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hello, Marcus! of course it

hello, Marcus! of course it is not important to spend the vacation only in a special gay-hotels. to tell the truth i even do not know that such places exist. you can have a great vacation in a usual hotel. you know i think that gay-hotels are not so popular, because many bicurious people do not want other people know about them, so usually we use common hotels for our romantic meetings or vacations. gay couple does not differ so much from straight couple, so gays do not need special conveniences. all as usual. of course if we talk about public places,such as coffee-rooms or pubs, it is a good idea go to the gay ones. i think that it is more interesting and we can find new friends there.

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hello everybody. how it is

hello everybody. how it is going? i have not been here for a long time. and when i entered here i saw this post and was surprised becouse i thought about this some time ago. me and my boyfriend had a date and we wanted to spend our time only together. because he live with parents and i too. our parents do not know that we are dating. they even do not know that we are gays. so we needed a hotel. but there was a one problem. there is no hotels for gays in our city. as for me i do not care what other people think but my sweetheart cares so much. imagine, two men go to the same room in a hotel, in room for two. my boyfriend says that if no one will make here a hotel for gays he will do it himself.laugh

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