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Interrupted sex and detection!

Hi people. How are you today. Today I drank coffee in the morning, and I remembered one incident from my life. Once, when I was still traveling and living in a hotel, this happened to me. The night before I was in a nightclub and met there with one guy, we immediately realized that it was not worth the delay and left the club to my room, and you know, the night was rough))) but in the morning, for some reason, the cleaner without knocking came into my room and saw the picture of us lying on the bed)) She blushed and ran away and did not even close the door. Were there any similar cases when you had sex and you were interrupted by detection ?!

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Interrupted sex and detection!

Hello my dear friends. Very entertaining topic))) Just like a scene from the movie))) I really also had a similar situation with the exposure and detection))) Only it was. I did not know much about him at all, we did not stay long with him and he invited me home, even insisted on it. And then in the midst, a woman comes in, it was his wife. Can you imagine!?! He was bisexual and even married ... in short, we said goodbye to each other !!! So I also have such experience)))

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Interrupted sex and detection!

Yu know, this situation is a little bit funny, you know, but if to be honest, I had a little bit alike situation as you had and at that moment it wasn't very funny. It was when I and my husband desided to tell my parents that we're going to marry with my boyfriend and we left at my parents' house for several days. One of these days everyone went to work and we left alone with my husband, we desided to have some fun and had a sex. We haven't close the doors, because my parents had to come in the evening, but everything was the other way))))) My mom came home just the time we had sex and we haven't heard her. The moment she opened the door without knocking, she blushed, closed it and told nothing. When I came to talk about it, my mother told me that everything was ok and she had to tell us that she'll come home earlier.

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I think that this person just

I think that this person just afraid of gays. European culture is the culture of Ancient Greece, where gays were a normal phenomenon, the same brutal Spartans quietly swallowed swords and not only.And even on the wedding night, a Spartan woman was put on a man's suit, so that the man would not be frightened.Heterosexuality, as such, was brought by the hetaera, who earned in the Temple his crotch, rebuilt the city destroyed by the Macedonian.The non-acceptance of gays, this came with the advent of Christianity, when, as all the Abrahamic religions were created to survive in the difficult conditions of the desert, in our European culture, it adopted perverted norms that the narrow-minded people began to regard as "traditionalism."Simply put, they are latent gays, and once they thought about "swallowing swords" or even steeper.

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 such a funny story. i can

laugh such a funny story. i can only imagine which feelings has the cleaner at that moment. i think that she has never seen two men laying in bed together. and of course your feelings at the same time. as for me i have never had such experiense but one day me and my partner were at the hospital to visit our friend. we sat at he hospital hall. nobody was there and my sweetheart desided to take advantage of the situation and he kissed me. it was surprising for me and for the doctor who went out the ward. laugh the doctor was shoked, really. he made believe that he did not see us but he can not. 

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Interrupted sex and detection!

Well, what can I say... I think that it is really can be very funny and the maid would think the next time whether to knock or not)))))) I think that it was a wonderful lesson for her. And I don't really think that you have to feel shame for that. You were in your room, you could do everything you want, that's your business, so don't bother about it. And if to talk about me, I've never been caught in the hotel by a made, but I was caught by my ex boyfriend who came to give me the key from my appartment ( he haven't returned me it for several months, perhaps, he thought that I would forgive him his little mistake) and desided to open my appartment with the key but not to ring! At that very moment I was with my present husband, we had sex, so can only immagine his face, when he saw us together.......

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Frankly speaking, I don't

Frankly speaking, I don't like such situations at all. I love privacy. I think I wouldn'y feel comfortable if I knew that someone would enter the room while I am having some fun with my beloved. As for this situation, yeah, it sounds quite funny, but I wouldn't like to experience something like this. If I saw that cleaner enters my hotel room and runs without closing the door, I would contact the hotel administrator as soon as possible. They should respect the privacy of their clients. As for this cleaner, such people shouldn't work  in hotels. OP, if I were you, I would make them pay me some money back for this incident. And what did you do in this situation? Did the administrator appologize for the cleaner's behavior???angry

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Good sex requires partners to

Good sex requires partners to completely immerse themselves at the moment. They can not become spectators of their actions, judges or critics. The total presence in this moment is the most important component, according to this study. The past is gone, the future is absent, communication with the outside world ceases. Good sex forgets about everything and about others. There are only two realities - "now" and "we".
Good sex presupposes a deep and strong connection between partners, a sense of synchrony: an easy "click" and "a lot of chemistry." What is so often described in verses and songs: two hearts become one.
In good sex, sexual attraction is combined with a sense of security and emotional intimacy between partners. This involves the full acceptance of oneself and the other, this is one of the features of the psychology of love and sex.

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To achieve a serious, stable

To achieve a serious, stable success, you need, even if you do not want to, to observe the interests of others. One is not a warrior in the field, but in order to have allies, one must be able to involve other people in their affairs, which can be done only when you are interested in something. Rowing only for yourself and not reckoning with anyone, you are more likely to make enemies for yourself, which will tear you apart at any opportunity. The egoist who betrayed everyone, framed, deceived, used to achieve success in something, is like Damocles, over his head, a sword on horsehair weighs. Like any tyrant, he can at any time become a victim of those on whose head he walked and those who hate him for it.

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So, friends, self-development

So, friends, self-development - it's really cool. If you are engaged in it, you will not live your life in vain. Therefore do not waste time in vain - develop, learn, acquire new skills, set ambitious goals and look for ways to achieve them, the whole world at your feet - live in it as a person, that is, be active.

I do not encourage you to do anything concrete, psychology, for example, to study or something else, I can only offer you this. And you decide what you want to succeed, what you want to learn to do, what you want to learn, understand, realize.

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In fact, not everything is so

In fact, not everything is so critical, in most cases nothing in your life threatens you, and you are afraid of changes because of the feeling of stability and peace imposed on you, which you ostensibly should strive for. At any moment, anything can happen in the life of each of us, and we, or rather, you, are not ready for this, is this normal? Try to include your imagination, and imagine that something happened that you think will never happen to you.

It's not so difficult, each of you will get it, do not just be afraid of terrible thoughts about what might happen. 

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