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The importance of family for the child

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Parents and families have the most direct and lasting impact on children's learning and development of social competence. When parents are involved, students achieve more, exhibit more positive attitudes and behavior, and feel more comfortable in new settings. Early childhood providers need to reach out to families in order to build the kind of relationships that engage them as active partners early in their children's education

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The importance of family for the child

Yeah, it is really serious question for everyone. Family gives us everything we need in our life, I mean real good families. I am very sorry for the orphans who never feel love, care, understanding, and genuine desire to be with them every day. It is so important for every person, especially for children.

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The importance of family for the child

The value of the family in each person's life can not be overestimated. The family gives us support, encouragement, warmth, communication skills, first lessons of love. It helps us develop character, learn to overcome difficulties etc. And the family is prosperous, the more attention it is given to each member of the family and the child in particular, the more confident the child will feel in life. The value of the family in each person's life can not be overestimated. The family gives us support, encouragement, warmth, communication skills, first lessons of love. It helps us develop character, learn to overcome difficulties.

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The importance of family for the child

yeah, what can I add here... this is the hardest theme and of course, for the parentless children, it is rather hard to understand that they have the ability eventually have the bright future... in my personal point of view, if you would like to hear my opinion, it is also about the necessity of having the chance of looking back at what have been done and that maybe you still have the "space" not only in the apartment, but also in the heart and mind, and yu are ready to do this kind step and take the responsibility of upbringing the baby... I always took this like the greatest choice of the person, the generous personality can do this.

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The importance of family for the child

Good afternoon friends. I believe that children should grow up and be brought up by their parents. It is not normal for children to be in orphanages and shelters. It should not be. Family is the place where you are always welcome and waiting, and it does not matter if you live near or at a distance from each other, the main thing is that you keep in touch and are always ready to help each other. And there is no closer man than your bloody soul. Family is very important for the child. Family is the foundation.

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You know traditionally, the

You know traditionally, the main training institution is the family. The fact that the child acquires in childhood in the family, he retains throughout later life. The importance of the family as an institution of education is due to the fact that her child is in for much of his life, and for the duration of its effect on the person, none of the institutions of education can not be compared with the family. It lays the foundations of a child's personality, and to enroll in school, he has more than half was generated as a person. I think that the family - this is the first instance, which may affect the worldview each child.

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The first - the formation of

The first - the formation of the child's personality, the development of his abilities and interests, the transfer of children to adult family members learned society of social experience, to develop their highly moral attitude to work, needs and ability to be a citizen and owner. The second aspect - the systematic educational influence of the family collective for each of its members throughout his life. Third aspect - the constant influence of children on their parents to encourage them to actively engage. I think that the family is probably one of the most important stages in the life of every child. And I even think that a child without a family can not grow a full-fledged member of society.

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However, for an emerging

However, for an emerging person, no less, and perhaps more harmful and excessive love of the mother, self-sacrifice. Those girls whose mothers sacrifice their personal lives for their sake, will grow up either as selfish, incapable of loving, or dependent and dependent. In any case, neither one nor the other will not contribute to their happy and successful life.The father's love is not as unconditional as maternal love, it is more demanding, but not less necessary for the development of the child. To the mother, the child comes to be pitied, to share with her his sorrows and joys. And with his father, he shares his achievements, expects praise and approval from him, turns for protection. For the girl, the pope is also extremely important, it is guided by his opinion in assessing her feminine qualities. Thus, the female character in childhood is formed due to two components - the example of the mother and the evaluation of the father.

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This problem has long been

This problem has long been interested in the representatives of the philosophical, psychological and pedagogical thought.

Family education is an integral part of the relative socio-controlled human socialization, while at the same time in any family man passes and spontaneous socialization. socialization of the results determined by the objective characteristics of the family (social status, the material conditions of the family, parents' level of education, and others.), values (prosocial, asocial, antisocial), lifestyle and relationships of family members.

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But there is another,

But there is another, positive force of beliefs - the power of nonviolence, the power of love, the power of good. A person can be persuaded of the need to do good deeds, help other people, work for the common good, lead a creative way of life. And although to convince a person of the need to be kind and good is more difficult than evil and bad, we still see that our culture as a whole succeeds. Culture contrasts the natural aggressive nature of man with reason and virtue. Thus, a person can be programmed for any life, having formed from him the appropriate beliefs. This also expresses their strength - they make a man who he is

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