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interesting facts

hello , everybody! I have a great idea! Lets share on this topic different kinds of interesting facts about our life, nature,planet. I hink it will be interesting! Lets, start.
1. The scientific name of the navel - umbilikus.
2. A person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, drink half a cup of resin per year.
3. Man - the only representative of the animal world, able to draw straight lines.
4. Length of hair on the head, to grow by an average person in their lifetime - 725 kilometers.
5. blond beard grows faster than brunettes ...
6. When you smile at the person "working" 17 muscles.
7. The surface light - about 100 square meters.
8. Human DHK contains about 80,000 genes.
9. Men are considered dwarfs with growth below 130 cm, women - below 120 cm.
10. Leukocytes in humans live 2-4 days, and erythrocytes - 3-4 months.

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interesting facts

Haha, actually it was so funny to read all these facts that are already quite known to everybody, as natural things. To be honest, I am not a fan of doing such silly things, but still - THANK you for making me smile, because it was very exhausting day today) Now, I feel much better!

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interesting facts

Yeah,it's an interesting one,man,but we surely do know most of them.And the ones we do not-you can always dig up in the net,if and when you're in a mood for this type of stuff.You want an interesting fact?My parrot is sitting on my shoulder right now and is trying to bite me on my ear. :lol: It's interesting,right-I mean,what does he need it for?I'm sure,it can be a part of his every day food. :cheer: Or my balls itch today like hell-do you know what can it be? :lol: Nah,I'm just curious about it.Cause the google didn't help me that much when I've asked it about it. :P

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interesting facts

What about weirdest and coolest facts from LGBTI history???
In early 17th century London, there was a gay brothel on the site where Buckingham Palace is today.
Nicholas Biddle, an early explorer of America, found in 1806 that among Minitarees (Native American tribe), ‘if a boy shows any symptom of effeminacy or girlish inclinations, he is put among the girls, dressed in their way, brought up with them and sometimes married to men’.
In the 19th century the word gay referred to a woman who was a prostitute and a gay man was a man who slept with a lot of women.
Homosexual men in 1900s London made up an entire slang language so they could communicate in public without fear of being arrested – Polari. Some words survived into today’s slang, such as ‘naff’ – meaning lacking style, TBH, standing for ‘to be honest’ or ‘to be had’, and tjuz, meaning to primp or improve.
Carmilla, a story of a lesbian vampire that preyed on young women, was written 25 years before Dracula.

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interesting facts

Guys, funny topic. You know its intersting to read some things there. trully say i do not it some of them.
Interesting fact: the Creator of telephony and, generally, such inventions as the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, never telephoned his mother and his wife. It was natural causes – the two women were deaf from birth.
Well-known Abraham Lincoln, who in 1860 became the Presidents of the United States of America. But few people know that before triumphant to take the post, he suffered according to various estimates up to eight lesions of various level of government. :whistle:

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yeah, really interestin topic

yeah, really interestin topic! I will support , too:

1. Approximately 1 million children in the U.S. are being raised by same-sex couples.

2.Historians note that in some cultures, homosexual behavior was not viewed as effeminate but as evidence of a man’s masculinity. Examples include the Celtic and Greek cultures.

3.In some American Indian cultures, having a same-sex attraction was called being Two-Spirited. The tribe honored such people as having special gifts and being especially blessed.

4.In 1629, the Virginia Court recorded the first instance of gender ambiguity among the American colonists. A servant named Thomas/Thomasine Hall is officially declared by the governor to be both “a man and a woman” and ordered to wear articles of each sex’s clothing

5.Gilbert Baker, also known as the “Gay Betsy Ross,” designed the rainbow flag, or Pride Flag, in San Francisco in 1978. The flag is the most prominent symbol of lesbian and gay pride. The colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet represent sexuality, life, healing, the Sun, nature, art, harmony, and the spirit, respectively.

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interesting facts

Hello. Thank you for sharing interesting facts, I learned a lot of new things. I also have some information. Do you want to know? I hope you will find something interesting for yourself. On average, in their lives, each person kisses 20,160 minutes, or 14 days. On average, a person from 20 to 70 years spends about 600 hours or 25 days, having sex. On average, the smallest people are Japanese. Men spend 3,350 hours shaving 8,4 meters of bristles during their lives. Approximately 365 million people in the world have computers, and half the world's population have never seen or used the phone. What do you think?

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interesting facts

Hello, my curious friends))) The topic is very exciting and informative. Thank you, my dear Serg. You told me some facts that I did not hear about. Of course I am sure that there are such facts, which we do not know about, but would like to know countless numbers, as well as stars in the universe. I always liked to learn interesting things, everything that surrounds us and not only within our planet, but also beyond it) I'm very fond of astronomy, and do not confuse with astrology))))) ha ha ha

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In the life of every person,

In the life of every person, that meeting happens that predetermines the course of his fate. He finally meets his mate. This is the most joyful event that can happen, however, certain inconveniences are associated with it, without which, unfortunately, it is indispensable. One of these events can be attributed to acquaintance with the parents of his chosen one. In fact, it would seem, well, what's terrible here?

Come, introduce yourself and talk on a neutral topic. Only we always take such events too seriously, because if you already see yourself in the role of the future wife of this person, then you should also consider his parents as future relatives. And this already imposes on you some obligations. That's why we are so eager to please at the first meeting.

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There are hundreds of

There are hundreds of different classes for every budget. If you have little money, you can just pick up a pencil and a piece of paper and learn how to draw. If you do not have any money at all, you can start walking in the park or along the river, or even begin to learn HTML or CSS. If you are willing to spend money on your hobby, go to the dance, learn to play on some instrument or find a way to add adrenaline to your life. You can do scuba diving, yoga, cooking, archery or cycling; and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
If you are busy with what you like, you will not only not be so bored and you will feel happy, but you will become a more interesting person with whom it is interesting to communicate and you will be able to find new friends. Moreover, you will have an amazing skill that you can talk about and demonstrate to the whole world.

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The height of the Mauna Kea

The height of the Mauna Kea volcano above sea level is 4 205 meters, but most of it is hidden under water. The total height of this peak, located in the Hawaiian Islands, is 10 203 meters, that is, 1,355 more than Everest. The Karman line is a conditional line located at an altitude of 100 km above sea level. Despite the fact that the Earth's atmosphere ends much higher, the International Aviation Association recognized this mark as the boundary between the atmosphere and the cosmos. It is believed that the driest place on our planet is the Chilean Atacama Desert, where precipitation was not several thousand years old. But there is a place on Earth where they did not fall out for 2 million years, and these are dry McMurdo valleys located in Antarctica. In addition, it is here that the strongest winds blow on the planet.

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