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hello, Marcus! of course it

hello, Marcus! of course it is not important to spend the vacation only in a special gay-hotels. to tell the truth i even do not know that such places exist. you can have a great vacation in a usual hotel. you know i think that gay-hotels are not so popular, because many bicurious people do not want other people know about them, so usually we use common hotels for our romantic meetings or vacations. gay couple does not differ so much from straight couple, so gays do not need special conveniences. all as usual. of course if we talk about public places,such as coffee-rooms or pubs, it is a good idea go to the gay ones. i think that it is more interesting and we can find new friends there.

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hello everybody. how it is

hello everybody. how it is going? i have not been here for a long time. and when i entered here i saw this post and was surprised becouse i thought about this some time ago. me and my boyfriend had a date and we wanted to spend our time only together. because he live with parents and i too. our parents do not know that we are dating. they even do not know that we are gays. so we needed a hotel. but there was a one problem. there is no hotels for gays in our city. as for me i do not care what other people think but my sweetheart cares so much. imagine, two men go to the same room in a hotel, in room for two. my boyfriend says that if no one will make here a hotel for gays he will do it himself.laugh

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 i do not know and that is

 i do not know and that is why i think that it is rather hard to decide but you know i do not think that the hotel definitely has to be gay-oriented , i do not think that there are lots of such hotels and i think that  you understand  it and that is why it is rather hard to find something suitable for you and i think that  you know what i am talking about. in general i can tell you that you shall not worry about it too much and i think that  you know that  even in a normla hotel   you can spend your time in a good way and i think that  you  realise it. of course  maybe you will have some difficulties but if you choose a good and expensive hotel then nobody will  tell you anything. that is it.

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 I have a great mood, life is

 I have a great mood, life is beautiful) As for the holidays and where to spend it I will say so, That I had a chance to rest in a hotel for gays twise.

Honestly, it does not matter, but when you do not want everyone to look at you askew or just want to feel comfortable, then order a hotel for gays. For me, this issue does not really matter, for me it's more important that there was good service and an excellent pool with a sauna, without it I just can not relax after training.

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So, in particular, you can

So, in particular, you can find out from which sources they derive information and what knowledge they have in a certain area. In some activities such information about the source of information is of great value.Social engineers often use this method of provocation to extract information from their victims. For example, they can call the owner of a bank card, introduce themselves as a bank employee and clarify the information they need on the card. But they will not just ask him about it, it can cause suspicion, but they will give out partially correct information and partially incorrect, referring to the fact that they lost the rest of the data because of, say, a computer failure.

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 Of course, there are, but,

 Of course, there are, but, friends, I praise what I praise, namely, such a science as psychology, not because I'm engaged in it, but because it really gives us a lot - it allows us to develop in ourselves valuable for ourselves and for other people of quality, thanks to what points us to them.

I myself therefore began to study it, that I saw how valuable it is to a person, both from the point of view of knowing himself and from the point of view of knowing other people. You can not improve yourself without understanding how exactly you are, right?

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This method has been tested

This method has been tested by me, tested and confirmed both on my own experience and on the experience of many other people who turned to me for help. The method is unusual, and maybe not all fit, so I did not apply it to all smokers. But if you master it, then cigarettes and other contagion will forever disappear from your life. So there will be no manipulation on my part, no secret techniques, conspiracies, mantras, incantations and such things you will not hear from me. I believe that you are smart people, since you read this article, so we will solve the problem with smoking with the help of your mind. This is the most reliable way to solve any such problems. So we will address your inner feelings through the mind and if you understand my words very well, you will refuse cigarettes once and for all and will never touch this muck.

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Someone takes offense if

Someone takes offense if there is an excuse for this, and if he does not exist, he can be invented, someone angry, intimidates and presses on people, someone coaxes and begs others to get the right decisions and actions from them, someone is trying to interest them and so on. There are many ways to influence people, as I said, and to use, of course, you need to be able to all of them. But at the same time, it is necessary to learn the most effective behavior more actively, refusing ineffective, childish, unattractive behavior, from which more often more harm than good. Therefore, take an example from those who act effectively, efficiently, competently and beautifully. And leave sensitivity in childhood - in adulthood, you will not need it in the vast majority of cases.

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Congratulations there! There

Congratulations there! There are hotels just for gay couples. Other than that there are also many gay-friendly hotels. I do not imagine there would be hotels that would say on their websites ''no animals'' ''no children'' ''no gay people'' lol So i think you could take any hotel you like. If you are worried about possible issues you can contact the hotel you choose and ask how they feel about a gay couple staying there. Good luck and enjoy your trip

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Is it compulsory or not

If you want to have really great holidays without judging stares, it is better to choose a hotel just for gays. It will be very sad if some man or woman will start screaming at you and say offensive words. At first sight, it seems that we all civilized people, who live in a modern world without stupid stereotypes, but it is necessary to admit that there are too many people, who aren't ready to accept the reality. It is also a good decision to spend a vacation in some apartment where it is possible to be alone with your love. Yet, as for me, it is better to choose a comfortable hotel, where there is everything that you may need for an excellent vacation. Fortunately, there are more and more hotels that work only with gays.

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