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Kyiv Pride

Guys, may I have the minute of the attention from all of you?! thank you. I promise that this will be totally interesting for all readers... I do not know, maybe you have already gone through this website and read the article about the upcoming Kyiv LGBT Pride celebration - so it seems like nothing big and screaming, but as a matter of fact, the deal is in the general mood of the whole upcoming event... LGBT activists and organisers of Pride in Kyiv, Ukraine have been sent death threats ahead of the event. This is exactly what was shocking for me and the reason of this hatred - the misunderstanding with the society and the refusal of the public to accept gay couples. 

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Kyiv Pride

Greetings to all my dear friends and not only))) I have not heard about this news that you wrote. The news site itself came to me in a way I like, recently I know it, but I read the news sometimes and it happens that I find a lot of interesting things for me. But what concerns the parade in Kiev, I honestly confess to you guys, I'm not a fan of any public rallies or movements, I just keep farther from a large crowd of people. I prefer silence and quiet conduct of my free time. Parades, this is not mine))

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I have not been there but my

I have not been there but my friend was there an he said to me that everything was fine and he even like it. The "equality march" of representatives of the LGBT community in Kiev went almost without provocation. Representatives of the LGBT community marched down Vladimirskaya Street, along the boulevard of Taras Shevchenko, rounded Shevchenko Park along Tereshchenkovskaya Street and went down to the end point - Lev Tolstoy Square.

After that, the participants of the event, surrounded by ranks of law enforcers, descended to the metro station Lev Tolstoy. 

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