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The LGBT progress

Heey, guys! I am here with some cool and happy for all of you, who are taking the real deep interest of the progress in our LGBT community.... so, lately, I started to read more and more news on this exact portal - that is the link to the source, the amazing and informative source of the various information.. if you are interested only in the politics and reforms regarding the expansion of rights of the same-sex couples - you will have it. if you are into the gossips of homosexual-oriented celebrities - you have it too..! see?! this one news portal makes a good deal out of all freshly-posted news articles... good in the comparison with modern, but outdated magazines yes

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The LGBT progress

Hello there! that is such a great pleasure for me to see you around ad read your useful and thus informative posts!! just speechless to express the positivity you have to bring here already, but despite the fact that I have not bee following the given website you have been describing so wonderful, I have definitely had a look there at some certain articles, when the colleague or boyfriend sent me that kind of the information ... what can I add to describe the situation even more precisely?! here what I have  - this informative portal has to stand of the highest level of all possible at deserves more advertisement! 

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The LGBT progress

Of course, LGBT now made great progress, but now the situation is not good, as we would like. We must continue to work on this. Because we too must participate in this. Fight for freedom, and not just go to gay clubs. How can we achieve that when everything is indifferent to our community. Freedom should be one for all, but not now: "nobody touches me, so I will not do anything," with such an idea, we will never achieve anything. We need to unite the community, together we will achieve a lot. The main thing is motivation. If you find yourself a worthy goal, the result will not be long in coming.

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Maurizio San
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Kind all the time of day, guys. I am very glad that I can be here and take part in the discussion of certain topics regarding us, guys))) thanks to this site I discovered another one no less good, this is exactly the news portal you wrote about, my friend. I often read news from that site, it is very convenient and there are always various kinds of news in it, which are interesting and informative. Of course now few people buy paper news, now it is customary to receive information from electronic sources, and here come news portals like this!yes


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The LGBT progress

Hi brothers on the site))) I again found time to discuss some topics on this forum) Although I'm a very busy person. Thanks to this site and guys like you Jasper, I discovered a few new ones sites, and one of them was the news site portal, about which you wrote. So I  read my news, even in breaks between my trainings, I just sat down on this news site. That I am now aware of almost all the news relating specifically to the LGBT society. Thank you guys again)yeswink

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hello everybody! i am very

hello everybody! i am very interested in this theme and i also have something to say. we all live in the world where are many people who hate sex minirities. and it it so hard to change the situation without support from people of influence, for example presidents, parliament. they can do something for our community because many people listen to them and their opinion is very important for the most people from european countries. but there are many countries which still do not understand us, our nature. and we can do nothing with it. now i want to say thank you for everybody who supports us and fight for our rights with us. i hope that very soon the whole world will treat decently to us.

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I also have some interesting

I also have some interesting information about LGBT theme. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau officially apologized to members of the country's sexual minorities for decades of discrimination by the federal authorities."On behalf of the government, parliament and the Canadian people: we made a mistake, we deeply regret that we will never allow this to happen again," the head of government said in his speech in parliament.The Government of Canada will pay compensation in the amount of more than 100 million Canadian dollars  to representatives of sexual minorities who, because of their orientation, lost their jobs in the civil service, police, intelligence services and armed forces of the country in 1950-1990.

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