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I am happy, and you?

My greetings!!! I could not just hold all the happiness I have... and decided to share it with you, because I know that the community we have here is amazing... we are all mentally connected, always ready to listen to someone else's problem, or contrary - the happiness, and give the good piece of the information afterwards...I have become the happy parents not that long time ago.. and the decision was made in the favor of the surrogacy program... and it was the really good decision from all I could make..! the positive outcomes lays entirely on the work of the clinic you have signed up the contract with. For me, it was the Panax center -  you can read about it on the official source...! they really do a good job.

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And I have a character, such

I have a character, such that I can not be upset or worried for a long time. Even if it is necessary to remember (sometimes it happens), I very quickly forget about the bad. Therefore, I'm almost always in a good mood and I'm always happy. I am happy that I have my work is interesting and necessary, my friends are faithful and cheerful ... I love the rain, I love the snow, I love the heat, I adore the fog. I do not like to think about something bad and chew myself - I immediately switch my thoughts in a different direction. The truth I sometimes encounter phrases like "you never think about anything" Why do not I think? I think! But I do not do samoedstvom and self-interest. I thought it over, and right away I started to think about good things. I do not know if this is right or wrong, but I really can say (maybe because of this too) that I'm HAPPY !!!!

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Maurizio San
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I am happy, and you?

Hello everyone, I'm happy to be here and do something for people who have the same interests, I find this site completely entertaining and useful. Thanks for the information, I'll make myself a note on the future about the clinic, where they help to realize your dream of becoming a father. I agree that at least in such a matter as a surrogate motherhood, it is very important to sign a contract with a successful clinic where good specialists work, and I think that most of the success depends on them, so I always try to choose places of treatment or rest or services with good ones reviews or recommendations.

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I am happy, and you?

Hello everyone, my dear readers and visitors to this site. The subject of surrogate motherhood is close to me not by hearsay, but at the same time it constantly brings to sad memories. Perhaps someone remembers, I mentioned in my comments earlier that my son was born thanks to one of the agencies with a surrogate motherhood program, but that was 16 years ago, and I find it difficult to answer which clinic my partner used, I did not understand anything at all in this . But I'm happy for you my friend, good luck to you in raising a child.

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I am happy, and you?

I am very glad that you have a child and can understand what a happinees is to take your child into your hands. It is a great feeling. I know it because I also have a chield. I and my husband became happy parents for almost three years ago and we were very happy to take our child into our own hands and to see our little and wonderful chield. And we try to do our best to take care about our wonderful chield.

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you know i also happy to be

you know i also happy to be here because due to our community i found many friends and people who understand me. it is very hard to find this in a real world. i know what i say... my family do not understand me and they even do not want to communicate with me. now i am nothing for them because i told them who i am. you do not even imagine how it is hard to understand that may mom and dfd do not love me anymore. but i still love them. as for my life, i have a husband and we wait for a baby from surrogate. when our child born i am going to tell my parents about this. i do not think that they will drop from their grandchild. and this way i want to bacome closer to my dearest and nearest. it is my last hope.

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Some time ago i found an

Some time ago i found an amazing article about one gay-couple. And i want to share it with you. The American married couple Justin Rees and Adam Smiths became the fathers of the triplets: recently born twins, who inherited the DNA of both parents. To become fathers, the couple took several years. For a long time this was hampered by the absence of relevant laws. Today, Justin says: "Genetically, our children are half-siblings , they will look alike, and I think it's good for them." The phenomenon in question is to be studied, because something similar is not for the first time. Earlier, a gay couple from South Africa also became the fathers of the triplets. At the same time, two eggs were transplanted into the body of a surrogate mother, each of which was fertilized by the sperm of one of the men. As a result, one of them unexpectedly "divided" into twins.

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