiness. You need to take the time to understand your partner's wants and needs. Sometimes we can even be unaware of what our wants and needs are, so doing this can take a great deal of effort. If you are having trouble figuring out what your own wants and needs are, then start by being honest with yourself. You can ask yourself and/or your partner the following questions to help you learn what your wants and needs are: What do I want from my partner? What do I need from my partner to make me happy? What is making me feel sad and/or angry in my relationship? What do I need to change in my life to create my own happiness?

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Having a child is a big

Having a child is a big challenge for both partners. I have a familiar married couple who have a child. I have recently had a talk with one of my friends and he told me that they have the same problem like you. He was the one who wanted to have a baby in their couple, but his hubby was against it at first. They quarrelled and quarrelled. Finally, the second man yielded, but this made my first friend really unhappy. He says that his husband doesn't want to take care of the child. He does everything by himself. They do have sex, but he sees that his partner becomes cooler and cooler. He's afraid that he would leave him soon... I haven't become a father yet, but the story of these two friends showed me that children always change the life of their parents, and they should be ready for this.

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