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Interrupted sex and detection!

Hi people. How are you today. Today I drank coffee in the morning, and I remembered one incident from my life. Once, when I was still traveling and living in a hotel, this happened to me. The night before I was in a nightclub and met there with one guy, we immediately realized that it was not worth the delay and left the club to my room, and you know, the night was rough))) but in the morning, for some reason, the cleaner without knocking came into my room and saw the picture of us lying on the bed)) She blushed and ran away and did not even close the door. Were there any similar cases when you had sex and you were interrupted by detection ?!

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Interrupted sex and detection!

Hello my dear friends. Very entertaining topic))) Just like a scene from the movie))) I really also had a similar situation with the exposure and detection))) Only it was. I did not know much about him at all, we did not stay long with him and he invited me home, even insisted on it. And then in the midst, a woman comes in, it was his wife. Can you imagine!?! He was bisexual and even married ... in short, we said goodbye to each other !!! So I also have such experience)))

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