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I don't feel secure

My dear readers, I am happy to be here with all of you and right now I am struggling with the personal issue, which literally does not give me to breathe and think freely. So today I would like to hear your opinion, thoughts and maybe even some possible ways of the dealing with all the pain and hesitating I am going through.... I am dating a man and recently I started to think more and more often about the possibility for me to have the child. Yeah, I am not talking about the nearest future, but still, I have a partner and I love him, but as a matter of fact, I do not see the future father, the confident one, the good and thoughtful husband in this man! what I have to do then?! maybe it will be better to leave this guy and have the new page of the life..?

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Ownsby believed that this

Ownsby believed that this therapy successfully cures homosexuality, although not conducted in patients long-term follow-up. Later studies, Ownsby was discredited. 50-ies of XX century brought homosexuals another way to cure is a lobotomy. Surgeons began to shred the brains of patients, cutting the jumper between the hemispheres, cut the hypothalamus, destroying structures responsible for sexual behavior. The result of the operation patients completely lose their libido, impaired coordination of movements, paralysis or any problems with vision. At the request of the medical community in 1969, these experiments were discontinued.

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What to do

hello my dear. I hope my advice will help you. Family is very hard work and you should understand , that it is not a game. You become family once and forever. By family, i understand you, husband and a baby. You should be sure about your partwn, because he is future father of your baby. I think you should sit and talk about this situation. If he becomes angry, he is not ready for it, and you should think about beginning of new life. But it is only my opinion. It is your life, and only you can know, what to do.

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I don't feel secure

The feeling of security (psychological security of the person) arises when a person consciously and, preserving responsibility, influences the circumstances of life in order to provide conditions for his peace of mind and harmonious development. The state of security, tranquility for the future is largely ensured by the disclosure and realization of its capabilities. Creative activity begins with what makes sense for the creator himself, and only later the product of creativity becomes important for other people. Such success practically provides a person with a sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

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Maurizio San
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I don't feel secure

Greetings to all. Sometimes I do not understand the actions or attitudes of some people. Here's to take your situation, before I read your message asking for help, I thought that after all the relationship, imply the ultimate outcome of being together forever and please each other and love and so on, and that means that this person is the best for you among all the others living on this planet, it is logical that it does not exist better than to him, how not to him to become the father of your child. If you do not think so, then it's not your couple, it seems to me.frown

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I don't feel secure

Hello everyone, I have a great mood today, I share it with you. Do not be depressed my friend, maybe everything is not as bad as it seems at first glance. If to talk about me, then I'm a very serious and rather rude man, I did not imagine myself the father of children and I always thought that in the vagaries of a child I would break down on it. And other people's children did not evoke any emotions or feelings that I would be an excellent father. So, one day I became a father, which is immensely happy, and turned from a confident peasant fighter without rules to the father of a child who was indulged in everything and a smile did not slip from my face)) Now son 16 and he was brought up properly.

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I don't feel secure

You know, you've got a very difficult situation. I dn't even knw how to help you and what to advise. But I've got something to tell you. First of all I think that you should talk to your partner about a possibility of having a baby. You should hear his opinion about having a chield. If he's not against it, I think that you should talk about his behaviour and about changing his priorities, if it is impossible, than it is up to you what to do. If to be honest, I wouldn't like to have a baby with a person who wouldn't help me with our chield.

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I understand you so much.

I understand you so much. some time ago i was in a such situation. and know what? eventually i decided to risk and have a child. my husband was not ready and we both understood this. but still... we are together and he is a wonderful dad for our daughter. believe me children can change your man and everything will be fine. my man understood that he must take care about our little princess and do everything for her happiness. he found a new job. very good job. because i was at home with a child and he realized that now he is a breadwinner in our family. i am so thankful my sweetheart that he does everything for me and our daughter. he is the best man in the whole do not warry about your man. let him try to do something for you and your future child.

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The easiest way  to find out

The easiest way  to find out wants your man have a child is to ask him about it. But this method is not always possible and is not informative in all cases.For example, at the stage of the beginning of your romance, inquiries about the child can scare away the person you have chosen, who is not yet ripe for a serious relationship. But after a year or two he can very easily start talking about the baby. Therefore, there is no need to throw things - everything has its time.But wait a few years, and then find out that a person does not want to have a child in principle and never intended to do it, that he is already satisfied with everything in your relationship, not many people will want.

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If I were you, I would ask

If I were you, I would ask him frankly whether he wants to have a child with me. A baby isn't a toy, and both of you have to be quite responsible to become good fathers. OP, you've written that you don't see that the partner you have may become a good husband for you and a responsible father for your child, so this is the answer to your question. If I were, I wouldn't take any risks and I would spend some time to find the man who trully wants to have children with me. There are quite a lot of good men around, and maybe, one of them is looking for you and dreaming to have a family with you... And even if you continue to consider this guy to be a good candidate for making a family, just ask him whether he trylly wants this and you'll know what to do further...

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The state of security,

The state of security, tranquility for the future is largely ensured by the disclosure and realization of its capabilities. Creative activity begins with what makes sense for the creator himself, and only later the product of creativity becomes important for other people. Such success practically provides a person with a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. According to some experts, the highest level of human development begins when creative activity is drawn to the person himself - the person creates himself. Self-made man is a person who has made himself in the deepest sense of the word, an autonomous, well-organized, self-regulating personality. The psychological security of a person who owns his inner world, in this case is considered absolute.

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