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Often, distrust and sometimes

Often, distrust and sometimes fear of people arises from the fact that the subject transfers an unpleasant situation that has happened to him to a new relationship and has already predicted them to collapse, since he does not even try to understand the new person and analyze the whole essence of his actions. Such a person erects walls between himself and the surrounding world because of what becomes even more closed and alienated.But we must always remember that it is trust that strengthens our psychological state and balance. After all, any person in this world needs to realize that he is not alone. That there is someone who can pour out his soul, who can support in a difficult moment, calm, comfort. But it is worth such a person to stumble and admit the slightest oversight of the other, it can forever cross out all the good that was and will contribute to the removal from the offender.

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I do not trust people

Trust is a fundamental factor in creating and maintaining meaningful relationships. Trusting in someone can mean everything from telling a person your deepest secrets to knowing they'll be on time for an appointment. There are many levels of trust, but all require you to put your faith in someone. Offer your trust first. Putting yourself out there is tough, but it is much easier to build trusting relationships if you are willing to take the first step. Try something small, like sharing a personal story, confiding a small anxiety, or asking someone to go on a date. If the person is rude or distant, then you can move on to someone else. But if they offer something back or sympathize with you, telling a similar story or agreeing to go on a date, then you’ve both taken the first step towards a trusting relationship.

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Hi, OP! I think yuo won't be

Hi, OP! I think yuo won't be totally happy, unless you learn to trust people. Betrays do happen in our life, and we can do nothing with it as there are always good and bad people around us. However, it doesn't mean that you need to shut your soul for everybody. You never know what is going to happen with you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Maybe, you'll meet your beloved while walking in the park or chatting online. As for trusting people, I think you should pay attention to the way the people keep their promises. If they are careless about the least promises, it's better to quit them as there is always a great probability that they are liars or something like this. At any rate, I wish you good luck in your life and hope to read one day that you've learned how to trust peoplesmiley

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 I honestly understand your

 I honestly understand your disappointment and hesitation...your concern is familiar to me, because I have been thinking about for so many times, that this is huts has sucked all the belief out of for the possibility to get rid of this awful feeling, I will tell you at least one thing for sure - you have to pay attention to the details..for starters, it is not really clear for me what caused the disbelief in your heart??

and the second thing - have you already met the right person in your life, that you are willing to let that all negativity away and have the real good relations here

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