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Is it compulsory or not

Goor time of the day, guys.. How are you doing?! I hope well as I am wink well, to make the post short, I will go straight to the business... recently I got the notion that I am having the job leave for the whole month and of course, now I am trying to arrange the vacation. Besides, I am going there with my beloved man, so, really interested in gay destinations. But my biggest concern here is not the place, but the hotel (or apartment)...Should it be ONLY gay-oriented?! Have you ever spent the vacation in such hotels? And where did you find it?! Is it possible to have a nice weekend in the usual hotel?! 

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Good evening, Marcus..! Hey,

Good evening, Marcus..! Hey, I am happy to hear that soon you are going on the vacation. Ho cool is that..especially taking into account that you are not alone, but with the beloved man..okay, going back to the theme you have been interesting into, I would like to tell you that it is not compulsory of course, BUT it will be more convenient for sure... like, imagine, that in the special hotel (which you can find here - ) you two will be able to hug and kiss each other next to the pool and no one will judge you at all...see my point?! Basically, it is up to you of course...

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Is it compulsory or not

For starters - my sincere greeting to all of you, dear sweet people...what a pleasure for me to be here with you and read... Okay, as a person who has been on a vacation for a thousands of times, I can say honestly and for sure that it is NOT compulsory... if you have the ability and desire to restrain each other and be calm and to show the romantic feeling any slightest hint on it at all - you are welcome, go ahead and book the usual simple hotel..but fir instance if you are going on the honeymoo or on the intimate vacation with you beloved one - I highly recommend you to look for the gay-friendly hotel at the city or whenever you go..and for it I have the link -     

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Is it compulsory or not

Ohh, I am sooo soo happy to hear about it... my congrats, you will definitely have a god time there, I am sure of it... if talking about the only gay-oriented hotels - yeah, in my personal point of view, that is really compulsory, or at least, necessary ..but, you can give it a discount, kind of can book the room in not strictly gay-oriented, but gay-friendly hotel, I guess, that will be great...and comfortable! I am speaking now from my personal life experience... nevertheless, it is interesting to fool the link -   and learn destinations with such type of motels. 

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well  i do not know and that

well  i do not know and that is why i think that it is rather hard to decide but you know i do not think that the hotel definitely has to be gay-oriented , i do not think that there are lots of such hotels and i think that  you understand  it and that is why it is rather hard to find something suitable for you and i think that  you know what i am talking about. in general i can tell you that you shall not worry about it too much and i think that  you know that  even in a normla hotel   you can spend your time in a good way and i think that  you  realise it. of course  maybe you will have some difficulties but if you choose a good and expensive hotel then nobody will  tell you anything. that is it.

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Is it compulsory or not

Good evening, Marcus, that is nice to see you here again with the new post. I will honestly try to help you some way... As for the vacation - I am so glad to hear it, you will have to take a god rest, for both, because I can not leave the job right now crying as for the necessity of booking the room in the gay-oriented hotel - I will tell you that it depends on your personal mood, like, whether you are ready for the less public romantic gestures and to be careful on your words to each other Or you have the desire to feel free to do everything you want with your man?! if the second option seems cool to you - there is no other questions. 

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Good evening my dear friends!

Good evening my dear friends!!! how are you today? it is really nice to meet you there once again. my name is jeffrey (with too ''f'' smiley) what about me, really dont know but it's really does not matter if you go on vacation(your place to stay) it hotel or apartments. the most important thing is another. as for me there are must be good service, good foot, very plite people everywhere, I wish I could go somewhere on vacation as soon as possible. if you have a good company, good friends, good weather, good mood, good health ahd other stuff  it does not matter is this hotel or place gay-oriented or not. maybe later i will see more information and i will share it with you. but by the way, what was the best place you ever been in your life?

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Well... let me think for a

Well... let me think for a while. Oh I remember one hotel not gay-oriented. When I was young. This hotel will forever remain in my memory as the best hotel. On arrival, they poured a welcome drink of cool lemonade, to the villa they drove to the club car. The room is simply gorgeous! Huge and neatly furnished, cleaned every day, everything is very clean and beautiful. The air conditioner even at the smallest position of 16 degrees seemed hot. Breakfast seemed scant, but tasty. For lunch / dinner did not go. The sea is very warm, but the sun beds are not equipped. There are many animals on the territory, even monkeys!angel

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Is it compulsory or not

Good afternoon guys! How are you? How is your day? As for me it is too cold today, but the sun makes me feel better. I think it is not so necessary to find only gay friendly hotel. Of course,in the simple hotels you can meet unfriendly people, who can offend you. And it is normal, that people don't luke when someone offends them. So it is really hard to explain how it will be better. i can recommend only to read more comments about gay friendly and simple hotels and decide only by yourself. Because what for someone good, for other bad.

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Maurizio San
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Is it compulsory or not

Hi guys. Excellent mood does not leave me, but what about your mood ?! I do not know guy, did not you rest in ordinary hotels with your boyfriend ... all the same, only you will be more watched than in a hotel for gay)))) I rested and those and others. If you choose a good hotel with good service, there are almost no differences. But still you will feel more comfortable with your partner in a special hotel for gay. That's for sure. I can not advise you, I've already forgotten the name of the hotel, but there are a lot of them, there are special websites, it will help.

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Is it compulsory or not

Hi guys. I have a great mood, life is beautiful) As for the holidays and where to spend it I will say so, That I had a chance to rest in a hotel for gays twise. Honestly, it does not matter, but when you do not want everyone to look at you askew or just want to feel comfortable, then order a hotel for gays. For me, this issue does not really matter, for me it's more important that there was good service and an excellent pool with a sauna, without it I just can not relax after training.

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