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I can help you....Low level of motivation. Man not sure why he does this or does this not for himself or expects that it will make others. To deal with this type of laziness can, increasing the level of self-motivation. Motivated by their own dreams or good intentions we go through life, solving any task. If you do something not for yourself, make sure that the person you care about or that would do any good. Thus, as a rule, the work will be done not only on time, but also more efficiently. But if you think that you are enough motivated, but still be lazy, but I guess the motivation is lacking or irrelevant to you personally.

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Laziness is one of the most

Laziness is one of the most intolerable feelings! This feeling reminds us of wild fatigue. But if fatigue, as a consequence of beneficial work, brings satisfaction and a sense of pride, then fatigue from laziness is apathy, exhausting feeling. I'm not talking about how lazy for a person is harmful. Before you start the fight, remember, laziness is divided into one that occurs for a short time, and one that tortures a person all the time. To know about the nature of this psychological phenomenon and what it is related to is very important, because sometimes it is necessary for a person to be lazy to restore efficiency and strength. Usually, she reminds herself on the weekend after a long week of work. Thus, the body makes it clear that he needs rest. Constant tension and struggle with healthy laziness can lead to sad consequences: a disease with chronic fatigue syndrome or emotional burnout. These diseases are very difficult to treat and can not only have an extremely negative impact on the general physical state of a person, but also lead to depression and changes in the psyche. Therefore, you do not have to scold yourself, if in the morning on a day off, you want to lie in bed, and not run for jogging or courses in a foreign language. Get a habit of not less than two days a week fully rest, not engage in work that causes tension and discomfort. Devote your free time to your favorite, interesting hobbies, walks and meetings with friends. A good rest will fill you with energy and will give an opportunity not only to work fruitfully, but also to resist laziness that prevents living. But if, even after several days of rest, laziness does not pass, it's time to start a fight with it, merciless and uncompromising.

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You are right at this point as no one else probably can be.. definitely ,there has to be the correct answer for everything we do lately, but as for the main reality here - let's just have the precise look at everything around us. The laziness may the natural reaction of the body for your high activity.. like, that is the possibility for all of us to have the opportunity to take the break out of the main thing here - the tension of the routine, thus your body gives you the opportunity to take some time and make the whole life easier in his terms.anyway, i would be really glad if my body sends me less such kind of signals, you see what I mean?! I hope it will be so soon. 

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Lazy...I could call myself lazy, but it was not only about the full wasting for the free time..I was always doing at least something, like, I was really into the reading books and it was the saving period for me actually! but you know, when I started to realize how important it is for me to learn new language which will be definitely urgently needed for the new workplace, I would like to tell myself to be more into it a bit earlier, when I had a lot of spare time! and in the childhood, I regret that no one told me back then to read more and learn more and more intensive the second, the laziness has different forms and you have to remember about it!

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and I will start from the title your post have... is not it a little bit weird that you are having such name which contrary to the main theme of the conversation?! please, be careful and thoughtful while giving the capture to the post, it is kind of important for readers..!  going back to the new "app" as you called.. .For "cleaning" the heads very effectively use their subconscious. I believe the app much anymore, in the subconscious is information about every moment of our lives!!! I am sure that we would have less heart pain and soul depression if we could arouse unnecessary memories and thoughts, but the usage can lead to negative effects too, never forget about the other side of the coin..

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Laziness is a character trait, a bad habit, and not a physical and psychological state. For example, when a teenager watches TV, does not care about preparing for tomorrow's control, or the employee leaves early work, without having completed an important report, because he hurries to visit friends, it's laziness. Common here is the lack of motivation. I do not want to do something, because it's more pleasant and interesting to do something else. Even when someone leaves unwashed dishes in the sink and goes to lie on the couch or soak in the bathroom, because washing dishes is a boring and boring occupation, it is a question of preference, and therefore - about laziness. Another thing is if you do not want to do anything at all nothing. For example, the dishes are not washed, the person is on the couch, but this does not give him any pleasure either. Yes, and washing does not seem boring, it seems like there is absolutely no strength ... Here it is already worth thinking about how to overcome apathy.

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I can be lazybones in some situations. For example, when I studied at the university I had to forse myself to study. Of course I studied properly, but it was very difficult for me to make myself to do something. I think every person at least once in his life was a lazybone. And it is not a big problem, I think because we can all handle it if we'll have a stimulus.

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Good evening, everyone. Laziness, this is a terrible habit that can take root and badly spoil your life. With laziness you need to fight by all means. Because the more we are lazy, the laziness becomes bigger, and even harder to force ourselves to do something. What would not be lazy and that your business does not accumulate as a snowball, plan your week, day, year .... and do not postpone, but do everything at once, do not be lazy !! Do you hear?!?

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You know I'm lazy and I admit

You know I'm lazy and I admit it. I really try to overcome my laziness. There are some advices that I have found in the internet.
Every time you start being lazy, stand back and do a little assessment of what's been really happening. Laziness is generally a symptom and not the problem itself. What's the cause of your lack of motivation? Are you tired, overwhelmed, afraid, hurting, or just plain uninspired and stuck? Most likely, the sticking issue is smaller than you think, and you can get past it more easily than you realize.

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You knw for "cleaning" the

You knw for "cleaning" the heads very effectively use their subconscious. I believe the app much anymore, in the subconscious is information about every moment of our lives. With the help of special instructions, we can refer to the unconscious, to give him the command to find certain episodes from the past and to clean them from all the mental material — thus removing the impact of these episodes. No doubt, the subconscious mind will perform clearly given him the commands, because it is our integral part, we can manage. And don't worry about your memory, the memories are not going anywhere — we're not working with them, and with subconscious information.

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